Beacher - current grow and future

So after a couple months of downtime due to powdery mildew I’ve started back up again. The lineup for now is 6 x Gummy Trail (Appalachian Trail x Bubblegum). These are fem testers courtesy of @Kakalak, and 3 feminized Maui Wowie (Cherry Bomb Pheno) from @Sebring. Thanks to both of you I’m excited to try these!

As you can see Dean also aproves :sunglasses:


In the next couple weeks I will be fogging my basement with an antimicrobial called Microban and installing some new MERV13 air filters on my intakes. I’m hoping this will solve my PM issues but only time will tell. For now I’ve got them in my temp box upstairs under ~100W of screw in LEDs. I’ll spare us all the boring seedling stage and will hopefully be updating very soon with some 3ft monsters!

For my records:



this should be a good show :slight_smile:

thanks my friend I would love to ride along

all the best and grow well



Hope you will finally leave back all those PM nightmares :sweat_smile:, that Maui Wowie is also in my list so willing to see you grow her first … popcorn


The spores are in the air, short of a real-deal biohazard lab-level air filtration system, you won’t be able to keep it from getting in your grow (if conditions are favorable for it). You may reduce the spores in the air, but it only takes 2 leaves touching in stagnant air for it to come back. Defoliate, up airflow, and keep plants spaced further. Microban won’t stop it either. Not trying to be a bummer, just the facts. Glad to see you running again.


I also just started some MWCB. Will follow along. Can’t wait to smoke this strain!!


Well microban will kill it on contract and I’m going to use a pro grade fogger so it should really knock it back. Then with merv13 filters very few spores should get into my grow spaces. I don’t think it would be possible to get rid of every spore, but if I can drastically reduce them I’m hoping the plants can maintain resistance.

I guess there’s only one way to find out I’ll run all fems for a while and won’t keep mothers to keep things fresh and simple. If it does come back I’ll likely be done growing at this house.


@George1961 @Joker I’ve wanted to try real Maui wowie for so long time. I think we’re pretty lucky to have these genetics available!


Agree with you beacher, I have 4 MWCB fem seedlings about a week old, we can all compare as we grow🤙🏽


I was blown away when @Sebring offered these like he did!! And the @SmknCanuck smoke review just put it over the top. Been a long time nice I’ve had a smoke that makes me smile from ear to ear!!


Oooh fun fun!!! Look forward to seeing your work! :v::peace_symbol::call_me_hand:


It’s not the house my friend. I really do mean this in the best possible way but I can’t help but think you’re perhaps looking at it the wrong way. The spores are everywhere, in every state, in every house, humid south to the Arizona desert. You gonna microban your plants every day? It’s the conditions of the grow. If conditions are favorable, it will come back, no matter what you do, no matter how diligent you are.

I’d hate to see someone give up growing entirely over a little easily-preventable and more easily-treated mildew.

Think of it like algae. If you have a constantly nutrient rich wet spot under lights, you will get algae no matter how clean your house is, or where you live. Unless you have actual biohazard air systems, it will get in, matter of time.


Them terrible terrible floating spores :pleading_face: Good luck with the grow. Im going to jump on board. Kudos to @Sebring and @Kakalak!


Yes I’m aware that pm spores are ubiquitous. When I say it’s the house I mean the conditions in the basement seem to encourage pm, but also there has likely been an infestation of it down there with it growing or waiting in stasis in the gross floor water or organic materials on walls.

Despite my temps being good down there they tend to swing, and humidity swings often. There are little channels down there for water to run to the sump pump and theres often small amounts of standing water in them. Short of fucking with the foundation theres no way I can fix it.

My hope is that if I can kill the existing ‘colony’ and start the room as a blank slate that spore counts will be lower and less likely for infestation…who knows

I’ve never had any issues with pm in my growing career until this place, so it’s definitely environmental. I really hate this stuff it sucks all the fun out of growing…

What would you do in this situation?


Different type of fungus. Powdery mildew can only live and reproduce on plants. The Aspergillus in yer drywall won’t ever infect your plants, no matter how bad it may be.

Well, you know what I’d do regarding treatment of PM haha, but as far as environmental goes, just get a dehumidifier running if you’re having humidity issues that contribute. Run your fans 24/7. Dry is better than wet, VPD be damned. Once started, it will grow in any humidity, but it’s really hard to get started in a dry room with no leaves touching. I’d rather run bone dry desert air than too moist any day. Of course, keep leaves from touching, thin inner growth (stagnant inner canopy where leaves touch where it usually starts).


You ever try an enzyme based product? :thinking:

@gramps had some good luck with …I think Dr Zymes(?)




After you get the humidity down and its nice and dry I wounder if mold resistant concrete paint would keep it at bay, or at least make it more manageable. Drywall sounds like a solid idea. Build a room just for your plants. Easier said then done I know. Just trying to brain storm.


I haven’t.

But if enzymes killed PM, every greenhouse owner in the world would be all over it. It might discourage it; couldn’t say. But I am very doubtful it can eradicate an infestation. Enzymes are better suited to breaking down organic material than killing pests.


Ya I run a dehumidifier and fans are always on 24/7 there’s a ton of air moving around down there. Although the humidity swings alot it’s generally between 40-60%, I’ve only seen it above 60 a few times in the last couple years. I think it’s moreso the changes that cause it to take hold as I’ve seen it appear when humidity is lowest down there.

I’ve also seen it appear on a leaf thats directly under a 600hps swaying in the breeze, it just makes no sense. I’ve been defoliating heavy for months it didn’t have much of an effect sadly.

It is what it is if I can’t beat it I’ll just have to find somewhere else to grow lol


Once it starts, it’s almost unstoppable. It’ll never appear on a dry leaf…at first. Once the plant is infected, it’ll spread relentlessly on every leaf, regardless. Although many will say it isn’t systemic, it sure behaves like it once it has taken hold. The key is to keep it from infecting the plant, or be open to fungicides. You can drop the humidity much lower than 50-60 to discourage reinfection. I grow in a humid basement now, too.

Hell, I got it out in Colorado in summer, with the windows open, and the humidity out there was often in the teens. It had already infected my plants from an air circulation issue (plants were sitting in stagnant humid air for several hours a night) that was my own fault and spread slowly onto everything.