BOG Sour Strawberry Preservation!

Hey Everyone :wave: & Welcome to the CLUB !

We encourage Participation, Coments & Questions throughout this journey from everyone who’s taking time to read it, Muchly appreciated !

We are doing a Preservation Run of the Famous Sour Strawberry :strawberry: an Orginal strain breed by BOG himself.

Tragically & Unexpectedly BOG passed away in December of 2020 - R.I.P. BushyOldGrower (BOG) and many prayers :pray: for your family & friends whom are still with us today !

For anyone who doesn’t know who “BushyOldGrower (BOG)” actually is, I’d highly encourage you to use your Google skills and brush up on some info.

Anyone who wishes to obtain some BOG merchandise for yourself or as gifts for friends, Click this link… BOG Seeds – Shirts Here Now

All proceeds from the merchandise go to Mrs. Bog.

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Quoted from @SOLGarion & Thanks for the link.

" Bonanza Of Green PDF

If it were in print I would say buy it. But two copies on amazon, 1 $50, 1 $100 with all money going to book reseller. So download it for free, then spend that $50 on a BOG shirt. If it goes back in print buy one.

If anyone knows where to buy a copy with money going to Mrs. BOG let us know. "

If you wanna here BOG himself talk about here ya go:
Stream episode Episode 26 ft Bog of Bog Seeds by The Pot Cast podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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Strain Description;

Breeder: BOG – Sour Strawberry
Genetics: BOG Sour Bubble X (Strawberry Cough, Razz, East Coast Sour Desiel)
Type: Indica 60/40
THC: 23-27%
Flower Cycle: 50-60 Days
Flower Type: Photoperiod
Yield: Average

BOG quote “Sour Strawberry is one of the MOST strawberry flavored of any of the ‘strawberry’ varieties, and you don’t have to cough to taste it.”

The mother is a great Sour Bubble and the pollen comes from Strawberry Cough, Razz, and East Coast Sour Diesel. Frost on frost makes it a great extract and the flavors are tangy strawberries for days!

This strain is popular as an extract due to its high resin production and flavor profile of strawberries, diesel, and citrus, Sour Strawberry is a great choice for consumers looking for a potent full-body strain.

About the grow Equipment

Environmental Equipment:
ViparSpectra XS2000 Led Lighting
AC Infinity Inline fan & Controller - 4" size exhaust
24" Three speed Box fan additional air movement
Kasa Smart WiFi enabled 3 socket Power strip
Housed inside of a 3x3x6’ grow tent

Reliable Third party testing: ViparSpectra XS2000 PAR Test & Review;

Grow medium & breakdown on nutritional mixture;

Base Soil Mixture
85% HP Promix with Mycorrhizae
10% Earth Worm Castings
05% Valcanic Rock

Soil Nutrients Amendments: ( in service since February 2019 )
Organic Raw Coconut Chips
Organic Kelp Powder
Seven Sea Veggies
Crushed Eggs shells
Gaia Green 444
Gaia Green 284
Dynomyco C
Fish Shit Liquid
Humic/Fulvic Acid ( 1/4 Teaspoon per 4 liters/ 1 Gal Bi-weekly )
Worms 🪱 Red Wigglers ( Eisenia Fetida )

Weekly feedings of " Worm Smoothys " carefully blended Organic products, such as Avacodo, Bannanas, Strawberry :strawberry: Kiwis :kiwi_fruit: & Mangos :mango: as well as other types of nutritional rich inputs…

All living in harmony inside of a single Storage Tote size 112 liters/27 gals approximately…

IF we see significant interest from viewers lookin for info regarding our grow medium " No Till Organic Soil " &/Or the " Worm Smoothys " We can dive deep into the rabbit hole in a simple, direct and easy to understand process …

Updates will be weekly, on Tuesdays or Thursdays depending on our scheduling for that week, but go ahead and engage anytime we will read & respond to all comments, questions on the " T " Days !

See you all soon!


To get this show on the grow, we have tagged some friends, this is not an exhausted list because I’ve definitely forgotten a few friends here. Be sure to tag anyone you think will enjoy this journey as well please.

((THIS IS NOT A SIGN UP LIST )) just an invitation for everyone I could remember at this moment, I’m sure I’ve missed a few hundred friends however :woozy_face::pleading_face: Every single member of OG is welcome here regardless if your on this list or not.

@BogSeeds ( it’s Symbolic & out of Respect :pray: )
@cannabissequoia :evergreen_tree:


Awesome brother, defiantly taking a spot on the grass to watch this. You are going do do amazing. Thanks for tagging me.


Cool bro , good lucky with this amazing strain
This is like fire
I gonna watch this , i learn so much with you bro.


Good luck on your run @CADMAN !!

This is gonna be a nice journey to follow :pray::pray::fire:

Believe @BogSeeds would have been happy to see all the grows made in his honor


Pulling up a chair for this.


Awesome @CADMAN , got my seat over here in the peanut gallery waiting for the fun to begin.


To Cool @CADMAN !! I’ll be watching and cheering!!


I will be here watching.



He needs a mullet.


Sign me up for the show!


Grabbing a seat at the back, good luck and on with the show.

Cheers Johnny


A truly special run.
Best of luck with this preservation.:green_heart:


thank you so much for including me but you can pass my seeds on to someone else - I’ve got an F1 pack of Sour Strawberry

I can pass on this link though as it has some great info about these beanz in case you haven’t seen it


Very cool! Im following for sure. BOG always brings back memories of the original OG :grin:


Oh hell yeah! lol You must know I’ll be sitting over here out of the way, and watching with pleasure! Good growing vibes being generated cuz!!


Sounds like a good strain good luck bro!


Hi @CADMAN Great group of Friends
I will sit close to the fire or stove starting to by cold here
I never smoke the SourStrawberry of Bog
love the SourGrape I have some F1’s in my collection
and F1’s of the BogBubble
I will look in my box for Bog seeds and grow a strain with you my Friend
but my box it Not here you can by sure :wink:

bogseedslogo R.I.P…Bog :pray:


BOG would have loved this!
I have 3 spots open in my grow, I am going to pop some sour strawberry and “grow along”.

Love the gesture and props to @CADMAN for a wonderful way to honor a good man.