Ever-growing on cycle

Coming along well! By the way I’m pretty sure your :hot_pepper:s are :tomato:s haha

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Really haha must have been baked,. Thanks by the way!

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Lol it happens… I’m sure you would have figured it out eventually :thinking:

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definitely :+1:

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These girls are looking good they seem to be loving that light… Can not wait to see them grown out!!! :fire: I hope!4/23/2020


Update two or three are looking like they had bad genes, sorry for the messy floor, I need get a tray… they have gotten a lot bigger as the days have passed.



Also just ordered fox farms dirty dozen nutrients pack. Any one have any use with these? I have used their sample kits with great success in the past. Wanted to try this selection out…Just wondering others opinions.


Decided to move them into a few trays I had… im really wondering what these two tall mutants are going :thinking: to do…will they herm?, will they finish…? I’m not sure the others are doing fine and the two are growing tall and funky as all hell… Im not sure what to do with these two… Guess I’ll just keep watering and tending to them as normal… Any thoughts on these mutants are welcomed.!!!


Decided to re arrange according to light priorities…


I would keep the mutants as long as you still have room. Some plants just start off slower than others. If you run out of room, you may need to get rid of them.


I think I will. They might still produce…

Update 4/29/2020 they are looking good, hopefully my nutes get here on time!


Just got my nutes today, I’m excited to see if they better the plants like other foxfarm nutrients I have used before. I purchased the dirty dozen pack of nutes if anyone was wondering. :blush: The girls first feeding will be tonight since they are autos I use the veg growth, the root growth, the early bud… These are not their names, but thats what they are… I will add names later :wink:

Update 5/5/2020 they started budding. And are looking good. The nutrients I think stepped up growth a bit…


I’m really happy to go back to my plants today. I will update with pictures tonight. The wife says they are budding… when you go away for a week and come back it’s always great to see all the growth!

update 5/10/2020 they are looking awesome and growing wonderful. Thank ye old ganja gods!


Looking better now , a couple of the pics it looked like some of the leaves curling up which could be the light too close. They curl up to try to collect moisture to cool off. They look pretty healthy now so that’s all that matters. How old are they and what’s your lighting?

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They are 30 days old. Im using a 600 w mh. The leaves have gotten better but are not completely fixed. They just started budding at least a few of them…thanks for the input @Dank-D

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Really starting to bush out they are all budding now, the mutants in the far right are even budding. I was surprised they did not herm. They are doing really good im glad!! Stay kind!.


Young budds…

They are all doing great budding very nicely.