Blue Cookies & Friends - 100w Micro Grow

Hey OG! Welcome to my journal.

Since my last journal I had to downsize the grow to make space for the home office, and to keep the summer temps down. I think I can still produce some decent personal stash with this smaller setup though.

The setup:

  • 36" x 20" Vivosun tent
  • HLG 260 dimmed to 100w on Kasa smartplug
  • AC Infinity Cloudline S4 + 4" filter
  • Home Depot drip manifold + Amazon Nearpow seconds-interval timer
  • open lines with a tee on the end
  • recycled coco & re-used 1G fabric pots
  • Megacrop v2

On the left we have @BigMike55’s Blue Cookies S1, vegging about a month, a touch neglected, and just transplanted. On the right are @Mr.Sparkle’s Cookie Devils for the Recycled Container Grow Off, they should be done in a week or two.

Going to flip soon, after they settle into the new pots for a few days.

Thinking about changing nutes, Canna Coco maybe ? Feel like trying something new, and it would be nice if it’s more PH stable than the Megacrop.

Thanks for stopping by !


Nice grow
My first tent was 24-24-6ft I used to pack that tent out,I still use it for small plants


I like the colors on those plants!


Love these things, I’ve got the power bar.

Just got one myself, very nice.

Fantastic start yeeee haaaa


Locked in and ready for the show.

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Lookin’ Stellar, Feller! Interested in seeing my girls grow out! Watching this one.


Sounds cool. :sunglasses: :+1:

I’ll pull up a chair and start packing thee party bong.



Love the setup. I like the smart plugs also. Gonna have to look up that seconds interval timer. I’m using masterblend nutes easily available off amazon!

Is the S1 from marks blue cookies? Is that a reversal or a hermie seed?


Originally from Marks Blue Cookies. I took a couple clones from her. Vegged one and reversed the other with colloidal silver. Then pollinated the vegged clone with the shemale pollen. S-1 Feminized.


Wait till you see the colors start coming on those Blue Cookies about mid-flower. Beautiful plants.


I was thinking I had those but I had them sent to a buddy. I’ve got his purple headband and a bunch of his autos. Running his bubblegum right now.

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Thanks everyone, it’s good to have a journal going again. Haven’t grown as much Cali genetics as I’d like. Should be a good one !

Which formula and how’s it working out for ya ? Same idea as Jack’s I guess ? Not a lot of either of those in Canada, but seems to be a few shops carrying it.

Can’t wait to see, they are smelling great already. Dropping a letter for you in the mail tonight.

Transplanted a Mephisto Walter White and put her out to harden off in a shady spot today. In recycled Promix with gobs of Gaia Green.


I have weighed out each component using equal parts. The full strength is 12g-6g-12g or 2tsp-2tsp-2tsp.Lately I just use equal measurement like 1tsp of each always using a little less than a full tsp of Epsom salts. Since I I’ve weighed it before I know it’s a little heavy using a full tsp. Then I just dilute to the PPM I want. I’ve been doing half the amount of cal-nit in late flower. I’m kind of winging it on reducing the cal-nit. If you need the dry salts In Canada try @AquaTerra. They sell Jacks and plant-prod and I’ve heard he’ll sell smaller quantities than the 25# bags. Hope that helps or even makes sense.


I assume the chicken net on the soil surface is to keep varmints from digging?

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Yeah, keeps the raccoons and squirrels out of there. They love to dig up my backyard plants.

@MidwestMover thanks I ordered some Jacks from @AquaTerra

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Blak n Blue - Blak n Blue cookkiessssss… …

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Want some?


Hella yeah. Will be a while before I get to grow them tho :relieved:


Where you located? North America? I have tried 3 times to send to Europe. Twice to Germany and once to London and all 3 never made it.


Canada :canada: :wink: