1Q1q1lighting from reef tanks acintic

I was wonder if acintic lighting VHO for salt water reef tanks would work for growing just a thought but i can remember same dam nice corals grown with those lights

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I think it would help with building frost.

Exactly thats what i was thinkingputting a couple of 4 footers on eithe sude of my sodium bulb during frower and veg to give em an extra boost yeah i went back to MH. As i am off gride with solar now i think mh work a bit better and i dont have to worry about electric bill any more…lo

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People still have VHO bulbs?

IDK if it would do much of anything. If blue light did anything special, we’d all be using 10K halides.

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Depending on depth - many corals use blue as terrestrial plants use red.

No a super strong blue spectrum and minimal red doesn’t grow plants really well…

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Plus i just browsed some prices ill stick to my MH and sodium

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