Alberta... RCMP issues

Well unwelcome visit from local constabulary tonight… Unrelated babymama drama…

But they’re intending to return tomorrow. Took a rather unhealthy interest in the seedling currently growing. Didn’t seem to matter to them that I purchased seeds (had empty packages + receipt) from AGLC retailer. Nor did showing them we are allowed 4 plants…

I’m told I’ll be hearing from them tomorrow again.

I know they very much dislike me (I’ve made a few dozen complaints to k-division over the babymama drama and lack of action)… Landlord has ok’d it as long as there are no smell or mold issues… One under 1" seedling + 3 seeds soaking. Like i said - tweed packaging with AGLC tags on the chamber.

Trying to figure out their angle for returning, as far as i can tell im totally legal.

Stress? Or chill?


Relax brother! Smoke one.

Sounds like cops being cops. Intimidation is something they are all great at…


Not the smoothest move having your little grow out where 5-0 could see it.

Cops have more leeway to come in and have a look around now with ‘legalization’ to make sure you’re not growing more somewhere else. Not trash your house kind of looking around but a peek into any hole big enough to grow plants in.

I know so many peeps that have got busted thanx to babymomma dramas over the years and it’s best you stash or remove from the house any other shady shit you may have lying around.

I’d be prepared for a bit of a hassle at least tho not much may happen if you’re lucky.

I’ve had a cop sitting at my kitchen table for an hour over some shit with a room full of plants downstairs. Not a thing in the main part of the house to indicate that a user/grower lives there. The 31st is 17 years living and growing lots in this house with nary a glance from popo.

50 years of using and growing pot without ever being charged. Lost a few bags but nothing ever happened. How much of that is white privilege I don’t know but fingers crossed it carries on. :slight_smile:

I’m in northern Alberta myself.

:peace: and good luck!


Nah its legal now. I will not hide it. Screw that.

I did find out there game plan however. They tried an end run using CFSA. Luckily after all these years of BMdrama, I know the workers pretty well. The on call worker called. She got an earful.

Sorry cloning chamber has a lock system. It was unlocked when they attended yes - was checking pH when they knocked. Lock is actually visible in the picture they forwarded CFS.

Betcha ill have a fun visit in a few hours…


Please allow me to see your warrant or begone (dismissive hand wave).

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But - if your baby mama is going to lure them in, you’ve got a problem.


I’m sure I’m not the only one with a psychotic ex…

Xmas coming, the manic phase starts as do the almost daily welfare checks… Then she’ll refuse to return, or pickup and run contrary to the court order that’s usually dec 18-20th range. Then it’ll really go to hell in january when the court starts dealing with it. Annual cycle of chaos, 5th year in a row.

At least its predictable.

Partly why I refuse to hide it. Refuse to play the RCMPs game.

Finishing up the emails and faxes for the sergeant and division. Reminding them of the tools available by court orders to remedy the situation… But I’m sure it’ll be the same as the last 5.


Sorry to hear it. The seasonal change can hit some people hard.


Well that was 4 hours of fun.

RCMP totally tried to do an end run, use children services. CFSA still doesn’t have a mandate change - in their world grow op is still automatic apprehension. No kids were apprehended, but largely because they know I’m a pain in their ass already and have a former assesor in my phone contacts who’s got a bone to pick with these idiots.


…Just ask a ridiculous high price for each child & they 'll go away. :neutral_face:


Wish you luck. EXes don’t get better; it’s part of why they’re EXes. :thumbsup:

:evergreen_tree: she’s crazy