Enlightened's 3D Adventures 👹

I’ll be along for the ride, curious on the Sebring genetics , I’ve got 5 os the strains so far and waiting for next run to try some. Soon as I figure this site out will get a journal going. Im getting ready to chop 2 autos and flipping my photos , and got a few clones going.


Welcome to my humble thread everyone, it’s been a long day, it’s not finished yet…
Myco for strong roots, in a seedling mix, trying out the little dirt bags this run,
I like the idea of not transplanting…
I don’t wait for tails, as I believe busting the soil is like their 1st push up :laughing:

I’m not a fan of plastic, all plastic this grow, is recycled from last run and will continue to be used, until they have no further purpose…
Then a new purpose will be found,
you get the idea, not a fan,
just using what I have available to me.

80W budder bar,
grows awesome veg monsters;

Good vibes, keep it green :v:


Looking good i like the little dirt bags :slight_smile: at first I thought you saw me in come with

the dirt bag thing :wink:

your Budder bar is LED? I just picked up 8 - 42 watt four footers to try

thank you for taking the time to post your work always nice to see what others do and how they do it

all the best and enjoy the day



Yes, all my lights are LED, as heat is always a factor in my growzone.
Haven’t tried growing in Summer yet, haven’t been brave enough to battle Mother Nature :v:


Kick back and tune in,
some good tunes for your ear holes :v:

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