2020 Grab Bag: Mephistos & More

Hey OG, welcome!

I’ll be documenting some of the random things I’ve got going on this year. The garden has been a nice escape from recent events.

1 gallon coco roots. Should have grabbed some more pics of these Sweet Seeds Honey Peach CBD & Barney’s CBD Lemon Potion when I had the chance.

Skunkberry haul. Not much to look at (my fault) but excellent smoke.

Flower tent is full of veggies, but I couldn’t resist popping a few Mephistos. Double Grape & 3 Bears OG on Megacrop in coco. Just transplanted from solo cups.

These greens will eventually go in bigger containers outside. Starting to pull a salad or two from them already. Forgot to water the tomatoes they’re not looking too hot, going to re-start with fresh seeds just in from OSC and Richters. No more starter cells for me, good for culling runts but they dry out too fast.

They are in Promix HP and mushroom compost, castings, amended with Gaia Green 4-4-4. Wasn’t planning to use this mix for veggies originally. Smaller pots have eaten most of their amendments, so they’re getting some Muskie fish fertilizer now and then. Love that stuff for veg in soil.

Veg tent has an assortment of weeds on the back burner. ~100w of T5.

Female Seeds C99 & Peak Skunkberry bonsais. Cloned & composted sadly, taking up too much space.

I’ve been seeing a lot more roots in the bubble cloner when I split the stems.

C99 clone in coco on the left and soil on the right. These were meant to be gifts. I think they are starting to autoflower from being rootbound.

Timewarp from Next Generation. Was going to run them outside, but I don’t have room for trees. Autos outside, then these inside after veggies clear out.

Until next time !


Definitely pulling up a chair for this one :grinning: never ran it but I love the look of c99, its on my list of strains to try/grow. Looks like your already off to a good start.


Thats interesting I have been struggling lately with my clones I will split all the ones I put in my cloner the other day and see if it helps.


… slid over the couch


Im too gonna try splitting stems next round. Cool idea @smokenhike


Very nice. Good start man, I like the veggies in the room too.


I usually split my stems when I clone. Routine is cut at angle below node, lightly scrape off skin around cut maybe 1/4 to 1/2 in long and then split in half up the stripped area before dipping in clonex and either into cups up into dome with either rapid rooters or as of lately cut im out of them using soil. Typically roots in about 7 to 12 days roughly.


Who are the thin-fingered ladies next to the little kale plant?

Spent a couple hours repotting tonight now I’m out of containers. Need to eat more yogurt I guess… haha. It was a nice distraction from reality.

@Deadinside88 I’ll try the skin scraping next time too. I really like doing a peat pod in a solo cup with an elastic band & sandwich bag on top for just 1 or 2 cuts. Set & forget, no misting or anything. Might be even better with soil in a clear cup.

@DiggySoze thin fingered plants are what’s left of the Female Seeds C99 bonsai. They are definitely starting to flower and crystallize under 24/0 in the tiny pots, hoping they’ll revert to veg after a transplant. If they don’t I’ll be enjoying a sweet 1 gram fluoro harvest !


Day 18. 2.5ml GO calmag, 5g megacrop per gallon-ish.

3BOG is looking a bit runty. Double Grape due for LST.

Light is turned down to 20w/sqft to keep the heat down as I also work from home out of this room.


I run my veg tent at 20W a sq ft it’s more than enough, for good fast growth.


I swear there’s a hint of grape in the room when the tent’s open. Like sugary grape drank.

Easing into some LST.

Re-tying next node.

A little more…

The runt too.

23 days. Still on 1/2 tsp GO calmag & 5g Megacrop.

Timewarp got a haircut.

C99 looking suspicious under 24/0.


Start of week 5.

Not much aroma, just a mild dank smell. Light is still cranked down to 1/2 power, yield might be a bit low on this run.

Autos are on 2.5ml silica & GO calmag, 5g megacrop per gallon. Hand watered ever day or two @ 620 PPM.

Veggies are in Promix/Gaia Green and getting 1/2 strength fish emulsion every 2-3 weeks.

Double Grape had a nice stretch. About 8 decent tops.

3BOG catching up a bit, no stretch yet.

The team. Had a lot of nice salads and sauteed greens from these little guys harvesting cut and come again.

Can’t wait for these Sungold cherry tomatoes, they should be so tasty and prolific.

Thoughts and plans…

I put some Kale, Chard and Garlic outside to test the weather. Squirrels dug up the garlic, but the others seem to be holding up so far.

Tent was an overgrown jungle for the last 3 grows, it’s nice to have some breathing room this time.

Probably will do Mephisto’s Fugue State & Super Orange Haze outside this year. Pop them outside in the next weekend or two in 3 gallons Promix/Gaia Green.

Thinking about making some seeds after Double Grape & 3BOG clear out. The newly acquired JOTI Lemon Skunk seems like it would cross nicely with the C99 and Timewarps in the veg tent.


Decided to rebuild my old strip light for a bit more power in the veg tent.

The light previously had 4 Samsung LT-F564B strips on a HLG-240H-48B driver. These 2’ strips are very densely packed with diodes and were placed close together to fit in the 2x4 tent without touching the sides, so there was a big hot spot right under the middle of the light that could easily burn leaves. The LEDs were flickering after 2 years of use, so I retired it. Suspect the driver went bad.

Rebuilt it with only 2 strips and a new HLG-120H-C1400B. LED Gardener 2x2 build. Seems like a good fit for the 36"x20" veg tent with a lot more space to work with than the T5s. My janky light meter shows even coverage across the floor of the tent.

Side note… Mouser ships REAL fast to Canada.

Some of the veggies and C99s have moved out to the porch to test the weather and harden off. Looking good so far, so the rest will move out soon.

Week 6 for the Mephistos. 3BOG finally starting to flower but is drooping pretty badly, not sure why. May need more than daily watering.

I was pretty high the other night and on a roll after planting a ton of veggies and flowers. So I decided to pop most of the collection, 1 each of…

Peak Seeds: NL x Haze, Texada Skunk x C99, Haze x C99
JOTI: God’s AK47, Black Dosi Fire, Lemon Skunk
Useful Seeds Fem: Blackened Oranges, Sunny Diesel
Respect Genetics JBC Freebie: Blue Blooded Hashplant x Big Sur Holy Weed
JBC Freebie (no breeder listed): Fire Alien Kush x Black Lime Reserve
JAH: Lollipurps

Going to be a nice mess in there soon.

Thanks for stopping by !