Free Seeds & Free Clones Thread

Item received today…pocketful of Thanks @YoungDad420!!! Do enjoy a pleasant weekend, remember to take care, stay EXTRA safe and, yes, be well…mister :honeybee:


@Instg8ter pkg received, much thanks!


@JustSumTomatoes that cross looks interesting. I’m interested if you have any still. Any frost resistance would be a great trait in my local climate :sweat_smile:


Yep, still do!


Oh wow that looks nice! Orange Grove sounds intriguing what is it?


(LVPK x Hindu Kush) x (Ae77 CaliO x Deep Chunk) and then inbred a few generations. Plant sructure and stone are on the LVPK side, smell from the CaliO, and potency kick from Deep Chunk. This was the creation of an IC member who gifted it to me and I’ve been growing and inbreeding it since. I would consider it a hashplant in my book. I wrote a little about it here… Anti-Insomnia Strains


Sweet write up. Happy to hear how much medicinal value a strain has brought to you.That’s super awesome.The strain sounds very good… and I love the pictures you attached in that thread, the structure of the plant is quite impressive. . When I have something to trade, I’m going to reach out. I’d definitely love to trade for some in the future if you’ve got them… as well as the Orange Grove and NL x Orange Grove cross you mentioned above.

Hope you’re staying safe, and managing through 2020 well.


Holding out over here, hope you and your loved ones are well too. It’s cool if you don’t have anything to trade at the moment, you can always get me later or you don’t even have to. I’m sending a bunch out and have a freezer bag full of seeds to spare I can go ahead and send some to you. Grow them out and report back, I’d love to hear how they did for you.


Getting ready to embark on an orange run myself.
Yo momma
Blood orange
And some special orange ghash mom from a collaboration from NDN and Trefarmer.

Always like a good tasty orange before bedtime, aye. Specially with KO capabilities.

Cali Indica is probably thee best orange ive had to date from Sensi Seedbank back in the 90’s.
Orange hashplant extraordinaire.


Wow, the write up makes that sound amazing. I am currently out of trade beans as of a bit ago. If you wouldn’t mind sharing, that would be awesome.


It has been too long since I have heard anything about Sub Rosa. That and NDNGuy bring back some cherished memories. I spoke with PDXGrower420 (used to work with Trefarmer quite a bit back in the day) not too long ago. Is Tre still doing his thing? Positive vibes…



I just read you have PPP going (which I just learned about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I couldn’t help imagine crossing PPP with orange grove as a knock out strain. I haven’t grown either yet, but it sounds like a tranquilizing combo :sleeping::sleeping:


It definitely could be. I’ve learned how precious sleep is after 30. I can’t imagine after 40 being any better :wink:

I am so blessed to have access to some of these genetics. It’s unreal man.


Omg your telling me. I’m 36 now, working full time, and full on co-parenting 3 boys under the age of 4. Long story short, almost 4 years ago, My best friend became a single mom. I took them in and raised him as my own. Now She’s with the father of the two younger ones and they live in his apartment, but I’m still fully involved. Not much time spent at my place.
The access to genetics now still blows my mind! Imagine having even 1/4 of what’s in your collection 12-15 years ago.

Then part of the problem with the whole sleep issue, right now, just laying in bed constant scrolling and browsing OG and YouTube, waiting to pass out. But not really setting phone down to do so😑
:yawning_face: :sleeping:tired me just rambling now. This was all totally off topic :zipper_mouth_face:

Thank you to all the wonderful and generous contributors of this community! I hope to soon follow suit in the Overgrow way and make some beans to spread as well!


If we’ve traded or had any transactions I’d appreciate the feedback! :v: :peace_symbol: :dash: :seedling:


If you’re having sleep problems- Never use your bed for anything but sleep. Sleep at the same time every night (train your brain). Don’t eat too late. Don’t drink too often. And smoke a fat joint to the dome before bed!


Last I heard he was in a pinch then after cc fell off never saw him again


Ran a little stress test for some breeding stock, just to quell my curiosity as to whether I could pick a random known strain from a known seed company and how long it would take to find on here. As I have told new members almost anything you could want is in a members vault and available for trade.

Thanks to @shiskaberysavior o was able to acquire Killer Queen from Bro’s. Grimm in 4:45 , and I also got a great G-13 line and the C-99. All I can say is YOU GUYS ALL FUCKING ROCK!!! Keep up the good vibes and OG the world!



@Instg8ter, your Jamaican Bobsledders arrived safe and sound!


I have 5 packs available for anyone outside the US that wants some beans.