Bodhi Plant and seed guide (Part 2)

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Bodhi is a really good breeder.

He also has, like, a shit-ton of crosses.

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5000 bodhi posts :+1:


@BudWhisperer I saw that the other day and made another order lol. I had been looking out for that one and they ninja-stocked it on me. Got Golden Hashplant, Lavender Jack, and Snow Monkey for the freebie. Gotta get out to the post office tomorrow and mail out my payment. They weren’t open today due to the snow.


not sure where you’re talking about but speakeasy seedbank appears to have also dropped a bunch of bodhi gear. if i had the funds i would be all over some of those drops.


That’s the one thing I don’t like about GLG is that I have to go to the post office. Otherwise great company


Perhaps it’s time for another GROUP BUY! It would be great to get Bodhi gear at a fraction of the retail price.

Does anyone have a relationship with the breeder, or even with one of the major seed banks, that will enable us to get a bunch of seeds at a deep discount?


Oh I’m very interested in this idea


Going to be difficult. Bodhi keeps his prices very reasonable and plenty of banks offer discounts during holidays or other flash sales.

And not to rain on your idea but before anyone decides they want to participate, let’s not forget what happened last year during the Tonygreen group buy. spoiler alert we got robbed :man_shrugging:t2:

Good luck :green_heart:


Yea I was about to say sometimes GLG has discounted packs and BOGO at the same time. Hard to get much cheaper than that


i posted that GLG had 1 Golden HP in stock. But then when i double-checked, it got sold, so i deleted my post.


That is good for me that i have to go to the post office. Buying beans shouldn’t be too easy for me. Otherwise i wouldn’t have $ left for food lol.


@Vagabond_Windy, I think you’re confusing the seed run Tony did for us with the group buys we did with JOTI or BOG. They are not the same thing…

If you want to use an actual group buy as a reference point, you could also consider either of the 2 JOTI group buys; both were wildly successful. And even though JOTI also has very reasonable prices on his beans, whether they’re sold directly or through distributors (in Canada), we got our seeds at a small fraction of what they retail for.

No worries, @Vagabond_Windy, I was just throwing the idea out there. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. But if we do put one together for Bodhi’s beans, I’ll be sure to leave you off the list. :smiley:


You’re absolutely right. My apologies. I definitely should’ve mentioned the successful buys as well.


You asked somebody, can’t remember who, what they’re favorite GHash cross was. That Golden Hashplant is probably my favorite. I ran those as testers a couple years ago and they turned out GOOEY. Seriously, there was resin straight oozing outta the flowers. Turned out very, very tasty, too, very complex, one of those ones where the flavor keeps changing and evolving in your mouth. Real nice high, too. The Clusterfunk is excellent, for sure, but that Golden Hashplant is the shit.


I’m really glad I was able to get one. Should be a killer TK cross. Black Triangle was another that I really wanted but it’s always sold out too.


I’m really looking forward to to this one. TK x Appy mom and 88G13HP dad sounded like a perfect combo. Kinda kicking myself for not getting 2 packs now lol.


good to know! that cross sounds great… i only grew one pinesoul cross, old soul = pinesoul X old mother ghani, i get lemon-pinesol but no regular "pine"sol and i’m just assuming the lemon comes from the pinesoul side but i have no idea, i still havn’t looked into what the male is, i figured ill just grow the seeds instead haha, great idea!

speaking of old soul, i harvested 2 last night, the smell on the #6 while chopping was like mixing paint thinner, floor cleaner and kerosene in a tub. and like strong french roast coffee… that’s the loudest, best smelling plant i’ve grown

my jar went fast (the mom of this one) and so far the quality stays in the 6-months ish cure, some of my other old soul phenos lost all of their stickyness and some smell in the cure. this one it oily as hell, feels wet, and the oil turns into contact glue once rubbed in your fingers, once cured it smells more like metallic/eucalyptus/peppery/skunk and the flavor is like… FRESH tiger balm or cough drops, but the best part to me is the lingering coffee aftertaste that just sticks in your nose for an hour, kinda like a some gassy OG with lingering flavor, but yeah it’s coffee

so here’s some harvest pictures of my favorite plant old soul #6 day 70

oh and this plant reminds me a lot of Mephisto’s “hubbabubbasmelloscope” which is the plant i liked so much i started growing photoperiods in case i see another plant like this i can clone it… and i did haha, this is my first kept and re-ran clone and it’s a grand slam, thanks Bodhi!!


I’m really happy to hear you say that. Picked up 2 packs of Golden Hp with Temple Lights V2 as the freebie from GLG. Told myself to chill on the bean buying, but I had to pull the trigger on this one.


How common would you say the Pinesoul phenos are in Old Soul?

What type of effects were you getting from those Jungle Spice F2s? Still have half a pack and I’m a bit curious now if maybe I just had bad luck.


The struggle is real…