Dtw coco discusssion

Hey guys,
I did a search and saw there has not been any dtw coco discussions in a few months, but I need some help.
I am at week 4 on my ones in flower and noticed a couple days ago I have hairs turning red and look like they are dying. Checked the climate its good, haven’t found any bananas so I doubt they were pollinated, check my runoff and its high. I feed at 1.5 ec in flower 3 times a day, usually my run off is between 1.2-1.4, its currently 2.0. My ph in is 5.8 and out is 5.9.
Last week I called my grow shop and ordered some potassium silicate(I usually get the thick syrup stuff), but they were out of that so I went with grotek pro-silicate. I always mix silicate first followed by drip clean and cal mag, then add micro, and then the rest of the mix. I notice when putting it into the water is gets “flaky”, looks as though things are floating around, and I gets worse as I add things. Do I mix my silicate, then ph down before adding anything else? this is ro water as well.
I gave a flush at 1.0 ec in a panic haha


I always add my Si first. When I used cal/mag, I would add that next, then my base nutes then pH. I was told when adding silica, add it, give it a stir, and then let it dissolve for about an hour before adding anything else. I don’t know if this actually helps but, I do it and don’t experience any precipitation of my nutes.

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okay, I will mix it in in the future and let it sit for a while thanks!

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I do exactly as you on the same order without waiting for the Si. I recently started using the syrup and I do mix that in some water before adding it to the barrel. I also don’t use ro water and ph at the end.
I can’t see anything that would cause that and have not experienced anything that.


I prefer the syrup to be honest, started getting issues when I switched my Si. Can still save this as one of my best runs. I’m running light for a few days at 1.0 ec. When do you cut the Si out?

I have heard of people mixing dry parts in hot/boiling water to aid in the dissolving. Dont take this literally though because i know if some things are too hot they change chemical composition.

I can’t. I run continuous with a drip system and every 1 or 2 weeks 1 or 2 come in and go out so I have to try to mix something eveyone wants and does the least damage.
This might give u an idea.

I the next week 2 and possibly 3 will be rotated.
Love the fire you got going tho!


interesting, you just run a bucket with straight water and a small pump to flush?