Free Pipe GiveAway Contest- USA only

Hey OG Community
I hope everyone is trucking along.
I have a fun idea to lift everyone’s spirits while we await certain death from either disease, Fire, or hurricanes…:wink:

Today I made a nice deal with a glass blower:

I’d like to send one of these to a member here at Overgrow!

I will randomly select one from the lot for this prize.

Also included is a package of seeds which will remain a surprise but will have been made by me.

how to enter

Members in US only, sorry… International is too much difficulty right now…

Post a nice statement about a fellow member- along with the post number you are- the first entry is #1, next is #2 and so on- up to 100 entries

I will use a random number generator to select the winner.

Drawing will be 7 days from today or sooner if we reach 100.
Prizes will be shipped in USPS hard box and tracking.

Let’s have some fun!



It’s hard to pick one person from this site to say something nice about. From the team to the people that have been around awhile. The shock may never wear off alof how great the vibe is here and how generous people are so… The new guy…

@corey You have come a long way buddy learning a new type of growing. You fit right in here, and a great addition for the next generation of growers to follow.

@Blowingupjake what a cool idea man. Thanks!!

#1-duh :joy:, thanks


You’re welcome!
Very thoughtful post, your words represented the idea here… let’s elevate each other! :v: :green_heart:

Next poster will be #2


I’ll second what Badger said. It’s hard to pick one person from this site to say something nice about. Everyone that I’ve interacted with is f@<k!ng awesome on here. So much knowledge and generosity. But if i have to pick one person I’d pick @MadScientist he helped my broke begging arse {not ashamed to admit lol} by hooking me up with my first quality beans {that i f@<ked up on and he resent more} that in it’s own shows awesomeness. Now i’m hooked and i know what good homegrown is and haven’t had to purchase any brick weed since that harvest thanks to him and a bunch of others here in the overgrow fam.


I would say @Solowolf is a really great guy. He is always willing to help some one out. Looks out for his family, friends and neighbors. There are way too many people on here to not reach 100 quick.

Thanks @Blowingupjake for doing this. Nice interruption from the shit happening.

Guess I am number 3…lol


I have to nominate @Sebring I believe he was one of the first to show his generosity to several members new and old numerous times in my first few months on the site myself included.



Dude, I’m a totally heartless bad ass! I eat kittens for breakfast and shit on the neighbors’ lawn. Sometimes I have to pee in the shower and I don’t get out. I’m a baaaaad man! :rofl:

Thanks brother, I nominate my buddy @Old-Ron in return. He’s gotta be on the road a lot and I know how stressful that is. He grows for more than just himself with compassion. That’s the name of the game here in my estimation.
PS: If there’s someone in your neighborhood who can’t physically take care of their yard, help ‘em out. It can actually make them quite happy and helps the neighborhood hygiene by shaming the able bodied into cleaning up their homes!



Man I’m not worthy. I too have to pick @Badger in return. He was here for me when I started this site and still helping me along the way, as many other overgrowers are as well. Love this site and always thankful.
Great idea @Blowingupjake!


Very cool idea for a contest @Blowingupjake! There’s a lot of really great people around here at OG.

@Mr.Sparkle is one of the friendliest and most helpful people around here. Despite answering the same questions numerous times, he continues to have patience and be friendly! Thanks for everything you bring to the community!



@gramps Your outdoor plants are something to aspire to


Man @Blowingupjake I can’t just name one person!! Collectively this whole community would have to be listed!! There are to many people that have answered questions, gave opinions, encouragement, offered seeds, and made me feel like I found a home!!

So if this still counts, I am # 9.


For obvious reasons…without him, none of us would be on this thread👍
Number #10


@MidwestMover got me back into the free love thing and he knows why with a free spore print!

I am #11


I’d like to say that my bud @Baltimore has been ACTUALLY SAVED by this plant and OUR community .! ( HIS own words… btw.)
He has been successful in getting his life together again, and I congratulate him on being a year off the shit .!! -
& as im in the UK/ if my name was picked from the random number generator - then please send the pipe/seeds to @Baltimore …!?!
Thanks. Great gesture @Blowingupjake. :+1:

I could probably do a lot of these posts on the OTHER members, it’s a great forum with mostly honest good people and it’s got to be THE most chilled and giving/trusting ( but NOT gullible.Lol.) forum out there !

Overgrow .!!



Great idea for a contest - there are so many helpful people here on OG, but @lefthandseeds stands out as one of the top-shelf members on this site. He is always helpful and very generous.



Definitely hard to pick just one member so I’m picking the two most generous members I personally have come across @TheShowMeHomie and @misterbee.

I dont care if this is a disqualification , those guys are very quick to offer up seeds or cuts without hesitation. So many members here just like them so I feel guilty just naming two. :sleepy:



Very tough to pick so I’m picking two also sorry @Blowingupjake I’m just going to make it a bit harder for you

My first nomination is @ReikoX for have such great content in his threads his tincture thread has inspired me to try different things in working with the magical plant

2nd is @Sebring with his commitment to the cannabis movement is inspiring and his willingness to help others out is truly remarkable

Guess I’m #17


I’m gonna put “Dibs” on that #18…Man, there’s an ENDLESS LIST of SUPER OGers, but @LemonadeJoe goes to the very T-O-P of my List. It’s no easy task to keep this collection of gardeners headed in the same direction. Honestly, this is the BEST Forum out there. Any doubters??? Put 'em up!!! Stay safe/be well.


Missing the big contributers already, @SamwellBB @lefthandseeds @Mongobongo
@Barefrog @MomOnTheRun
Jetdro If still around
@Sebring @LemonadeJoe

This site wouldnt be possible without the pillars of Overgrow
How easy it is to forget


I’ve only had interaction with a few people here but @Mr.Sparkle is an awesome person willing to answer any questions that I’ve asked even though he probably answered it a 100 times already. That in itself is what kept me active on here. Yes there are others such as @Tinytuttle who filled in some blanks on my organic outdoor growing knowledge and @Burnso
Who turned me on to this awesome community.
#20 I think…