2022 Fall Co-op Box Update **CLOSED** See you in the spring

:red_circle:There will be a new thread for when the time comes to sign-up tor the Fall BOX

First, I would like to thank everybody who has helped me with this project. It has been an eye-opening experience. I always had great respect for Sebring. But, I now have 100X more. He has spent hours guiding me.

What goes on behind the scenes is so much more than I realized. We have over 300 boxes going out to the US alone. My personal goal is to get the fall box out to the OG community in a timely fashion.

:red_circle:The cut off for receiving seeds from all the awesome breeders will be September 21st. At that time everything I have in hand will be packaged up for the box. You will be able to start signing up on DYI Green Life at that time.

I will get the non-US distributors packs together first as the boat going across the pound is very slow.

Between now and then, we will be adding strains on the site as received.

This thread is to keep our OG members updated. A new thread will be started to notify you when It is time to sign-up.

In advance I would like to thank you for YOUR understanding. I am human and will make mistakes. :pray:t3: Together we will get these seeds out to OVERGROW the world.

Strains in hand & closed sigh-ups ;

CO-OP SEED RUNS (with sign-ups)
1981 Roadkill Skunk; sign-up
Cherry Cobbler; sign-up
Durban Poison; Sign-up
FBSC Colombian Gold; sign-up
Goji OG F2 Crowd Source Project (8 breeders); sigh-up
Lucifer’s Big Buddy; sign-up :arrow_right: miss labeled they are auto not photo
Night Terror; sogn-up
OG’er Kush, sign-up
Pakistani Chitral Kush sign-ups
Putple Urkle sign-up
SLH sign-up
Sour Bubble, sign-up
Sour Diesel sign-up
Spirit Train; sign-up
Stuck in Plain Sight; sign-up :arrow_right: miss labeled they are auto not photo
Tuna Kush; sign-up


Acapulco Gold-Purple/Gold Mix
AK 48
AKBB Blueberry Muffin x Vintage Bluberry

:arrow_right: (How to sign-up for a co-op box)
:arrow_right: (How to find your Trust level)
:arrow_right: (Permissions and trust levels are explained here in detail)

:eight_spoked_asterisk: More seeds arriving every day :eight_spoked_asterisk:


Thank you for all of your hard work i know i appreciate it, and I’m sure the community does as well!


@G-paS the link you posted for the Tuna Kush needs to be corrected.

Thank you so much for everything and we appreciate the update :slightly_smiling_face:


Big love @G-paS for your awesomeness above awesomness! :metal: :sun_with_face:


Thank you @Oldtimerunderground and @Dirton for letting me know. This takes a village (OG community)

:green_heart: :seedling:


hugs @G-paS your a star : )


NOTICE!! Anyone receiving Columbian Gold AND/OR Tuna Kush, if you’re interested in Trading, do let me know. I missed those Run Signups during my exile. BOTH are great strains/varieties. THANKS, in advance, SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks @G-paS, keeping that much stuff in order is a hell of a task I’m sure! Your work does not go unappreciated!

And I’ll echo @misterbee on the Colombian gold, missed it, if anybody gets that and wants to trade it out, hit me up lol :+1:


@G-paS this is my first fall box so i am still trying to understand how everything works to make sure i do things correctly to receive my box. as i understand from what i have read, i make shipping payment and $2.00 per strain donation that i signed up for at DYI Green Life link you provided. right? is it also ok to donate more than what i owe? i understand this is a lot of work you are doing for OG. so i was both happy and thankful you took the time to make this post for us members.


Amazing job and I’ll keep saying it, thank you @G-paS for all the efforts and also thank you to Sebring!


I would also like to take this moment to thank @Gaz29 , the uk’s no 1
: )


When do we start doing this, and are you expecting any more strains for the box? Also, I thought I saw somewhere that this one was gonna cost $10 as the base fee on this round due to being doubled up? Is that correct?

Thank you very much for all the effort you’ve put into this!


Hey @misterbee I’m signed up for the Colombian Gold. If possible I would let you have my spot if you could get a mod to swap our names. If not possible, I’ll definitely trade them to you, I was a little overzealous on the signups and tried to get on as many as I could. Now I’m looking and can’t foresee popping these any time soon. :star_struck:


The donation is always appreciated. The site is ran by Sebring. All donations help pay expenses not covered by the S&S. Like getting seeds to the other countries and such,
He then is ordering supplies and has them shipped to Me. Also the extra goes to the server fun.

I am doing this to pay forward what this community has given me.

:green_heart: :seedling:


thank you. just to be clear, once i make payment and donation on Sebring’s site that will provide you with my shipping info? or is something else required for that to happen?

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NOT speaking for @G-paS, but I always donate MORE than I owe there. I figure @Sebring has ALWAYS sent more than I’ll EVER grow, thus is the reason I gift/trade much of the items from his Site. I could NEVER fully repay the “Eye-OH-You”!! I KNOW it’s worth MORE than the $2 charged!! SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes your are! You just say it better, Thank you.:love_you_gesture:t3:

:green_heart: :seedling:

Thank you


@G-paS I paid for the Co-op box earlier in the week. Did I sign up too soon?


Not mad or saying this any type
of way but I already paid for the last box (over paid) and never got it. Dude had to quit the gig and i get that not mad. Whats this box about then

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Yes, We just got the seeds I have in hand on the site yesterday. Send me a pm so I can make sure we get them to you.
It will be about a month yet.

Please see the first post.

:green_heart: :seedling: