Cookie Glue seeds nonfemanized

Brother I came here in January with just a GG4 mother and a bag seed from some mediocre Purple Thai. Hung out a bit, asked questions and offered a few opinions as trust and badges built. Now I’m carrying around 60 strains, many Pure fire that you can’t buy anymore for any money. I have 22 strains in dirt at any given moment and can’t even count, friends, compatriots and givers almost to a fault. Hang around a while, check out grows and preservations those seeds will find their plot of earth to get grown in…:sunglasses::v::beer:

Ohhh yeah smoking the last Oz of that Thai grown and cured properly now…like a magic carpet ride. Nothing like its hermie stressed and steroided mother cured down to dispensary 10%RU


Not yet…

@Brownboy7089 any word on what the male side brings to the tablè?

The female sounds good…

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@Tappy @50State What do you mean what about the male?

@tappy im at the end of my first grow. Ill harvest in the next 3 weeks or in the usa on the west coast.

The male was the best for the pollination process small dense buds and potent smells. Idk what else you want to know.

Are you saying the male had small dense buds?

Well GG4 and Cookies are both females cuttings, and if these are regular seeds or non-feminized like you say I’d just like to know about the male used in the production of these beans. Is this like a GSC forum cut x TGTB GG4 BX4 strain is what I’d like to know.

Or are these f2s if so do you know of the Original Breeder so I can look up lineage of the strain.


Please re-read my very first post to start the thread. I got these seeds from a friend idk what his process is or the steps he took to do this. Ive never cloned, crossed or whatever it is youre talking about. Remember im a newbie. Im only in my first grow. I plant seeds and go from there.

as we all do :slight_smile:

all the best



@Purple-N-Hairy @50State go ask google for this information youre asking for cause i have no clue in the process. But to anyone else im willing to send samples for free or trade, and yes i will be keeping a few for me to grow next year. 100

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I’m afraid @Brownboy7089 has absolutely no clue about what you’re referring to @50State.
He’s too new to the sport of growing cannabis and understanding its basic terminology, just yet, but I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it in no time.

@Brownboy7089 ask your friend who made the seeds about the male plant that he used.
What strain and filial generation was the male?
What generation is the cross, F1, F2, F3, ect?

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@Brownboy7089 its a lot to take in but I’m sure you will pick it up soon enough. Keep hanging out here and you will be just fine. This its just another weed forum here at overgrow. We are a community … some of the most knowledgeable, generous people around.


Sorry for the late response came down with a stomach bug but starting to feel better now. I will ask and see if i can find any of this information out. Also, to everyone in the room i apologize for any ripples in the pond.

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