Adventures in Aero #4 - Sebring's Earth Lover (now Dragon Tongue)

Whats your humidity like?

I had some last year on my outside plants, when the leaves start praying in the morning any moisture runs down the leaf into the buds where they but up against each other and that’s where the mould usually starts. relative humidity climbs as temps lower, so usually keeping under the 10 degree swing is enough to control the humidity, and stops it causing bud rot. If your humidity is high though you may have problems with big nugs.


This time of year is usually well above 50% outside, and around 50% in the house. In my tent its always well under 50%. Typically between 35% and 45% day vrs night depending on the tent temp.

I turned up the lights OFF temp control so there will be even less difference between lights ON/OFF. I also added another fan that blows 24/7 to help with circulation.

Im sure its mainly that these buds are just so compact and dense. There is just no room for air to circulate or even for evaporation to leave.

After manipulating the runt, Ive changed my mind a little. Those buds are heavy and its solid bud all the way up with zero spaces. Not going to be such a small yield from it as I was afraid of. well - thats if I dont loose the whole thing to mold!! I just threw away almost 1/4 of the plant. Hmmmm should have weighed it.


If I get plants with big dense buds growing outside again, I would take out the fan leaves that are growing in between the buds, so moisture can’t develop between them as the leaves expirate moisture.

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Day 77

I think Im getting real close to harvest for the big girl. The runt is a good way behind.


Big girl:

Its interesting to me that the calyxes (is the the correct term?) seem to always lag behind the sugar leaves. The calyxes have some clear trichs, but mostly cloudy with very few amber. The sugar leaves have pretty much all cloudy with quite a few amber.

The big girl still has a few white pistles but not many. The leaves still look fairly good though.

The runt has pretty much all white pistles and the leaves look fine.


Day 80 A nice even number to start harvest of the big girl! :slight_smile:

I have been giving the ladies a bit too much LITFA lately - distracted with the covid junk and trying to brew up some home made ever clear.

So I opened up the tent and found that the runt has all yellow fan leaves! Im sure I at least peeked in there some time yesterday, so this has happened really fast. PH and temps are all good, nozzles working fine. The big girl is not showing the same symptoms, so this has me worried the botrytis has suddenly spread all through the plant. Have not had a chance to look into it yet to check. One possible good sign is the yellow leaves do not pull out easily. On the other hand, I cant think of anything else it could be or that has changed…

Im about 2/3 of the way through the harvest and I have about 700 grams of bud so far. That means I should end up with close to 1000 grams total from the big girl. That should work out to between 250 and 300 grams dry, so not too bad for an auto. Its actually similar to the average results from my last auto grow.

Havent taken may pics so far - Im tired already - but here is one of several of the main colas of similar size. Not huge but not bad for an auto.


Final report:

The runt has mold all through it. Dont know of this is related but its roots are also dead or dying. I weighed the runt just for information purposes and it was 643 gms. That surprised me a little. I knew it was solid, but didnt think it was that much more dense than the big girl. Guess thats why it was more suseptible to the mold.

So Im down to a single surviving auto for this grow.

Total yield from the big girl = 1156 gms wet or roughly equal to 300 gms dry weight. 300/80days = 3.75 gm/day.

Thats my worst ever yield per day of any grow. IF, and thats a big if, the other two had made it, this might have been my second best.

I’ll report back how well it works after I get some capsules made. Thats going to be a week or two though.

Im probably not going to start a new grow for some time, and will likely not post much either. I need to cut back on expenses. This corona crap is actually increasing my living expenses.

Stay well my friends.


That’s a real bummer! If there’s some way I can help out, don’t hesitate to mention it!

Best wishes!


Thanks Howard. You are one of the best on this board.


That’s your worst yield? Man, do I have a ways to go!

It’s been a ride watching you raise those, looking forward to the next batch Larry…


Just went through the comments from the last two weeks and really sorry to read about mold and other changes.

Wish you have things going better soon!


Man that bites, all that work and effort to get half of it taken by mold.

