Free Seeds & Free Clones Thread

Sounds good, cant wait

Has anybody talked to grow easy lately?.. Last login was March 20.

I put some negative feedback, I think he hit and run a bunch of people.

I personally dont mind, I gave seeds away as a freebie, however, I’m sure there were some trades and some unhappy people.

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Just a friendly reminder…

Seed trades go in the trade section. Just trying to keep the thread organized.

I might do a light cleanup.

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Are you located in Canada ?

No michigan is where I’m located…

Hey wiwi, I also messaged you to let you know that neither of your packages ever made it and the first one you said you sent by fedex about a month ago so I think it safe to say that both of them are not going to make it… It’s too bad that you decided not to get a receipt with a tracking number since you said they wanted to see your I.D. in order to get a receipt.
I was a little worried since I’ve not heard back from ya in a while and you have not posted in a couple weeks but it seems you have logged on as recently as 4 hours ago so I guess all is well and you just have nothing to say. Well once again I want to thank you for your generosity and offering to send so many strains my way , It’s just so unfortunate that neither of the two packages made it to me, I’m glad I have not had such bad luck receiving packages from all the other places around the world I’ve ordered from. I only hope that the others on the forum you sent packages to receive them … Good luck and thanks again, If I somehow happen to receive either package I will send those seeds I offered as a way of saying thanks but I think it’s safe to say it should have made it from the UK/GERMANY to the USA in almost a month’s time , as I’ve gotten stuff from China in as little as 10 days.:slight_smile:

Well, I’m still waiting for “Franks’s Haze” from wifi. It was stated that it was shipped via DSL, or something with three initials. My messages show the shipment went out twenty days ago.

Yeah I hate to say it, But I don’t think it is going to make it… I messaged wiwi a couple times the last week or so and he did not respond back and has not posted in a couple weeks, though it showed he was lurking around on the sight just a couple days ago… I did notice that he signed up about 6 days after GrowEasy disappeared. I know it is common but both of them liked to say CHEERS! in both of their post and both came out offering to gift seeds… I wonder… I hate to think the worst ,:rolling_eyes:but offering seeds to people up front would be a good way to instil trust from some as being a nice guy. I sent GrowEasy around 80 seeds as a way of saying thanks for what I thought was 4-5 possibly rare Thai seeds, I also came very close to sending some fairly rare Oaxacan seeds and others to wiwi as a way of saying thanks for sending me several landraces and Frankies Haze crosses , I actually went to a mailroom to send my package to him but I was unable to at the time because they wanted me to fill out a customs form with a phone # for who I was sending it to, I tried to just put in a random number in Germany but it would not take it, so I ended up not mailing it over that weekend. Well after that I thought about how long it has been and neither package had made it yet so I messaged wiwi and told him that I would mail it after I received one of his packages. So I came this- close to mailing it off.
I’m just saying something’s not right … I can see 1 package not making it but then 2 for me and others have yet to receive theirs either. Also he never responded back to me though he has been logged on to the sight. So I’m just going by what I have observed. I think I have learned a lesson not to deal with anyone that is a recent member that has not posted much at all, I just need to be a little more observant . But, In both cases I was offered seeds up front and also offered them seeds as a way of saying thanks, so when it comes down to it they never asked for anything in return as I offered it to them, So there’s that… if you think about it offering seeds to people is a good way to get people to lower their guard, “oh what a nice guy” :vulcan:

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That sucks pookie. It hurts to be lied to and manipulated. If they did screw over everybody it will come back on them eventually.

Some things end well some things don’t… The stuff I gave away isn’t a big deal and its a freebie.

It takes alot of time just to develop a reputation. And the people that burn me dont get love from me later on.


WOW !!! I’m dying with envy right now man!!! That’s amazing !!! HAHAHAHA More power for you!

Whoever wants FREE SEEDS (you only pay shipping), i dunno if you can trust this guys but i stumbled upon this, so here we go. It’s all about sharing our beloved plant with the whole wide world… May God bless you all.


Wow, I wish I just had a tenth of what you have there to put out this outdoor season, I popped just about all the seeds I had besides a few landrace strains I want to work with and reproduce more seeds from. I made the mistake of using humidity domes on my seedlings for a couple days and I think it caused a lot of them to damp off I believe, they sprouted up as usual but a lot of them just lost their cotyledon leaves after a couple days and were left with just a stem. Lesson learned the hard way. “Do not shock seedlings with sudden humidity changes”!:alien:

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I just checked out the site, They only take Bitcoin and they don’t ship to the USA unfortunately .:smile:

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I could use some good genetics. I am recently relocated to Oregon and can legally grow for the first time in my life. Any OGs out there willing to help out a fellow OG? Then feel free to shoot me a message. I am interested in any indicas of good genetics. I am hesitant to trust some dispensary worker here just trying to market a sale while not knowing anything about the genetics, strain, and/or other viable information. There us a fine line between sharing factual information and regurgitating falsehoods that are unknowingly geared towards extra sales and income.

I will be willing to send a partial portion of what I receive to a friend. I have known this friend from the internet cannabis community since the 90’s. This will be intended for a trading his genetics each person involved. Then, I will happily forward those genetics to all parties.

What kind of a business practice is that? Not to the US, number one consumer in the whole wide world, those people are crazy… HAHAHAHA. Too bad.


It is the most usual with outside USA seeds banks, GenioLoco… Seria un delito, no un negocio… I think Spain, France n Italy are biggers consumers than USA…

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