Dark Sparks with Mr.Sparkle : Growing 2019


Im Mr.Sparkle, welcome to the new thread and sit back and enjoy the journey, struggles, and triumphs that awaits for my further expansion into growing and learning.


Front row!!! Yess!!!



I like your pictures.


hey mr sparkle loved following last years grow cant wait to see whats on for the new year im on a auto run with some mephesto will be making some seeds if your keen i will keep you updated


Awesome photography :camera_flash: @Mr.Sparkle thanks for sharing


Well that out of the way, for those who are new check out my past threads if you would like but for all here we go.

Straight to business, been working and still working on a new setup thats gonna be an ever evolving thing anyways.

The new setup, i decided to make a bigger closet setup for myself compared to the smaller setups ive had in the past.

Here’s the closet…

Built it out to accommodate two chambers, both are just under 0.3sq Meters, or 3.25sqft in size.

Lighting on the left side currently is just 3 Solstrips "3500* 5000 * 3500* running at 100w,

the right side is getting a different setup “mini light mover” just because why not, but will be running the same wattage’s and strips.

still in progress, but just working out preliminary stuff and before tweaks and changes which im already into as far as the build goes


All the best things ever come from this sentiment :slight_smile:

I love how clean everything you do is, it is inspiring. I need to be cleaner in my endeavours.


Currently have a couple of plants going that i thinned down the other day, most of all of these will be sacrificed in the end, but the plants on the left will be use to create some fem auto seeds for some DD f3’s which im just gonna call “Dark Sparks” from here on out.

The right plants are the remnants of some of @ReikoX LRxUV crosses that i’m just playing with and seeing what they express, fun fun in the artificial sun.

Were now at day 30 and 17 respectfully with those plants, the Dark Sparks had a rough start and got underfeed when i was away for Christmas holidays, just how they had to be run on the watering system at the time to prevent flooding the other plants i had “give and take”.


Also back on Friday night i threw some more Dark Spark seeds, into some water, they are currently in paper towel in a ziplock bag, throwing tails, so expect some seedling shots in the next couple days to mid week.


And yesterday went to my favorite two grow stores.

Ikea and Home Depot :laughing: “so true”

Need to make up a couple of the new format reservoirs and auto watering systems.
Trying to go as simple as possible for others to replicate easily if they head down a similar route.


Killing it Sparks! Thanks for (unknowingly) bringing me over from IC


He has a Chronic habit of doing these things. :sparkles: :couch:

:evergreen_tree: :joy:


Hey @Mr.Sparkle, I don’t think it’s quite the front seat any more but pulling one up anyway. Looking forward to learning more from your style of growing.

Cheers Johnny


Actually, after thinking about it, Sparks may be the reason I joined IC too. I think I came across his thread when researching RPi/arduino control


and now i rarely use arduino control or very basic versions as really thats all that is needed :smile:

@Johnnybsmokin and its ever changing definitely gonna be trying some different things this year.


Yeah I have been over there a couple years now so makes sense


Lots of exciting stuff to watch here. :seat: :popcorn: :movie_camera:


The closet came out great and that pink locker is a perfect fit! I know you’re not using the Arduino so much any more but I have to thank you for getting me into it. I’m having lots of fun with it!
I can’t wait to see how the light mover works out for you.

I have seen a few times that you take a screw in led and mount the chip to a heatsink? I’m just curious what the advantage is over just screwing into a keyless socket?Obviously they look cooler and take less headroom, do they run cooler or more efficient? I’ve got a cab with decent hight and wondering if it would be worth the trouble for me.


Only really reason i have dismantled screw in bulbs is just for height and space considerations, keyless sockets are the way to go simplicity wise. But in some applications, dismantling them gives me more flexibility for say height, placement, heat management, and power consumption changes, do i recommend it definitely not but its just something i have done to play with certain variables.


Looking good sir!!! Hell yeah this is going to be an inspiring, interesting thread in which I am probably going to steal some ideas. Lol. Your setup is phenomenal!