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Update to final weights. I put the bud in several shallow plastic containers inside the tent and left the fan and heater on. Its all been sitting in there for 6 days drying out. Turns out that is more drying than it probably needs. The bud is really dry and super crumbly.

Anyway, I estimated the dry weight would be 300 grams. The actual dry weight is 269 gms / 80 days = 3.36 gm/day.

Thats actually not bad for me for a single plant. My best grow so far was 3 of @ReikoX Ghost Toox#2 x SBR plants. They totaled 763gm / 96 days = 7.95 gm/day.

So this single Dragon Tongue from @Sebring did pretty good on a grams day basis for a single plant.

That makes me feel a little bit better :slight_smile:


I finally finished processing the bud into capsules. The Dragon Tongue from @Sebring seems to be a fairly good anti-inflammatory. I had to stop taking all NSAIDs due to kidney issues. That has resulted in a lot of joint pain flaring up from arthritis.

The capsules seem to be working pretty well to control that pain. The good part is they dont get me stoned. The only bad part is the effects only seem to last 4 to 6 hours, so Im taking several capsules a day instead of the single rx pill I used to take. Im happy with that trade off though. The haul from this grow should last me at least a year or so at this rate.

My next grow will be another 30:1 hi CBD, plus a 1:1 CBD:THC.

Im re-configuring the root chamber now.


You kidneys will appreciate you stopping the NSAIDs, they are for short term use only, although the doctors don’t tell you that. They just keep giving them too you as they know they will get more business from you later when they start causing more problems.

I am just starting vegging another Sebrings Revenge CBD plant, I have a whole plant dried and waiting to make oil from it, and about 9 grams of oil left, we go through about a gram a week, between the cat, dog, wife and myself, so I like to have a reserve stock in case the grow goes tits up.


Nice to know it works the same for you and your pets!

When you say grams of oil - is that the RSO you make after removing all the water and alcohol from Green Dragon tincture?

A gram a week seems like a lot to me, but Im only using it on myself.

I didnt think to measure the actual oil that was left after I processed the green dragon and removed all the water and alcohol. I dont think it was all that much though. Maybe 20 ML out of that 260 some grams of dry bud?

Yeah, My last Sebs Rev gave me 110g dry bud, and I got 18 mil or 18 grams it works out very close, volume to weight ratio for RSO.

Some weeks its less some more, depending mainly on the wife with her arthritis, I can stop doing things if I am hurting, but she is still working sadly, so tends to go through more, she has a very low tolerance for THC, and I am not to far behind her so I tend to stick more with the THC and a bit of the CBD and she is the other way lol.


I just did a very rough estimate of how much oil I had after processing it. I think it was closer to 30-50ML - maybe. Its hard to tell because Im basing this on my memory of how much oil was left in the small pot I used to drive off the alcohol and water. The oil didnt bead up like the water does in the teflon pan.

You had roughly 16% yield. If my numbers are in the ball park, that gives me somewhere between 11% and 18%. That seems reasonable to me as a ball park.

I will be sure to measure next time :slight_smile:

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With RSO I am happy if I get 10% of my dry weight, Sebrings CBD plants have good resin production, I can’t see me growing any other CBD strain unless he runs out of seeds lol.

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Ive had mixed results with his seeds producing viable plants. Out of the 6 seeds Ive tried to grow so far (3ea Dragon Tongue and 3ea Earth Lover), 4 have been males and one was super stunted from the get go.

However, this last plant did produce very well, and I sure do like how well its working on my joint pain.

Im going to try some CBD plants from Demon Genetics next - a 1:1 and a 30:1 CBD/THC. Both are kush based strains, and have short grow times - 63 days from sprout.

I am startng to think that taking the CBD with some THC really does boost the effectiveness of the CBD. I have been taking only the CBD during the day, and it works well, but I have been taking CBD plus some of @ReikoX Ghost Toof and that combo has been helping me sleep better than I have in years.

Thats the main reason I want to try some of the 1:1 - to see how well it works for me.


New grow thread.