ELG's Organic Strawberry Banana Seed Run.

Whats up OG people welcome to my grow, it is not as impressive as some of the other one’s here but I hope you will enjoy. The first time I heard about and tried this strain I directly fell in love. Delicious smoke and a really satisfying high, it actually tastes like strawberries and bananas. I ordered 2 Fem seeds from Canuk with the goal of spraying them with CS and make myself a lifetime supply of fem seeds(I also want to give/trade so here). I received one nice mature seed and the other one was really pale… Obviously the pale seed didn’t germinate, but the healthy one did and this is it’s story.

She started her life under 4 Phillips 15w 5000k led bulb inside a closet in some Promix organic vegetables and herbs soil with a bit of perlite:

On day 5, I decided to remove the bulb caps to waste less energy and to not get blind.

Day 8

Day 14

On day 17, I noticed some discoloration but I’m not too worried since it’s not showing up on other leafs.

On day 19 (today), I got a 60w quantum board that will give me a better coverage and penetration I hope, for the same power draw. I also noticed that my plant didn’t look too happy, her cup was starting to get small…



Hey @ELG sorry to hear that the one didn’t make it, but the one that did is looking great! Nice pics too, I’ll be watching how this goes. Wish you the best of luck in your organic growing adventures!! :smiley:


Thank you @Oldtimerunderground I appreciate the kind words!

Hey @ELG Nice start here. I’ll stop in from time to time and see what’s going on. The plant looks great, keep it up.

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Exelent strain…
Sit down in my chair lookin this beaultiful plant.
Lets see what happens.

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You’re more than welcome. You said you think your grow is not as impressive as others on here but let me tell you, I’m impressed. Everyone has their own way, grow style, plant limits, etc. Some are even growing where it is still illegal and could face serious punishment if caught. Having the confidence to post a log of your grow can be really hard for some, especially if plants aren’t looking the greatest or some don’t make it.

I commend you my friend for choosing to show us your grow. Thank you :pray:


Every grow is good if you make it to harvest,sounds like a good strain

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Great looking plants and great looking roots! :sunglasses: :+1:

I’ll be pulling up a chair.



@CADMAN @BERZERK @Irishrocker @Gpaw Thank you so much guys :slight_smile:


Nice looking so far. Look forward to following along

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Nice, sounds tasty!

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I have some strawberry banana seeds but haven’t grown any out yet so will be watching this one!

Good luck!