Cookie Glue seeds nonfemanized

Hello i have about 30 to 50 cookie glue seeds that i acquired from an indoor grow of a friend of mine. The buds these produced were beautiful and i would expect nothing less from this batch of beans. Please let me know if interested. Id be willing to talk quantitys and prices and im easy to work with. If interested let me know.


Dude that looks to be a lot more than 50 beans


More like 100 -150, by my estimation.

What are you charging for a batch of 20?


@Dank-D I havent counted but ya i have a handful for sure :rofl:.
@misterbee shoot me a price and im sure i can work with it, please dont low ball me for something like .50 cents to a dollar.

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Nah, Bro, YOU’RE the one with the product!!! I’m only a POTENTIAL Buyer. The ball is in YOUR court.


@misterbee Id let them go for 5 a piece. A bluk of 20 id do ya for 125

I agree. This isn’t ebay or seedbay.

TBH, one of the things I love about overgrow is seeing so many fellow members working their butts off to produce quality beans and GIVING THEM AWAY. Or someone like @Tejas, who re-discovered a bunch of super high quality Subcool genetics and GIVING THEM AWAY.

For the most part, this is a community where we look out for and take care of each other, not look for the highest bidders or buyers who can offer up enough to satisfy our expected price…

@Brownboy7089, you likely got a good deal on those beans. The money you can make from other OG members will come and go, but if you handle them right, the relationships you can create can take you much further.

Oh, and for the record, GSC and Gorilla Glue are 2 strains that are highly likely to hermie. Can you assure everyone that these beans were not produced by hermies? :thinking:


Thanks for the prompt/courteous response. Good luck, but I think I will pass on the Offer. Continued success. Be safe.


Im not looking for the highest bidder or buyers @Purple-N-Hairy. I clearly said shoot me a price and im sure i could work with it. This being said im still new to this OG site so still picking up the jist. Seeds are legit just never sold, moved seeds so idk what they go for. One more thing the handful of people who ive talked to say theyve one seen hermied plants due to stress and a male being in the room with females, if you know something i dont please, explain. As for the price i got the whole lot for 100.

Tell ya what ill send you 20 for free just because ive clearly rubbed someone the wrong way lol.


In NO way did you “rub someone the wrong way”!!! I don’t have a habit of diving/flying into the unknown. After you’ve been here awhile, you’ll see I’m not shy about throwing a few $$$$'s around. I really don’t want ANYTHING for free, my man.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: I think he meant me :wink:

Perhaps I came off a bit strong, but I do not regret my post.

@Brownboy7089, you joined overgrow yesterday and are trying to sell your seeds today. If you stick around, invest time to read and understand what we’re all about, you’ll better understand my response.


Ya my response was more for @Purple-N-Hairy. Not you brother. @misterbee let me know what you think is fair my friend if youre still interested and i got you either way. It was good chatting with you.


Well @Purple-N-Hairy i messaged lemon joe and he said its fine to do so im gonna disregard your response, no disrespect or hard feelings. Happy growing friends

Also me sending you seeds free would be a way of building trust would it not?


@Brownboy7089, there is nothing against the rules to stop you from trying to sell your seeds, even if you just joined the site yesterday. I’m referring to the “spirit” of our community. Sorry you don’t understand that.

Yes, please - disregard my post. You do you. No hard feelings.


@Purple-N-Hairy Dont be sorry i do understand. One needs to build a reputation and trust with others in the OG community. And give back since im a newbie. Help me help you kind of thing right paps


You’re gonna fit in fine. You showed up well by not overreacting to @Purple-N-Hairy and @misterbee who are both good folk wanting to help.

Very little seed selling goes on here except for a few luminaries (@BogSeeds, @SamwellBB etc.) If there is a discussion of high value seeds it’s usually a server fund auction or a plot to get them into as many hands as possible. OG is a network economy, the more connections and seeds made the better for everyone.

Also note, pretty much everyone makes missteps in their first few weeks. There is a generous/tough love culture here that takes a bit of getting used to. It pays (in seeds and knowledge) to build smooth connections.


I’ll take you up on your offer! Do you grow as well…or just acquired the seeds? Are you USA, CAN or other?
Always fun to expand the seed stash!!


Did he mention anything about the male that was used?