First time doing mating dance with plants

Thank you my estimated Marola for the quick answer!!!

You has being a savior like always!! thanks for taking a time and helping this poor pothead :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some pics of our different phenos:



BMF #1

BMF #3

BMF #2

BMF #4

SRxLV #1

SRxLV #2

We did lose one of our tangies… the seedling didnt develop and ended up rotting


Hey guys… I did get some busy last days but I will update here soon:

For while, some pictures of our babies:

1 crocket tangie growing really slowly,
2 ice cream cake #5
2 saucyballs
2 citrus GMO

at back, 4 colombia gold female reveging clones and one clone from my CG male to make some seeds of this super hero strain… really strong with water scarce and higher temps.

I already throw the Creme de la chem mix fem auto on a 7L pots… first time with autos and I some worried about late transplant and hurt the roots so I already made the change.

now our 4 BOG FIRE MIX phenos:

and for last but not least important, ours 2 phenos of lavander frosting x seebrings revenge:


I have notice some stains on the leafs… I did already see something similar on my first cycle… I even created a topic here at the time to try to identify… Any guess about the cause of this points on leaf? - #9 by LionsNaughtyBeans

I will spray some neem oil on it at end of day when the lights get off.

My first option is some fungus or something like… we are on summer and rain a lot on last weeks… the RH in rounding 80-90 outside… putting 3 clothes and playing the air conditioner on high potency to dehumidificate the air while I cant buy and dehumidificator.

I already bought an Sonoff with RH/TEMP sensor… maybe next month I can join the needed money to the dehumi…


Hey buddies!! how you guys been ?

I will post some updates soon… just creating the reply to edit with the phone because the images comes with more resolution when its not pass throught the whatsapp :slight_smile:

Above we have the Cream de la chem mix auto fem already on flowering room…

And here our vega space… I will put all plants on 7L pots on flowering with 12/12 today… they poped at 12/January… with ± 30 of vega I think its a good time to flip it, because my space its being not enough.

I will take a photo of each plant when I do the transition to we can see the phenos better.


Coming along nicely! Great work my friend.


Thank you buddie!!!

Unfortunately last weeks was rainy too much, and my vega space isnt the ideal yet… passing this cycle I will paint the walls with against mold tincture and improve the structure… to maintain the thing cleaner than now.

Some leafs starting show fungus and I’m using neem oil while I cant make Citrus Enzyme to try make this pests out.

Other thing is my office is together with the grow… so, to much dirty entering and leaving… I already notice my office will be moved :stuck_out_tongue: and one friend said on my first seedling… ( in few months you will not have office at home anymore and he wouldnt can be more right)


My flowering room… some of our babies did already shows the gender. I will take pictures of each one to talk about it later.

My colombia gold male clone, already on 12/12 to get some polén

Here the neighbors :stuck_out_tongue:

and here our 18/6 room on coco we have the 1x crocket tangie, 2x ice cream cake 1x citrus gmo and 1x saycyballs and on DWC one GMO Citrus and one Saucyballs :slight_smile:

I’ll try update here soon with the phenos pictures and the crossing planning… i had some busy days and its hard to keep the updates constantly and rich as i want, srry for this :frowning:


How long on 12/12 to get it to show sex? If you don’t mind me asking?


How long on 12/12 to get it to show sex? If you don’t mind me asking?

Some of them did already shows the sex… the first one was the clone because its from a older plant… the 2 autos already shows the sex too… the both is female… (±10 days after fliping)

the others still need some days to give me certain about the gender, but we can see some pistils signals and others some balls… I will take some pictures later to we start our gender gambling :stuck_out_tongue:


Our 2 seebrings revenge x lavander frosting is looking like a dude…

I will take some clones of them and kill the males… I will let only the colombia gold male ( mostly sativa ) to create some hybrid stuff this time, and on the next cycle I will use this clones to make more elaborated crosses.

The bog mix still harder to say the gender, but I guess we have at least 2 males between them… Later I will take each one to make some prunning and will take the fckng pictures what I owing.

2 weeks to my travel… extremaly busy days, but I will have some big news to our community soon <3

One question:
Do you guys make prunning on AUTOS ?

see you guys soon!! Wonderfull week to everyone!


The garden is looking stellar @LionsNaughtyBeans. Show de bola

This sounds about right. I would also recommend trying to incorporate something like @Pigeonman’s FYPM recipe in your IPM regimen as well. It should be pretty helpful with Botrytis and other fungal pathogens. I personally inoculate my plants using different Trichoderma, Bacillus and other beneficial organisms from germination; but these tools are accessible & readily available here in the U.S. I imagine the same is true in Brazil and Canada; but haven’t looked into it.

I never prune/ top autos. I’ve recently learned that up potting (transplanting) has it’s applications but other than that or LST (coaxing /tucking leaves under each other or using ties/ wire) to allow for maximum light penetration to the different nodes at most, autoflowers should pretty much be allowed to “auto-flower”.


Hey @ciganomarola , Its great see you here!! Thanks for the words !

I put the autos on flowering room just because the space on the veg room ( what isnt a room, its more like a clonning/seedling area) its have 120X100X55 and already have some plants seedling there.

Yesterday i’ve killed the males: 1 BOG FIRE MIX and 1 Seebrings Revenge x Lavander frosting.

For while I will just create an hybrid with my colombia gold male and the indica females ( if we have one between our plants… everyone is looking like a dude, unless the auto ones)


Salve @LionsNaughtyBeans, OG.

Great to be seen here and thanks for the warm welcome.

True. Looking forward to seeing what they do in the boom boom room/box.

That sounds like a worthwhile effort. I’ve always assumed it was best to use the broadleaf as the donor… never really thought it through, just decided one day it was the way to go and never really looked into what science has to say on the matter.

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I’ve always assumed it was best to use the broadleaf as the donor…

I really newbie in this, so here dont have much of science… just a guy and yours empiric learnship :stuck_out_tongue: Lets see how it will flow… I reserved at least a half of all of my seeds.

So this cycle i’m still facing more like a learnship than looking for yield or high quality… I’m open to mistakes… all learnship is valious to me this moment… the main goal is make some healthy seeds and learn about the proccess. :slight_smile:

I’m working on a automation project with an AI for growers and breeders and want to talk with you about it if you’re open…

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“Eterno aprendiz” is the best we can aspire to. Like I said, I didn’t take it upon myself to research or even validate that.

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good job brother! keep going with the fire

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Be welcome to OG @ciclocannabico!

Feel free to introduce yourself here to our fellows!

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Thank you for inviting me for the forum @LionsNaughtyBeans .
I’m from Brazil, used to be a small grower there but decided to explore the cannabis world. Living in Barcelona and will be starting a cultivation soon as possible.
Let’s grow


Welcome to OG. I was in Barcelona mid-May. Great city for tourists, and we’d definetly go back.
I had read that all cannabis was illegal there, but there was a cannabis shop in La Ramblas…so not sure. I bought some “pollen” from there, which was really hash.

It’s on our list of places to go back to.