Bodhi Plant and seed guide

That’s the OG spirit, man. :slight_smile: I have a couple of the “Forever OG” Kashmiri crosses I need to break out to run & preserve at some point. Here’s one:

The Purple Malawi x Kashmir was tossed in with the last round of testers I received. Probably going to be a 12-16wker, maybe more. A buddy of mine made a bunch of Pleiadian Love Nest F2 and I was thinking that would be a good one to preserve as well, unless there’s a PLN F1 pack floating around for preserving.

Dang, has it really been a year and a half since they last sent out testers, or did I miss out on a round or two in 2020? Thank god for testers! All this talk of new drops has me salivating, but I haven’t been able to buy any new seeds in several years due to being perennially broke. Congrats to those who can! :slight_smile:

No complaints here, though. My cup runeth over thanks to so many generous folks. While the ego always wants more, the heart & soul says to give thanks to @The_Lazy_Hippie for the next preservation donation, and then pay it forward!

Can’t wait to see how these turn out. Breedbay’s @dagga found this chunker in his:


I am a sucker for anything malawi and wizard related.


I also grabbed up a pack of Laughing Lemon. I guess those are rare. I might add a pack of the Williams Wonder cross. I’ve heard a lot about that old strain.


I know we’re not casting votes here or anything, but, uh, if we WERE voting…


So how does one go about this exactly? Got so many packs and to crowded of a room to dedicate to it so better off if its preserved at this point.


I think it’s wise to hold onto the Space Probe pack until you know bodhi’s not going to re-release them, since we don’t want to take food off his plate. But once you know they’re discontinued, if you browse these two threads they could be of help in finding people to do the preservation runs:


Same precautions as anywhere - vet the people you’re gonna send to and all that, don’t trade addresses in PM if you are trying to keep your PII safe, once you send them they’re out of your hands and control and whatever happens happens, etc. I know you’re a vet of this stuff, but just wanted to put it out there for newer folks who may be reading. Also, the site and staff don’t have anything to do with those Co-ops that have sprung up - it’s all user driven and facilitated. And all that stuff is now legal in the US as long as there’s no THC above 0.3% per the 2019 Farm Bill and the guidance put out by the USPS for mailing seeds/clones/hemp/cbd.

Also, the rules here at OverGrow are pretty clear - all trading, gifting, sharing and even selling of seeds and cuts is allowed, but no discussion of trading/gifting/sharing/selling the end product to other members of the site, ever, not in public or private messages. That way the site cannot be implicated in any illegal activity.

Hope that helps. Glad to have you here, man! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info and yea ill wait till i know that probes off the market before i move em. gives me time to figure all the other stuff out and thanks


Dude, ive been after that cheech wizard for a cpl yrs.

Cant wait to see you run it!!!


I remember bodhi’s descriptions of the green curry og plants on the old breedbay thread, they sounded crazy. That would be awesome to see those genetics available to the community.

If I can search it up easily on breeday, I will post that here.

You may have covered this, but just to reiterate, testers should ask Mr. B. for permission before reproducing any lines in testing. The standard agreement in his tester email form is that testers should not be used for breeding until the line is released officially.

bodhi’s cheech wizard / green curry og description quotes from breedbay

Bodhi’s full cheech wizard post:

Strain Name:

cheech wizard


bodhi seeds

Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etc

  • Polyhybrid


green curry og x snowlotus

Parental Information

what is green curry og? well its a long story, but basicly it was a mystery og that was on lock down and escaped, a friend brought it over in sorry shape along with his story, and i nursed it back to health in exchange for a clipping. its definetly an og, but its bright lime green, more vigorous than a regular og, on the stretchy side, potent, and the smell and flavor are really wild… like smoking og and eating a green thai coconut curry while someone is cleaning the floor with pinesol… no joke! this is not some elaborate story to hype it up, its just a really unique og, and i have no clue what it is, and i have run my fare share.

the snow lotus male is my current main man, he just does not throw out a bad hybrid, he is the star child of afgooey and a x19 leaning blockhead male (no sweetooth traits present) and lets the female traits pass through in a cross while uping the size, frost, and potency.

this magical child pumps out the og magic, apple jolly rancher, mint chutney, green curry, sweet forest frolic, stonking illumination, fat nugs, supernatural effect… urban wizard smoke!

Indica/Sativa %

50% Indica / 50% Sativa

Feminized Seeds?


