1 Plant 2 Roots - experiment

Zdravím rad bych zde prezentoval svuj pokus o rostlinu s 2ma kořeny
( Hello, I would like to present my attempt at a 2-rooted plant )

od pokusu jsem si sliboval rychlejsi rust a kvetenstvi…
(since the experiment I promised faster growth and blooming )

před zasazením
(before plant)

( Harvest time )

porovnaní vpravo a vlevo normální 1 kořen uprostřed 2 kořeny
(compare right and left normal 1 root in the middle 2 roots)

Závěr: pro pokus jsem použil genetiku Euforia všechny rostliny měli stejný substrát, místo i zálivku aby byl pokus co nejpřesnější… Malé zlepšení jde poznat :slight_smile:

Conclusion: For the experiment I used the Euforia genetics all the plants had the same substrate, place and watter to make the experiment as accurate as possible … Little improvement is to know :slight_smile:


What an interesting idea, just when you think you’ve seen it all!

Is this your idea or have you seen this technique used elsewhere ie in other types of horticulture?

10/10 for thinking outside of the box :slight_smile:



já viděl nepovedeny pokus v roce 2005 a v roce 2008 jsem jej realizoval s výsledky


I saw an unsuccessful attempt in 2005 and in 2008 I realized it with the results

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I see the double rootset however , the plant only utilized the amount of resources required to support upper growth development, this did not bring about faster stronger development. I strongly believe that is a strong and viable cloning solution. I would like it to be a backwards clone of an existing plant now to successfully separate enough material to clone forward

I wanted to try something like this for a long time …
one old acquaintance,maintained a low plant height in similiar way on balcony
and supposedly worked perfectly

but I never tried it, maybe sometimes


That something along the lines of soil layering ! Weird looking thou!


interesting, i wonder were all 3 plants germinated at same time ? as they say, bigger the roots bigger the fruits !


As an experiment it looks great, for effciency i would go with a scrog, less difficult and proven resuts. Kinda like the same thing. What would the benefit be?

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benefits should be
large yield on “small” plant and less popcorn buds

on the contrary
long time of growth and demanding before completly bend and cover with soil

perfect idea use with scroging… just tops

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