CMH + Strips Coco Cavern

Other sides are dimpled, those corners are nt and are glass like, they reflect like a mirror huh!!!


Yup! Thought I was looking through a gateway to where the Grow Gods live!


For sure. Both. The latest MC has a touch more ca than v2 from what I heard. But with coco and cmh, always have to crank up the ca / mg…or else.
Small grow, so I use bagged canna coco. Still rinse it and buffer it. Kinda a like they do on Coco for cannabis site.

Need to find my MC sheet.


Day 7 from flip. (pics taken today)

Time to arrange them into final locations for auto-feed and scrog net install.


Going a bit conservative on the lower lollipop this run. Took out the flower growth, left the fan leaves.

Current environmentals…
Total grow room. 4x8x8.
Grow area. 4x4
2x315w CMH Philips 3k
50pint dehuey
Lights on. 80f/55%
Lights off. 74f/40%
Co2 800
6k wall shaker AC.

AC Infinity intake fan in auto mode to maintain set temp.

Here in NorCal in the cold winter I dont have the cost or noise of using the AC. But I am wasting some Co2 when using intake/exhaust venting.

I grow for fun, and to supply myself with meds.


My goto gadget for viewing temps and humidity.

Ecowitt GW1000

Goto gadget for Air Conditioner remote management.



Cool, thanks. There’s some great info on that coco for cannabis site too :+1:


Raised lights. Full stretch mode.


Jacks cocktails.
lil lower N.

Some ppm numbers I reference…
I bought some Haifa Cal-nit for it’s higher CA to N ratio. Should let me reduce calimagic needed.
Need to be brave and start using it…but I’m resisting. lol


Extending my grow area.
Something had to give. :laughing:

Kinda dark…


Lookin good brother! Nice to see some other cmh people.

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Thinned from 12 to 9 in 3x3 tray.
Took some lower monster fans too.

New canopy…waiting for me to slap on net.


Nice show, man! Your garden looks absolutely fantastic! I imagine most people would be rather hesitant to take out 1/4 of their garden. But the fact that you pulled the trigger to slash 3 for the overall good of 9, rather than make all 12 struggle, shows experience. Stay green!

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That’s some well managed growth you’re rocking there! I’m whining about not being able to fit 2 plants in my 3 x 3 foot floorspace…I mucked it up this run, though my LST skills are lacking, to say the least, even at my best showing. I didn’t start thinking about canopy management till I had 6 Christmas trees at 18-24 inches in height! By that point, my funked up methods were futile. I had to keep adding additional spaces to put the unruly plants! Even when one of the supposed females turned manly and so had to go, I still was getting pretty slick with tucking branches and leaves this way and that to get the plants sorta MC Escher’ed together!

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Thanks @Tappy. Needed breathing room - Those 3 are set off to the side for now, alive and well.

@randrobertson522 i’ve had my share of height and canopy challenges.
My last run… (7 clones never topped)

This run was ezpz for tray and irrigation management. lol


Flying without a net…

Last harvest. Darlins Net Dansbuds


Supplemental cobbette for the side liners. vero29s on a 1750.

Need to find my roll of white wallpaper.


(Playing with panorama mode pics below. Vegetation shot looks odd)

Day 12 and stretching like mofos.
I have 8ft - and I may use it all if these things dont chill. :laughing:

Yellow ruler is taped to wall @ 18" above floor level.


Nice pics bro. Plants look really good!


Very nice, dude!!

I think I’m in the front row!! :smile:

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