Indoor / Outdoor

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Greenhouse

Bloom Length:

9 weeks

# of Phenotypes?


Describe each phenotype expression:

33% full og fusion hybrid
33% hybrid without og smell
33% bushier snow lotus dom with or without og hints



Resin Profile:

High resin

Odour Score:


Odour Description:

apple jolly rancher, catnip, og, white grape, lemon grass, pear

Flavour Score:


Flavour Description:

kitchen herbs, og kush, citrus/pear

Potency Score:


High Type:

full body fuzz with a lucid up mind

another brief description of the cheech wizard parents from bodhi-

green curry og: mysterious big dark green og cut that was tightly held that has a very distinctive kafir lime pinesol tumeric borneol funk…

snow lotus: afgooey x blockhead (rare p19 dom purple pheno, no sweet tooth traits in this one)

miscellaneous cheech wizard adjectives from bodhi-

zesty chesty dopey high magik

another description, clarifying that the cheech wizard doesn’t have the green curry smell of the mother plant-

cheech is more earthy alpine forest pinesol pear, like a sativa version of goji, long spear like buds, deep glowing green color…

quote from bodhi comparing goji and cheech wizard-

the goji og is the sister to cheech wizard, just using an old og from grass valley thats simmilar to the tahoe instead of the green curry og…

quote from bodhi on discontinuing cheech wizard after he lost the green curry og mother -

the green curry og has always been a pain to keep a mom, super finicky and slow rooter.
there are some cheech left, but not much and my wife hates sorting them cause they are mostly duds, so i think ill just keep them for special projects.

and last but not least this photo of yoda smoking a joint, courtesy of bodhi-


Yeah, @nube’s covered that. I don’t think he meant growing those testers as a preservation run. I think he was saying,”I’ve got these testers in the vault, I should probably grow them.” He’s very hardcore about not stepping on anybody’s toes.


Hello, Bodhiphiles
I participated in my first Bodhi drop last night and scored the Mexican Death Sativa which I hear is Jim Ortega’s conglomeration of many Mexican varieties bred into one.
This is all I know about this strain
Flower time?

I will be creating f2’s mostly for my own preservation purposes, but will also share, like I do with all of my crosses


There’s actually a pretty decent amount of info on the Death Sativa, if you just look around on Google a little bit. But if I had to guess, I’d guess twelve weeks minimum for the flowering time. But probably more like 13/14 weeks. There’s some info about it on Doc D’s Instagram and other growers there, too. Doc D emailed me some info on the Death Sativa, which is where I think I’m getting that 12-14 week timeframe from, but I can’t find those emails right now. Plus, like you said, it’s an amalgamation of a bunch of Mexican strains, so 12-14 weeks just sounds natural to me.

I despise IG, but I created an account there recently just so I could scroll through various chucker’s pics to see what’s what. It’s kind of a necessity, unfortunately. It’d be nice if people would do full-on grow reports, but I’m afraid that IG and “Here’s a pic, tested at 29%!” is mostly what we’re working with these days. Unless and until we do full grow logs ourselves, of course…

Edit: but gawd bless those old-school growers. Could you imagine? Here I am complaining about “The internet sucks!” when all of these pioneers were doing it with the threat of serious prison time and taking pictures of their grows was just more evidence for the prosecution…


I’ve definitely done my google searches, A day 56 pic by Doc D and Kiona pics along with passing mentions on various forums is about all that I’ve found.
Then there is the Cornbread Mafia Mexican Death Sativa that is not related to Bodhi’s, which is sort of coveted.

I may do an open pollination and then select from them.
I do believe this is what Bodhi has done as well.


Hmmm, okay. Yeah, I dunno. All I’m sure of is as I’ve searched for info on the Death Sativa, I was satisfied with the amount of information I found. Mighta just been the Doc D pics and the Kiona thing that I found, like you did. I guess “one post on Kiona’s site and a couple pics on IG” counts as enough “satisfactory information” for me haha!!


The Freaker’s Ball vets all our members. You have to have been on OG for over 6 months, and be at least a TL2. Plus, you can flag your seeds so that only a TL3 grower can grow 'em. It’s up to you man. :slight_smile:

The way it works, we’d add them to our master list, with you as the donor/seed holder. When one of the Freaks wants to run them, they contact you to arrange shipment. When the run’s finished, you get breeders pack of 100 seeds. :grinning:


When you doing the open pollination? I might run them this summer indoors. Go 12/12 from seed to keep them low and make some seed. If its that rare I think it need preserved. Maybe we could pass some pollen if the timing lines up.


Found this while searching breedbay today. this is an old description of the dutch flowers lemon thai,
which bodhi published as background info on his lemon thai stock.

some more info from dutch flowers:
the lemon thai was obtained from some folks out of Hawaii. The plants are sativa, but they didnt look like Thai to us, rather Hawaiian in phenotype, smell and high. Buds are candied with crystal, with a trademark citrus “lemon pledge” odour with a hint of peppermint. Very, very energetic high, it is the “clear mental surfing” variety for us, without a hint of paranoia (which cannot be said of the other two varieties in this pack). Chronic tokers can probably smoke this during the day and get things done, if not overdone. These buds are a favorite of many, as they are excellent positive-mood inducers. Excellent yields and bag appeal as well, shortest flowering period of the three offered, around 9 weeks." DutchFlowers


I would like to do it this summer as well.
I can’t do it sooner, I have a couple of other strains to weed through.
I would definitely be down to trade pollen or seeds, when the time comes.


New and improved-
Bodhi Plant and seed guide - #2254 by zephyr
Now with even more bodhi quotes!


Cool ill keep this in mind to use the freakers ball when the time comes :+1: