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  • MAY 1, 12022 LINEUP

    • Goji OG F2 (Bodhi/catapult) - Jump to: seedling, veg, flower, dry + curing
    • Lilac Diesel (Ethos) - Jump to: seedling, veg, flower, dry + curing
    • Baklava (The Plug) - Jump to: seedling, veg, flower, dry + curing
    • Future 1 (Anesia) - Jump to: seedling, veg, flower, dry + curing
    • Blue Sherbet (The Plug) - Jump to: seedling, veg, flower, dry + curing
    • M. Zkttlz (The Plug) - Jump to: seedling, veg, flower, dry + curing
    • GTH (RareDankness) - Jump to: seedling, veg, flower, dry + curing
    • Xanadu (Katsu) - Jump to: seedling, veg, flower, dry + curing
  • FEB 14, 12022 LINEUP

  • DEC 22, 12021 LINEUP


Grow in a sphagnum peat + coarse vermiculite medium, lightly amended with gypsum and dolomitic lime (peat can be substituted with pre-buffed Coco Coir), and feed a general purpose fertilizer like Peter’s 20-10-20 Peat Special at 1.3 EC throughout the entire grow (in flowering phosphorous may be increased up to 50mg/L.).

Note: the medium was updated for an online course to: 75% peat, 13% vermiculite, 12% rice hulls, 0.7kg/m3 wetting agent, 1kg/m3 wollastonite, and 1.3kg/m3 hydrated lime.


12/12 Space (2 x 4):

12/12 Space (2.5 x 2.5):

20/4 Space (2.5 x 2.5):


3 Chilled/Growmau5 Puck V2 (300W LM301b) - (12/12 Space)

2 Chilled Puck V4 (200W LM301b) - (12/12 Space)

1 Atreum (100W LM301b) and

1 Viparspectra (100W LM301b) - (20/4 Space)


AC Infinity Raxial S6 (no carbon filter) for photos
iPower 175 cfm (no carbon filter) for autos


40% PEAT
20% PERLITE (my vermiculite is not as coarse as needed, so I add 10-20% perlite for aeration)

  • Added
    Dolomitic Lime at 40g per 28.3L of medium and
    Gypsum at 10g per 28.3L of medium

Nutrient & PH:

For veg: (these are all mg/L). N- 120, P- 30, K- 129, Ca- 50, Mg- 17, S- 21, Si- 8, Fe- 1, B- 0.40, Mn- 0.32, Zn- 0.32, Cu- 1, Cl- 1, Mo- 0.06. For flower increase P up to 50mg/L.

20-10-20 Peter’s Lite Special (6g per 10L tap - through out the grow)
1.2 - 1.3 EC

Tap Water - 120ppm

  • Added
    -3ml of Calimagic
    -very light dose Armor SI 1 ml per 10 L - start 2 weeks after sow.
    -50ml of fresh coconut water per Liter after transplanting.
    -Phosphoric Acid as PH down.

  • PH low 6 (i measure with strips)


Target Values:

  • In Veg: .05 to 1

  • In Flower: .08 to 1.4


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I’ll tag along and take notes!
:+1: :sunglasses:
I’m thinking of a perpetual grow myself…



@anhthormap great thank you for tagging along ! @gpaw i’ll try to have better pics and diagrams for this one, although you are clearly more experienced :slight_smile:


Excited to see your grow progress!


Cool man, gonna hang around and watch the fun. Good luck. Is there a reason your post is a wiki :thinking:


Hi Doug! great thank you, your input will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I made it a wiki so I could edit any changes to the space or equipment or, (i hope not) if any of them die. its the only way figured i would be able to do long term edits, as it is a (hopefully) perpetual journal/grow.

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I’m down. Pulling up a chair. I’ll be in the corner


off they go :partying_face: killer glue, apex r1 and bruces (on the bottom left).

they will be temporarily sharing this 20/4 space with:

  • GG4 S1 clone (on the back), and

  • I would like to say I started a solo cup challenge with myself, but the truth is I got lazy and never transplanted these autos (red solos on the right) - they are a bit root bound i suppose and its been a challenge to remember to water them so frequently, they have had a thirsty ride :pensive:.

these are the lights (the other space has the same lights, but three)

For the 12/12 space

GG4 S1 are still in flower I had to turn down the light a bit (which will affect yield but hopefully not that much… they grew too close, burning and foxtailing) I had to cut a bit of it a few days ago, and tried it dried, and it was really good.


I was until I got mold this summer when I tried. That couple weeks before running air and running air with 2 weeks off rain-100%RH was a bummer.


Sorry to hear that. I’m lucky in the sense that I live in a stable climate, I don’t think I’d be prepared for extreme changes.


Interesting medium. What’s your pH after adding the lime to the peat?


Looking good, I will be following along with interest :+1:


Vermiculite and dolomitic lime raise it to 5.5 - I had to add some perlite because my vermiculite is not as coarse as bugbee’s (so that affects CEC and ph a bit - but for the good of drainage). If I had really coarse vermiculite I would not add perlite.

And I fertigate at 6.


Dry trimming GG4


looks like sugar candy :yum:


Late to the party but, I brought my own chair.

:green_heart: :seedling:

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Looking nice my man pulling up a chair for perpetual inspiration :pray:

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Quick update from cellphone. Transplanted 4 plants - gave them coconut water.

and the solo cups are about 10 days away. Not proud of how the solo cups have been, yet… they’re actually better than how I imagined they would be at this point.


If you ask me what I’m going to do with that big ass plant, I don’t know.