CorelDRAW offer to good to pass along:

"be aware I was unaware the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a limited time** Everything else is Perpetual liscense, from what they say"**
still on hell of a deal.

If anyone is interested in editing your images is giving one Hell of a deal on a Corel Package:

Be a Creative Superhero with Painter 2020, CorelCAD and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite just got even better!

Check out these newly-added additions that stack on top of the original content. Take your Creative Superhero status up another level!

Customers who pay $30 or more will receive all of the previous tiers plus:

  • Brush Pack - Chaos
  • Brush Pack - Blend
  • Brush Pack - Lightning Strikes
  • Brush Pack - Dust & Debris
  • Brush Pack - Flame
  • Brush Pack - Hair
  • Brush Pack - Clouds
  • Brush Pack - Fluid
  • Brush Pack - Chunky Paint
  • Brush Pack - Sand & Soil

That brings the overall total MRSP value up to ~$2,300!
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:evergreen_tree: :sweat_smile:


I use GIMP some, but I prefer Painter, for some things. I’ve wanted to update my Corel Painter for a while and when I saw this, I thought I would let others know about it, encase…



oh hey that comes with Paint Shop Pro too! I used to use that all the time back in the day, really most of these. Sucks the CorelDraw is only for 6 months subscription, would likely not even bother redeeming that one(don’t want to risk forgetting and then being charged for it) but yeah everything else is ~forever.

Just between the CorelCAD, Painter, and PSP alone it is totally worth the $30. Plus AfterShot, ParticleShop, and all the extra brushes and stuff too? Yeah, may have to jump on that. Thanks for the heads up!


Holy shit lol! I haven’t used Coreldraw in at least 10-15 years lmfao! Didn’t know it was still around. :v:


The CorelCAD is a good AutoCAD substitute almost any time, in the past that is. I used both in the past. at one time, they were pretty close to one another, 2D Layout and Printing wise, any who. that will save you $700.00 - $1,000.00 for CAD software at least. It isn’t cheap to get a startup CAD software license.