Flower Rosin or Hash rosin

But there are fats and lipids in that that the bubble hash doesn’t contain. So that could be the cause for the yield back.

Ok thank you for info based on experience and numbers. I think I’m going to do half and half then decide which is better.

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My personal best is 26% return, I’ve pressed some duds and gotten 6% before… I just pressed some year old Gas and Guns Autos that yielded 12%.


Yeah, pressing flower it seems the varieties I get from around the traps vary from about 8% to 20%. My highest yield was from home grown Jack Herer at 28% on the premium buds and averaging about 26%. I only press once at low’ish temps and do not re press to ensure maximum flavour. As with Bubble Hash, the technique makes all the difference in each form. So comparisons are hard to make sometimes.

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I agree with you you on bubble hash process varying. I’ve seen people SWEAR if you press bubble hash over 180 you’re ruining it. But then on the other hand I’ve seen people press bubble hash at 210 and still get gorgeous color and flavor.

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Yeah for sure. You cant dial in a pressing method and be done with it. Each strain/crop is different and needs it’s own dialing in done. Some strains taste like crap if pressed at 95C. Some strains dont even start flowing the resin properly until you get to 95C.

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As a small grower right now, I think the effort for bubble would be to much. the main reason for bubble hash is to keep certain terps that would otherwise be lost, but I don’t have a freeze dryer to it would be pointless to waste time making bubble hash at this point.

You do not need a freeze dryer to get the benefit of Bubble Hash. It is still a great product when dried normally. However, i have all the equipment to do bubble runs including the small washing machine and large screen bag etc. However, after doing a few runs I have decided I will only be using it for trim from harvests and the times where i have too much product and need to process a bunch at once to make room. Otherwise Rosin pressing fits my needs. I press my daily quota in one hit and thats it. It helps me to stop my usage getting out of control. If I press a bunch at once it does not usually last long.


Plus if you only use what you need the other stuff can cure and get tastier before you smash it!

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Yes true. This is something I did not think of. I enjoy the last of my jars more than the start as the product ages.

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the whole reason I brought up the freeze drier was because someone was talking about how bubble is always better than flower, which I don’t think is true because flower rosin takes much less work and can taste as good, even better with great buds.

Even with all that fancy pants equipment, you’re still degrading the resin to some degree just by processing it, rather than leaving it intact on the plant until its pressed and released.

I haven’t bought one yet, I don’t know if its worth the ~$1200 for the amount of bubble I’m producing at the moment, which isn’t much.

I do have a vacuum sealer & a freezer (not a blast chiller) but I still need to play with the settings on the sealer because I crushed some nugs trying it out. Need to set it a bit lower but not too low then I might as well use a ziplock bag and push the air out.

the freeze drier is supposed to bring the bubble hash to another level of quality, I air dry mine with a slow fan


both are great

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Flower rosin will never equal six-star hash rosin, it’s just not possible. And you cannot achieve six-star w/o a freeze dryer. The freeze dryer is the single piece of equipment that allows me to produce the absolute best quality I can.

The lighting in horrible in these pics (CFL lights in that room still for some reason), but you can see how blonde my hash is even after processing. This is fresh frozen bud, washed 4 times, then freeze dried.

If you’re only producing a small amount I wouldn’t invest in a freeze dryer either. But for someone like me who produces 2-3lbs per plant, has 12 going in a perpetual grow, and processes 95% of the harvest into hash – it really makes things easier.

Never vacuum seal buds. There’s no reason for it.

You aren’t ruining it, but you most certainly are burning off terpines that you worked so hard to preserve. 165F is the highest I go w/ my hash rosin. (My hash starts to melt at 60F just sitting in the room, why go so much higher?)

Here’s what my hash looks like when pressed nice and slow at a low temp.

And once collected you can see the quality. After a month of curing this jar will separate and be ready for mixing. When dabbed we’re talking zero harshness, no coughing, and will get you ripped off little rice grain-sized dabs.

For numbers I get anywhere from 15-30% hash from buds (depending on strain), and then I pull 75%+ hash to rosin. In the end I get a product that is much smaller and is stable in my rosin fridge forever. (Zero water content from the freeze dryer eliminates any mold risk.)


Another thing to note, 100% of my hash processing happens in a cold room with frozen tools, using RO water. I strive to make sure I don’t introduce any contaminants during the process, while keeping everything as cold as possible to retain 100% of the terps.

I will be processing hash live again this weekend on Twitch. Hoping to wash Saturday, so that the freeze dryer cycle will be done and we can press everything on Sunday.


I’ll be there if you wanna shoot me a link! I have a day off finally!
Nice to see another michigan man into hash as much as me. My goal within a year is to be processing larger quantities.

I agree with you on this. I’ve smoked both and there’s an obvious difference. But I’ve also washed top notch bud recently. And without a freeze dryer I realized the open airs still taking those terps away.
@SuperiorBuds you were the final nail in the coffin. I’ll be pressing my bud until I’m able to grow more quantity.

That was my issue as well. I did bubble hash a long time ago but the drying process required a lot of technique, and even then slight variations in the environment would cause issues. The effort vs the yield and quality is why I stopped making hash back then.

Fast forward to now, rec is legal and our 12 plant limit meant that after just 4 harvests I had 2 large basement shelves full of jars. I hated trimming giant plants, I never had enough space in my drying tent, once jarred I hated having to burp jars.

These days when I harvest I buck and bag direct into 3 gallon turkey bags (minus the top colas that go into drying for smokable flower), not even worrying about a trim. I go direct into the freezer with the majority of the product, so I converted over to a 2x2 drying tent w/ 2 layers (instead of the 5x5 I used to fill w/ 4 layers). And I never have to burp jars. And to be honest, the time savings in harvest/trim actually more than offsets the time it takes to wash.

Once all is done I have converted dozens of quart jars into a few small jars in the rosin fridge, I don’t have to burp, I don’t have to worry about the RH in the jars, and its shelf stable for years to come…

Here’s the 4 bags I have ready to wash this weekend.

If I can get through this I also have 2500 grams of dried/jarred buds to wash. Busy busy!


Yes, once I move into a bigger space (Looking to buy now) I’ll be right there with you man! Love your posts! Mind sharing your twitch name so I can stop by Saturday?

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Is there a link to watch this educational experience? I think twitching could be dangerous at my age.

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You can find us over on Twitch, channel is SuperiorBuds420.

We run the stream 24/7, rotating between the different areas of the grow and data displays. When we wash we have different views available so you get to see everything going on.

I’m mid-40s myself, I think you’ll find the Twitch cannabis community to be very inviting and open. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Would love to get some of your rosin? For sale in any type of dispo here.