Covid-19 check in

Just got a county wide phone call.
“Wear masks when grocery shopping and keep travel to a minimum.”

Pretty sure anyone on the road will be subject to police pull overs, no talk about road blocks, … yet.


Paramedics are currently at the end of my culdesac, suited up in full-body plastic suits, face shields, etc. They just entered my neighbor’s house, and from what we can see through the windows, they appear to be getting ready to transport someone out of the house.

This is the second time this has happened recently. Two different houses, btw.

[Edited to add] Yup. They removed someone on a gurney with what looks like an assisted breathing device hooked up. I don’t know these people well, but I’m very concerned for the family :frowning_face:


As of this morning here in Florida.


I have a feeling this is going to be our new reality. covid is here, and I have a feeling its here to stay.


At least, for the time being.

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Our power hungry governor is at it again! $1000.00 fine for violating the updated “Stay at Home” order.
Don’t forget to buy a lotto ticket! :mask:


I deliberately chose to drive down to the metro area today.
Nobody is listening to this ridiculous order.

Whitless springs these orders out of nowhere giving no one time to prepare, if she makes it to a second term, God help Michigan.


Colored another one, my favorite yet.


Martial law slowly kicking in here in New Zealand…


Dyed some Easter eggs…


Those are kick ass! They look like marble.

I’m a Spirograph guy myself. :wink:


Woke up at 5am ate 1/2 one of my destructo muffins & smoked some Red Cherry Berry x Sour Life Saver. Woke up again. At 12. And my fridge was nearly empty & smells like a diaper bin. :confounded:


:evergreen_tree: hippy easter :birthday:


How have those red cherry berry crosses turned out for you so far?


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:.

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I’ve only sampled that one & the Durban Poison cross(out of about 8 pollen-chucks)… & both were :cherries: 'cherry-fied but I can’t remember at the moment if those both got the RCB male or of I pollinated a female with SLS. Would have to look at my notes… :blush:

This year I’ll be trying Double Ought Cherry CBD via @Sebring & the Remedy CBD x RCB which has got I think 2/3 :+1: from the OGers(?).

If thinks work out right I’ll try to stabilize “my” RCB to be like Deep Chunk. :joy: Might cross to Ghash or Granny Skunk. :pray:

:evergreen_tree: can’t help ourselves


I have grown out 2 rounds of the Red Cherry Berry x Remedy. I like it, gets me high and the CBD kicks in and most of my CRPS pains seem to subside for a while. I love this cross. Thanks @cannabissequoia


I agree, on the ghash part for sure.and that its hard to help wanting to grow out some fire ass genetics when you got em. I was going to cross the two i got from you if i find anything in there. That was the rcb x oss and the ecsd x crystal paradise. I will if course try and work both lines separately but, i could see a marriage of the two as well… Im into the fruity fuel thing…!

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We made some juggling balls today out of balloons and a bag of old whole wheat flour I found in the back of the cabinet. Little known fact, I used to be a professional clown while working my way through college.


Look like Great stress balls too, That is as long as the rubber is strong LOL
Peace Reiko