50° North Outdoor 2023, which cultivar to grow?

Hello my fellow growers,
I’m living in a european country that is probably going to legalize Weed in 2023 and it’s getting me pretty excited. The 2023 Outdoor Season is on my mind. I’m searching for a proven outdoor variety that is checking many of the following boxes:

  • should have been grown to completion around 50° latitude day length*.
  • resistant to all kind of pests and stuff (mold, fungi, viruses, mites etc.).
  • THC above 18% (18% measured on plant that was in fact grown without artificial light).
  • low maintenance (nutrients, water, etc.).
  • High yielding
  • Good tolerance for heat and drought
  • Smell and Taste should be intense.
  • Finish flowering: end of September to mid October.
  • I’m not going to Phenohunt, so results should be very stable.
  • Variety should be easily reproducible via cuttings, regular seeds or selfing (STS).

There is a lot of other stuff going to my mind regarding this project but I want to keep it short.
A little more Info on my climate. We have a temperate climate, hardinesszone 8b, past summers have been very dry and hot (above 40° celsius or 104° fahrenheit for a few days). October can be very wet, longer flowering plants should be highly resistant to mold. I’m looking in the stocks of some seemingly reputable breeders but would like to hear your first hand experience.

If you have some input for me I’m happy to read it.



Are you limited by plant numbers? If you arent you can just slap down autoflowers and have them lined up to finish on the 1st of september.

@Esrgood4u what was that photo that did real good this year?


Was tastebuds Grape Gushers bro. She grew huge but only yielded about 4 oz of smokable bud. Buds were meh. Gets you high though. :+1:


I’m limited regarding space. My goal is to have two or three different mothers going in March/April and give cuttings away to friends and family.
I will also run some Autos. Not sure about the finishing time, 1. of September may be to early, opinion seems to be that plants with longer finishing time are producing higher quality flower (but I guess that’s subjective). Humboldt Seed Company has some 100 day Autos I like to run on the other hand I could probably do 3 outdoor-harvests with fast Autos.


Well I know one of our alumni grew Ultra Early Love (reg photo) in the area of Saint Petersburg (Russia) this summer(60N).
Freezland (or Friesland) is another old Canadian fav that should be OK as well.



If you find a plant that checks all of these boxes PLEASE let me know.

We’re all looking for this one.

There are many promises made in the descriptions of different strains, but all that I have tried have been full of shit when it comes to magically finishing and being top quality with big buds that somehow don’t rot in the cold and wet and being resilient and being tasty and not harsh while still having the durability to put up with the elements. Oh and finish by the end of September-FML!

By easily cloneable you mean non-autoflowering? You are going to need a strain that starts flowering by Aug 15th to match your criteria, and that’s if it’s fast and doesn’t slow in the cold. Day length is still *edit(almost 15 when you consider twilight after sunset) at 50 N at that date.

You may plan on not pheno hunting, but buckle up fellow grower :joy:

I have been working for over 8 years on this at 50.5 N and all I can say is that you have your work cut out for you. I hope you don’t mind going backwards before making any progress.

Your elevation is going to make a huge difference on how long your season is.

A friend of mine who is on the valley bottom has got Death Bubba to finish pretty well at this latitude- this year was exceptional though (sunny and dry) and I know he harvested around October 24th. He has access to a select cut, and that’s how that story often goes.
I may try to weasel a cut this year and maybe I can try mailing a snip to you - bit of a miracle needed there.

Perhaps you want to try something like Texada Timewarp:

I’ve heard about good mold resistance with JOTI’s Blueberry Cough:

Definitely interested in how it goes and I’m sorry I don’t have better recommendations.
Good luck!


Ak-47. Iv been growing it for years. Always finishes around mid September. It’s very tolerant and very good smoke. Highly recommended.


What latitude are you growing at?




I’m at 40 degrees north

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Definitely appreciate the recommendation and AK is on my list.

Unfortunately the difference in photoperiod between 40N and 50N is extraordinary in August, when we would be hoping to see flowering start as early as possible.
For us further north, you are already seeing only about *edit( 14:47 of light (civil twilight)on August 15th for example, and we are still at around 15:46 (civil twilight)when you consider that there is light prior to sunrise and after sunset that will affect the plant). That is *edit(an hour) more light per day, which makes a huge difference.


Then add that our season is usually cut shorter further north (generally speaking - prairies vs coastal has other factors) and you can see how the problem compounds itself.


Have you grown the green mountain grape?


I see. If I can finish an ak 47 at 40 degrees north by September 15, and you could grow till mid October I think it would work. From reading different threads on here, there’s someone that goes by @Upstate would probably know this in one reply… @Upstate sir what do you think?


Yeah, if you pull it by then we may squeak it out before it gets too nasty at the end of October. Good info and worth a try!


I’m thinking you might be able to pull it by mid October. I’m figuring your right at a month behind. I’m figuring for every degree north add 3 days. That would come out to one month


And by looking at some tables, that means that it may start flowering up at 50N on about August 21st, which is possible - I’ve seen herijuana start that early for me.

@TopicalWave , I see that the lineage is Genetics Purple Satellite (Oaxacan Gold purple line / purple Baglung Nepalese sativa) x proprietary strain.

I have grown the Baglung Nepalese from Seedheaven and when I tried to keep a mother it insisted on flowering and going intersex.

I would go more with what @Justsmkn is recommending if you want something that has some honest testing.

@Justsmkn, is this AK47 from Serious and purchased recently? I have the AK48 from the fall box and am eyeing it …


Pretty close I would think - you just have to add the slowing that happens as things cool off - makes it painful to watch at the end sometimes.


I don’t know much about ak 48. Yes ak 47 is from serious seeds. I think I bought my last ak batch from msnl.
When I use to grow guerilla style for 10 years I always bought seed from Holland area because they always matured a month ahead of time at 40 north. Also I think you could grow just about anything from kc brains and next generation seeds.


AK48 is the Nirvana version/knock-off/who knows, and they only offer feminized now. Supposed to have a similar bullet proof reputation, but I don’t have personal experience with it yet.