Early flower trimming how much should I take off

I’m about 7 days into flower I’ve done some trimming here and there and top to the plant once about a month into the grow I want to do my last trim now before I get too far into flower but would like some advice on how much to take off

I got these babies going to got the seeds from Great Lakes genetics they are about 8 to 10 days from breaking the surface


They are in a smaller space right now because I have three plants in flower in my tent I’m in the process of drawing up plans for a proper space for vegging just haven’t gotten around to buying the materials yet will post picks and fill you guys in on what I have come up with

Overgrow is the best you guys are awesome have only been on the site a month but am learning tons I just can’t get enough :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling:


I don’t like to do a lot ot trimming myself, but in general I do remove any small suckers up to about three weeks of flowering. After that I pretty much leave them alone.


You can thin that generously. The first few weeks are optimal to thin out suckers, as the plant begins to stretch and take form, you can observe what lower branches are going to be thin and non-productive, and rob the tops of resources, while reducing airflow.

The whole trimming defoliation thing is a debate, some guys never do it, some guys strip bare, and some guys in between. I feel that the best thing to do is to strip exactly enough for the situation. In humid climates airflow to the interior of the plant is 100% crucial, otherwise you will eventually get mold. Further, any budsite not receiving direct light will typically yield subpar product. It’s difficult to make 100% hard and fast rules when it comes to Cannabis, but if I had to, it would be:

Make sure leaves aren’t touching one another, if you move leaves and there is condensation between them, you need to thin it out, and make sure every top is getting full direct light. You will get better results from removing a leaf shading a budsite, than you will leaving the leaf where it is.

This is applicable since you, like me, grow bushes. Untopped plants allowed to form single colas don’t have these problems as much, they have other issues.


Thanks a lot guys ReikoX have been following along with your thread and have been learning a lot thanks for your input I think I am going definitely do some trimming today sometime following your guys direction the tent I have my plants flowering in is only a 2×2×4 so space is definitely limited I have a four inch carbon filter and fan I had the carbon filter just sitting on the ground until last night I picked up some straps and now have it suspended from the roof of the tent with ducting running from filter to the exhaust fan which I have just outside the tent has been working excellent for smell and recycling air the light I am using is a 600w maxisun led the RH in the tent has been staying between 40% and 55% I have been working on keeping a more steady RH that doesn’t fluctuate so much but is still fluctuating about 15% the daytime temp is between 75° and 77° night time temp drops to between 68° and 72° have been using the fox farm trio my soul is just a mix of organic potting soil that I mixed worm castings bone meal, kelp meal vermiculite, coco coir and perlite into it was my first time mixing my own soil but the plans seem to like it or at least I think they do I appreciate your guy’s knowledge if you guys have any ideas for how I can improve my set up let me know I’m definitely open to suggestions !!! OVERGROW RULES!!!


Lots of different options on pruning but for me I remove the older fans about 2 weeks into flower and nothing after 3 weeks. Later in flower you will want to open up shaded buds and increase air flow. Just dont chop off leaves just for the sake of removing them.


Sounds good dank D good lookin out I’m getting ready to trim later on today when the light turns back on and I was wondering about the fan leaves because I thought I read somewhere that your not supposed to remove the fan leaves because they have an important function i just can’t remember what it said


The fan leaves are kind of like solor panels for your plant. The older fan leaves will also be the first to die and are wasted energy by the 3rd week of flower. They likely be well shaded so instead of powering your plant they will are doing the opposite.

I’m prob not the smartest grower but I have always payed very special attention to detail. IMO I prefer to slowly remove the lower fans and anything small that’s just going to yield some small puffy stuff I wont even want to trim.


I heavily defoliate the bottom (like not wearing pants) mid flower. I like to have fast moving wind under the canopy and I don’t think the light penetrates any further than this depth anyway.

All the best


As far as bud goes… remove any buds in flower that you don’t want to deal with trimming. :blush: :scissors: My personal threshold has been pea-size 3/8" but after a big outdoor last year I am inclined to waste more. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



So here’s my attempt at lollipopping hopefully I didn’t take to much!!! Let me know what you guys think I’m planning on this being the last time I trim since tomorrow is day 11 of flower I definitely think that I took enough of to where I’ll get better air flow in between branches and to where the plant will be able to focus more of its energy on the canopy so hopefully it was a good call there the new growth seems to be a lot lighter of a green and the new growth leaves look to be a lot narrower and twisting a little bit I’m not sure what is causing it since I am somewhat of a newbie let me know what you think



Sorry I didn’t realize how shitty the pictures I took are will try to take better ones next time the three other plants u see in the picture is one 10 day old bad girl fem and one ten day old atonic x and a clone I took off of the big plant like three or so weeks ago but it took a while to root but is fully rooted in the soil now which is one of two clipping that survived out of the four that I took I’m running all three of them the bad girl the atonic x and the clone on 12/12 with the big plant I’ve never done 12/12 from seed and from everything I’ve read and heard it can be a fun grow I’m excited to see what the results end up being in the end so far so good​:sunglasses::seedling::white_check_mark:


No worries, looks good



didn’t know until I trimmed but I got some 9 blade fan leaves in there too pretty cool


So I got a question for some of you more experienced Growers I just picked up a new lighting ballast and Hood with a 250 watt HPS bulb I have four plants in flower right now they are about 2 weeks in and I have been reading about using multiple spectrums of lighting to grow all four of the plants that I have flowering have been grown under a 600w maxsisun LED I’m wondering if it would be a good idea 2 switch the flowering plants over to either a HPS light or a metal halide light I read somewhere that switching to metal halide during flower can help with Bud density and growth is there any truth to this what do you think any input is appreciated


Seeing a lot of growth everyday in my seedlings and my flowering plants are in full stretch getting kind of close to my light but I can’t move it up anymore will post pictures later does anybody have any advice can I tie them down or something


I would definitely swap the led when you go to flower to the HPS the led you have though listed at 600w only pulls 134w of actual power there is also the possibility of being able to run both during flower though I’m not sure if that would be to much maybe someone else can chime in on that aspect


Yes you can train them it’s easier to start during veg but it’s still possible search for LST or low stress training I’m sure there is some info on here about it if not I like Mr Canucks videos on YouTube


Drill some holes in the sides of the pot and tie then down to train them. Basically you’re trying to open lower stuff up to the light. The hps would be good for flowering, it’s more in the red spectrums which is preferable for bud. You could flower under the LED also and should get good results too.


thanks for your guys’s advice yeah I’m definitely thinking I’m going to switch to the HPS light my only worry is that the HPS definitely puts off more heat than the LED right now during the day the 10th I have plans flowering in search between 76 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit I just don’t want it to go too high I have plenty of airflow and ventilation I just I’m worried about the heat Factor and as far as drilling holes in the pot and Tang it down I think I’m going to have to do that because right now I’m sitting at about 14 in from the light and I’m pretty sure that’s too close I’m not seeing any signs a light burn but I’m sure if I let it continue at that hide it will happen

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