Fall 2021 Solo Cup Grow Off

I’m lost :laughing: if you have 2 cups inside of each other you still need holes in the inside cup for water to get in lol

I am thinking about this wrong lol

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if your outside cup is deeper.


To be honest you’re actually thinking about it the true way. In my opinion it should only be grown and one cup. I actually was going to ask you about that. When I was a kid I would grow in jars like that. I never really had anything. But the point I could see if they were dry or not. That’s why I used and freezer bags. Very easy for trans planning a little aggravating in the beginning.

Used 2nd cup to feed your plant. Some people use a little pump sprayer. It is what it is. Lol I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. If you see any rice cookers around let me know. My dishwasher went out to but that’s a long way to drive. Lol peace @Irishrocker

Wow I sure had a lot of fun doing this solo cup grow off, here are my results

And some weights

Scale tared out

Total overall weight 100.30 grams

Total weight removed before curing 17.78 grams

100.30 grams total
-17.78 grams of stems and shit stuff
Leaving a total of 82.52 grams put into jars to cure. Not quite enough to do it, just shy of your 85 @itza419

A couple of bud shots, both trimmed and untrimmed


lets see what happens this run . 5 week veg comming up!!! @Stevie1durr


Thick Azz Stems


I got some serious FOMO going on seeing all these updates considering my 6 plants ended a while back! :laughing: Great work everyone!


Sounds like you should be happy they definitely look good. @Pigeonman Good shout out yes it all looks good


So we’re all done now, or is someone still finishing up ?

Either way good job everyone.


Almost done, but there wasn’t a whole lot there to begin with.


I will cut tonight if we are done.
:green_heart: :seedling:


If it’s done sure, though no rush I was just asking


Ok so I chopped my Afghani hash plant, you can see why I pulled it out of the solo challenge I’m holding it up by the stalk in this picture.

The cup only had tiny drain holes in tbe bottom, I wanted to put it there for a couple of days while I was gone to give it enough water to survive, but I forgot about it and the roots grew all the way into the old coco. Anyways I could have torn her out and trimmed the roots, but kinda glad I didn’t because she gave me some decent buds.

There’s always next time, but I won’t expect nature not to take its course next time lol.


So, will there be a vote?

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Here is my last update till they come out of jars.

The AM2xRC:

And the GRCD:

Sadly the AM2xRC ended up with a bit of bud-rot :slightly_frowning_face:. I guess they needed a bit more airflow than they got, especially with the size/density of the main AM2xRC cola. I had to compost a ± silver dollar/ clementine sized chunk of the main bud. As such I bucked the nugs off the main stem, checked for mold, and let them dry out in the open pretty quickly. Got them in a jar now :crossed_fingers: maybe I should have tried a H2O2 bud wash, but oh well…

On a good note, @Mr.Sparkle @ReikoX the GRCD had an overwhelming aroma while I was rough wet trimming it up! Hard to put my finger on it but almost an industrial or institutional soap/cleaner. Really strong! Almost made me nauseous just trimming that one small plant!

If I remember before breaking into them I will try to post jar weights for them, but I am not winning anything, and I won already thanks to Sparkle’s generosity!

Thanks everyone!!!


Is anyone still going? :smiley:

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This entire thread is magical :blush:


i think we can wrap this up, head on over to the below thread for more solo cup growing.


All done here last week I think

This is number 2 cut and propped up!

This was the cut branches.