BOG - Sour BluTooth - IN - A Shed O' Tents

Out of state but here are update shots from the cams. Only angle youre gonna get til sunday. Man my ladies need some hair cuts and light torture when I get back. Prolly look at topping the SBT. 3 of em have a mannish look about them . . . Well see when I can get a closer look.


Looks amazing. Nice and clean. Good stuff

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I have no idea what the autos are doing. I started a bunch outside, they got half drowned, stunted, started a few more, but all in the big flower tent are autos. Some are known, some from mix strain bags. All for fun just to get something started before the shed was ready and I was ready for the BOG babies. Had to have a nice home before I popped those. But such a mixed bag of genetics and treatment the autos have got, its gonna get wild as they mature.

The biggest lady in the middle is a White LSD and was tied down to the side before I left since her top was way higher than everyone elses. Only training Ive done so far. The two little twerps on the far right were near death bed from getting flooded by rain water and I am honestlu surprised they didnt die. Would have pulled em if not for extra space atm so why not? Still first on the chopping block when I need room but morbidlly curious about how theyll turn out if I let em.

Edit: Ohh, and the 2x2x5 tent just shipped so will be able to finish off the shed complete with clone/seedling, veg and flower tent. Just in time for a few runs before we move.


Ok super slueths. Ive been gone for 9 days and now have my first close look. NAME THAT ISSUE!!! PH? Its lower leaves consistently it looks like, just a leaf or two a plant. Havnt taken any reading or done anything but look at em yet. My buddy watching em kept em alive and watered but not much else.

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Hard to say but it looks more fungal than a deficiency to me. High magnification will show fungal structures, if they are there.

A good guy to have a look is @George1961.



Spilt water on the bottom leaves?


Thats what first came to mind for me and it burned the leaves when lights were on


I raised the lights and dimmed em when I posted the pics in case it was too much light for em. I did the dumb and changed my light set up right before I left. Meh. It happens if that is the case. I got a loupe and will take a look shortly to rule out fungal.


Gotta work on the shed today. 2x2x5 was supposed to be in om friday, amazon guaranteed delivery my ass, but will be here tomorrow. Gonna put together the cutest baby bubble cloner that will go in it and be the home for that and for the seeds above. Im going to top and take clones of the SBT in the next few days. Theyve had almost 2 weeks since transplant to the 2 gallons.

Should time out to move the beans dropping today to veg tent when SBT go into flower tent. Or whatever. Ill make it work.


Yeap, I would go for pH fluctuations … beer3|nullxnull


My first two ideas were light burn or ph. Glad to see my instincts are good. Ill get update on ph reading shortly.


Who has time to print LST 90 degree clips? Old skool is the best skool.


Day 24 - Veg - BOG Sour BluTooth
Minor issues, beautiful plants.

Number PH Water In PPM In PH H20 Out #1 PPM Out #1 PH H20 Out #2 PPM Out #2 PH H20 Out #3 PPM Out #3 Problems
1 6.29 242 5.69 450 5.61 480 5.54 528 brown spots and brittle on multiple lower leaves. low ph
2 6.01 191 5.9 359 5.84 437 5.72 449 Brown spot and brittle near end of one lower leaf.
3 6.09 191 5.81 490 5.63 594 5.73 594 Nute burn on tips of top 3 sets of leaves - also ripped a leaf picking up handle
4 6.4 219 6 564 5.97 528 5.96 558 brown spots and brittle on multiple lower leaves. low ph
5 6.48 221 6.25 425 5.95 622 5.76 542 brown spots and brittle on multiple lower leaves. low ph
6 6.35 214 6.15 395 6.1 383 5.8 428 minor brown spots and brittle on multiple lower leaves. low ph

I tested 3 first, then 2, 1, 4, 5, then 6. Here they are listed in numerical order with all pics being of the same plant until another pic with the next number appears.

Started to up the PH on the water of the ones with the worse damage and seems that was a good call as those came out with much lower PH out even with higher PH in. Each got about a liter of water with 4.5 ml of Calmag/gal. Next watering will be a full feeding with Fox Farm Grow Big if things start to improve as I hope.

I tried to take pics in different lighting/flash on/off.

Here are the pics.

Back home.

Here are the best pics with the loupe of the damaged leaves.

When it comes to BOG babies I have no pride. I think the PH was too low on all of them but worse on some. It should already be higher but I can water next with PH in mind.

*Cat for scale.


Get your ph up to 6.5 run off should be sailing then .


Well hell lol I’m always late for a good show cuz…But if you don’t mind, I’ll just park my butt over here on the side to watch! :+1: All caught up now
I was going to say it looked like PH issue, but others bet me to it.
Those plants are all looking very nice indeed, a damn good start!
I also have about 5 Bog Sour Blue Tooth Photos running in the outdoors area, I’m happy with them, so far so good! lol They’re about 4’ atm…
Grow On!


Good to have you along @JohnnyPotseed, the more the merrier.

Got the shelves for inside the new tent put together and proof of concept with the led bars with twist ties as a temp. Will be zip ties for permanent placement. 10w per bar for 40w a shelf. Also have 75w total 3 head goose neck led I can put in there and add light as needed. Have waterproof vinyl cut to size shelf liner to put down to keep dripping between shelves coming today as well. They have some precut stuff for these kind of commercial shelves but not in 18 x 18 for whatever reason. Cut to size stuff id 17.25" wide so should be perfect.

And the not yet built baby bubble cloner which fits on the bottom shelf. The 14" air stones there are JUST too big, could do em as an x and stack em, but nah. 4 x 12" are coming today. Gonna give the SBT another feeding to adjust PH back to perfect, hopefully, then its clone time.


Oh, it fits.


Had to bring the tent poles in in sections since clearance to get in is less than 24".

Waiting on second set of 8 x 10 watt bars. Supposed to be here today but amazon sucks donkey balls. Top shelf is hard to get to because of the over hang of the tent top. Still doable. But might just do 3 shelves for clone/seedling and use top for exhaust fan/tools/knicknacks/garden gnomes/potent potables.

Never heard of hydro crunch and the 300d oxford whatever thickness is 1/2 the vivosun and 1/7 the ac infinity tent thickness at reported 2000d (dont even know if it works like that) but it feels alright. Only tent I could find that was 24x24x60 to maximize the space.


I wouldn’t sweat those lower leaves. It just looks to me like the plant is translocating nutrients from the old non productive leaves to the new growth where it is needed. The rest of the plant looks fine.