Are these autos tiny for day 17?

Yes they are small for that day range and the pot size you have… your mix looks quite dry if you dig a finger in when does it become wet-ish


Thank you for your reply. I kind of figured.

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They were just watered recently.

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yeah with how much and when ? still looks dry especially if thats recently watered.


The soil does look quite dry to me as well…

That’s the thing with Auto’s though….some can be pretty tiny where some can get huge…light cycle plans a large role in this as well!

But I see you’re doing a 20/4….

What’s the joke around here.




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I agree kinda small. What fox farm soil. If it’s ocean forest you probably won’t have to add any nutes till around day 25 or a little longer. And did you mix same ratio as photos. From what I can see you have a few dry looking leaves. Possibly your mix is draining to quick and you’ll have to water more frequently. Water the outside more than center so roots Chase it. Mist them a few times a day and get your humidity up around 60% or so if not and see if that helps. The light may be a little to close. If you have an iPhone there’s an app called photone that works well. I tested it against my Apogee 620 and it’s not off by much. Surprised me. Cheapest way to check ppfd. There’s a red blue and a full spectrum in the app you would need both for the lights you have. It as also calculates the Dli.
Also pick up some plastic plant saucers and cheap bakers racks at DG to put your plant on. That way you can see runoff and be able to check ec/ppm out. Silica can help as well. It helps with the uptake of water nutes and strengthen cell walls amungst other benefits. They could just be slow starters. All n all I think your doing a good job! This indoor thing can be tricky but you’ll get it.


How far away is your led from plants?


20 hours of light could easily be too much.

Or simply not the best genetics.

Also try bottomwatering, that way the moisture spreads more evenly throughout the soil, sit them in a saucer or container and keep pouring water into the saucer (or little bits at a time into container) until the uptake slows down a lot or stops. Water is life!


I did 20-4 on my cremedelachem that worked great

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I agree with @Mr.Sparkle, it looks like you are having issues watering properly. It’s hard to water small plants in large pots. What I find helpful is to water around the edge of the canopy. Imagine it rained and where the soil would get wet is where I like to water. This will both encourage roots to grow and discourage over watering.

How big are those pots, 5-gallons? How much are you watering? Are you getting any runoff?


About 24 inches

I really don’t think it’s too dry. So far I feel like I’ve got the water( actually I really don’t feel like I’ve got it down at all) ing down petty good. Somethings off though. Im just not sure what. Unless these are really just midgetty. These grew under the same light in the same tent as my photos for allot of their life.

I love how you phrased that, but honestly I could be wrong but I really don’t think it’s a watering issue.

But the little plants look prefect other than they are tiny. I don’t see any under watering or overwatering signs.

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How many hours of light per day did they get there?

They could also simply be very compact slow growers genetic wise…

And welcome to the forum! :+1:

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Mist those little ones, I stop around day 25ish. It helps a bunch. Drench soil, let it dry. Rinse repeat. Autos tend to really start growing later on. Shit, most time you see sex before they get any size.


They’ve been on 20/4. Everything RN is on 20/4. Until I figure out the next step.