Bodhi Plant and seed guide

Uplift @ 80 days


Looks real good. Very frosty. I just flipped four of those yesterday, good to see a pic of it. 80 days, though? That’s longer than I was anticipating.


Might not have needed to go 80. Got a broken rib in chest plate so had to let it go a bit. I don’t think she’s over cooked though. Medium stretch OG structure. Small yield. I’m sure it’ll be worth it. Will be back with a smoke report.


May need to dump a pack of rajasthani space probe but not sure how to proceed due to being in a non compliant state. Dont have the time or height to wait em out


Well damn…bodhi drop today at breeders direct…and once again I’m broke as shit…all the good stuff gonna be gone, gone. Lol✌🏾…live @420 pst


Don’t dump the space probe. From what I’ve read, if you can wait them out, you’re likely to be surprised by the results. In a good way! Just top and train a bunch before flip, and be prepared for a big stretch on at least half the pack.

Great to see you here @jp68 :slight_smile: This place is very friendly to trading and sharing. If you haven’t seen them already, check out the preservation runs we’ve been doing to spread the love and keep old strains alive. (And also as a spiritual counter the grifters selling “rare” bodhi packs on IG for 5-10x their retail price, many of which don’t pop.)

And many more. :slight_smile: This is all for free other than shipping costs. We try to only work on discontinued, rare and old lines per the mutual respect request bodhi put out there:

We’re specifically trying to not step on anybody’s toes and we’re not taking food off anybody’s plate. Just preserve and share - like the original OverGrow site’s philosophy.



All of the new drop is out of stock over there now :cry:
Umeboshi hasn’t been stocked yet tho :thinking:


I finally snuck off with a rare seed pack. Mexican Death Sativa on JBC Seed.


Nice catch.

And, dammit. They snuck in the timing of the drop.

edit: I’m thinking we need a consolidated thread just to track drop announcements.


Yeah it a cpl I gotta get my hands on later … hopefully…lol


Nice and you get a free pack with that as well. Was sold out when I just placed my order.


I’m just stoked I finally got m hands on his mountain temple!


Good idea @Northern_Loki! Lots of folks are new to buying and could use a bit of help on the deals! Maybe some kind of wiki that could be edited? To be more on topic. Lots of killer info on the newer Bohdi stuff thank you and watching with admiration and respect!


I’ve added a wiki over here, see how it goes:


Thanks for the heads up. Have been watching for this drop.

@MBVapester Did you get 2 freebies because you bought 4 packs?


I put this in the notes: Chem 91 skunk va x omg and lazy lightning
So I am hoping so.


I think it’s been posted already but for those wanting some info on the strains in the drop:

**Rainbow Serpent (dragonsoul x wookie 15) 9 weeks *cedar citrus patchouli gas earth snake skin onion * deep transformative balanced benevolent effect

Imperial Majesty (pure og x 88g13/hp ) kush earth hash gas * 9weeks irie warm deep euphoric heady**

Umeboshi (killer queen x wookie) black cherry red berries aqcaimedicinal herbs lavender 8-9 weeks terpped up balanced reality shifter***

Happy Trails (pure kush x lao muang sing x wookie) (9 - 10 weeks) pineapple spruce haze grape musk melon* earth* euphoric* happy* dreamy* calm* up**

Passionfruit Hashplant. (pure kush x lao muang sing x ghash) (9 - 10 weeks) tropical fruit salad agave nectar lemon headspina colodanail polish* big vigorous plants* balanced full spectrum high***

Master of Muppets (vintage master kush x wookie 15) sweet earthy spicelavender soapsangria*muppet feet * 8-9 weeks euphoric mindful melter

Snuggle Funk (vintage black domina x 88g13/hp). 280 9 weeks earth roasted nuts sour dough gas* sweet kush* culinary herbs… comforting inner massage night cap munchies*

Purple Mana (mana x purple unicornf3). 10-12 weeks soapy lemonskunky citrussweet candyclean laundrytequila up mindfull* good times* motivational* long lasting LIMITED*

Wonder Wookie (williams wonder x wookie) (9 weeks) pear lavender apricot guava citrus* balanced* resistant* heavenly aroma….**

Purple Soul (Pinesoul x Purple Unicorn f3) (9-10 weeks) pine tea tree citron purple gas 10 weeks. pressure drop inflatable joy helmet* dreamy* focused* artistic……**

Jager Hashplant (jager x 88G13HP). (9 weeks) orange juice star anise mullberry gym socks* dreamy* narcoticold school vibeLIMITED**


Supernatural Selections:

ss018 Laughing Lemon (lemon thai x omg) 9-11 weeks…. lemon and lemon up trippy social happy spears of old school hybrid delight*abundant*


Mexican Death Sativa (100 packs total) 11 packs per vendor $108 retail (charity release)


Thanks! First time ordering from JBC. That’s what I was hoping!


Got my snuggle funk and mothers hp.
I’m good.


Maybe willing to give em up for a preservation run to keep em alive and going if i can grab f2 at a later date