Addicted to HAZE - Haze only thread

Glad to see I’m not the only one addicted. :grin:
Continue to show us your haze and haze hybrids, it’s already a super thread!!! :+1:t3::+1:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:


I like the light smoke of a good haze. When it passes through your mouth it’s a real pleasure.:heart:

This one lokks so pretty. What is the set up? And how was the smoke?

Want to see the ssh growin’:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ooh. Beautiful cut. Looks like mine. Tell me more about her?

Beautiful colors. Ace is well working​:+1:t3::blush:

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Neville’s haze is a must to make if you’re haze lovaaaa😜


The OT Haze reminds me more of the flowers from the seeds that I grew from various bag seeds from the late ‘60s and early 70’s. The majority of these seeds (which I began to collect from any exceptionally good bags of weed that I bought) would not finish properly indoors. So I packed up and moved from NJ to SoFla around 40 years ago. I ran out of my seed hoard around the mid 80’s, but by then I noticed ads in High times magazine for cannabis seeds. I tried many of SSSCs offerings, and became enchanted with their Sanora Super Sativa, it finished more quickly than most of my favorite bag seeds. (Looking back I realize that I should have made seeds of my own from my old seeds, but I did not start to make seeds until I played with my SSSC genetics beginning in “86 or so.)

Anyway, I ran different combinations of SSSC genes until the mid to late ‘90s. I crossed the Sanora with Williams Wonder and I simply loved the result, this was my favorite Sanora cross.

By the late ‘90s to the early ‘00s, (original OG days) I started buying lots of seeds from various vendors online.

Sorry I am being so long winded…the point that I am gassing to make is that the Tom Hill version of haze did not provide me with the glorious, uplifting, nostalgic high that I love. Now I only grew one pack of the THH and I think that I only had 4 girls, so I probably did not find the best representation of Hill’s line.

These days my favorite Haze varieties are OT Haze, Mango Haze (although I have heard that the seeds now available are not the same as from a few years back) Far Out, SSH, Neville’s Haze.


So who sells the OT Haze?


@newb2.0 Ace seeds, if they still have stock

@Calyxander Thank you very much for sharing your experience, your words are very valuable to me, they are a true testimony of what happened. This is not the first time that I have heard people speak so well of this strain.


I traded my last few 97NH seeds to a fellow OG brother for some Acapulco gold which I kind of kicked myself for awhile :sob:, but all is not lost there’s still hope in Nevil’s grail projects.


Thank you! Looks like they have it but ace is overseas and doesn’t ship to the US?

I got an amnesia cross from another member recently, hows that stack up? What makes something a “haze” and not just a long flowering or landrace sativa? Been smoking for 20+ years and been exposed to a fair amount of strains to grow, but cant think of anything that ive sampled that was definitively a haze so trying to see what’s up.

Also, when growing- I know the flowering times are long and you need a good amount of space, but how about a soil mix/ nutrient regiment? How much consideration for altering your program if youre used to growing 9-10 week strains?


Unhappy Nevilles Haze at like 12.5wks


What’s the origin of her? I got mine from a buddy who bought the first batch that @ToddMcC put out last year. It’s my first time to grow it and I’ll never know how it stacks up since I’ve never smoked or grown it before.

I took a small sample bud yesterday and found one seed at the base of the bud. I thought she escaped all pollen but I guess not. It will be one of three male haze that I had growing outside and opened early. I had @lefthandseeds 4P Haze, and 3 Way Durban, and one ON Haze. I took them inside right away but one of them got all of second batch of plants this fall. I think the 4P went off first and may be the best guess.

I’m going to try and reveg her, but not sure if sativa will handle that as well as hybrids. Anybody have a guess if I’ll be successful? I somehow missed getting a clone off of it. Will a limb with bud on it clone? I have 2 seeds left and misjudged my ONH males and didn’t get any pollen from them. I’d like to keep this one plant going because it seems to be a nice sativa dom and smells awesome.


What’s up my extreme southern neighbor.

Mine are direct from Mr Nice… I think circa 2015 or 2016. Can’t find my note sheet currently. Really great stuff. That particular pheno was really leathery and spicy with a really strong kick in the head. Not a soaring high… more an introspective and thoughtful high that causes you to lose track of time for a couple hours.

Nev Haze is really a special strain… I’d be stressing too if I were you :wink: I’ll look in my stash… might be enough in the pack left to split out on a trade. PM me if you wanna discuss that.


I don’t do a lot of pure saliva but I have revegg a couple takes planning…I cut back on ntrients
And just give water and kelp or maybe some Bigbloom, and go ahead and start adding and hour to the daylight, go 13 -11 for the last couple weeks, when you cut the flowers off leave several.
Leave fan leaves too and add more hour to the day, don’t over fertilize…and be patient. Some will make it some won t. I revegged two grapefruit plants that were lanky sativa types and had been outside…they were too tALL and slow to come back. THEY FINALLY did.


I have two small clones of a BLRxOG I grew this year and they were on the porch and went to flower before I realized it and just let them go. They’re under T-5s now and doing the weird looking reveg thing. I think those T5 lights may be the trick. I used to use them much more in the past and I’m going back. My plants look so awesome after spending the first month or so under them.

I’m 65 and heard of it forever but never crossed paths with it. Plus I’m in a legal state for growing now and that has a lot to do with it as I have a steady address.

I’ll get in touch with the guy that gave me these. I was going to try and swap pollen with him if I got some and hope he does the same. Todd sent him 3 packs of 5 for waiting patiently he said, and he gifted me one. I’m afraid there’ll be a lot of variation and I may not be so lucky with just two other seeds but I’ll be trying.

Todd said he did an open pollination of the seeds he had so it’s almost like starting over again. I was surprised I got such a nice female in one 5 pack.

I have a little bud to try in the next day or so. It’s gonna be about 3 good hits.


By the way, I use CFL bulbs to REVEG…mostly 5000k
At 60 watt

Amnesia Haze auto I grew outdoors this past Summer. Don’t mind the bugs in the close up :grin:.


Alright, not big on sativas they screw with my head and migrains ain’t no fun. So I had the opportunity to take a cutting of my neighbors purple haze as payment for helping him. Grew outdoors this summer. Some may remember her as she almost died due to 110+ temps. Finished out great tho.

during harvest