Free unknown father seeds - Closed!

Good day OG family. Hope you are all well. I am offering up seeds from last summers outdoor backyard plants.

There were plans for selection and following chucks but work was so busy that I was rarely home right around the time pollen started dropping. Due to my absence and a half dozen males already dropping pollen, I decided to let nature take its course. As a friend said, lots of energy in these beans.

Some of the females are cutting only, some were from seed.

Males were:

Garlic zkittle breath

Atomic northern lights

Durban poison

El Nina

Dawgwalker x Malawi

Blueberry wedding cake

Dawgwalker x huckleberry

Platinum huckleberry cookies

Albert walker x huckleberry


Buford og x cupcake

Nuclear lemon alien dawg

Champagne x sour banana sherbet

PNW coffee x sour banana sherbet

Perris og x dawgwalker huckleberry

Alien Apple pie

Pineapple sorbet

I think that’s about it for males. There were multiple males from most lines. No selection. Of the bunch only three total were kept.

Seeds available from these females:

New York City sour diesel

Platinum huckleberry cookies from seed

Rug burn og cut from archive

National health service from seed

Pineapple sorbet from seed

Alien apple pie from seed

Perris og x dawgwalker huckleberry from seed

Blueberry wedding cake from seed


Jack herer from Sensi seeds

Pakistani x dawgwalker huckleberry

Three different Malawi’s.

Dr funkenstien x white rhino

Happy to send some out to anyone who could make good use of them.


Would love to try the jack herrer , blueberry wedding cake and maybe new York city sour diesel .


Extremely generous. These are seeds that I didn’t imagine I would have access to normally because this is some pricey stuff. Please put me down for some of the Rug Burn OG and if you wanted to throw in a random pick of your own, that would be fun too.


Omgosh. Your too kind.

If possible would love the

alien apple pie and the jack herer

Oh oh the dr Funkenstien x white rhino too would be tasty too . :hugs:


Pretty awesome of you, a few I’d love to try but my plate is really full atm.


SUPER generous of you, @almostdone!!! The essence of OG, in my opinion. I would just be selfish if I requested anything right now. Stay safe and well…FIVE STARS, *****!!!


How much pollen did the Transkei male throw? I’m asking because that landrace comes from my neck of the woods and its straight up trash. More chance of it having downgraded all those nice strains than bringing anything to the table.

Edit: Just in case I’m sounding like a Mr poopypants here, that’s an awesome list of strains and super generous to share. I just feel duty bound to let people know about the local landraces not being good breeding stock. Great to grow out as a novelty or for the experience.


Great collection you’ve got there! Arriba|nullxnull Just wanted to thank you for your generosity while sharing this with the community … beer3|nullxnull


All this does is fuel our seed obsessed addictions even further… thank you @almostdone, I appreciate this offer and have already eyeballed a few things on your list.

New York City Diesel
Pineapple Sorbet
RugBurn OG
Blueberry Wedding Cake
Jack Herer
Pakistani x Dogwalker Huckleberry
Three Malawi’s

I’d also like to pay postage, so you don’t have to pay it… if that’s cool with you?


It seems (and I could be wrong) that at least some of the people responding don’t understand your original post. I would encourage them to re-read it when they aren’t stoned. :slight_smile:

Nice of you to offer these to the community, @almostdone. There is probably some gold in there for people who want to grow a shitload of plants and do some hunting!


Rock on, my friend!


Hey @almostdone. I’m good I think, but thanks for offering such an awesome selection of strains. All this unbridled generosity is why I love OG!! :vulcan_salute:


Would love to get some of those Blueberry Wedding Cake. Great gift to the community.


Thanks for your generous offer
I my self would love to try the Malawi or the platinum huc cross



Would love to send you some. Message me shipping info and what you’d like.



Send message with details and I’ll have them out shortly.


Apologies to everyone for sounding like a greedy bastard in my first post.
I’m really not that way, but I do grow a few hundred plants most years, searching for muscle/nerve pain relieving strains that work on a consistent basis, mostly for my wife and I, and it’s been a constant search, but I also give weed to friends and people in need.
I call it Random Acts of Cannabis! Nothing lifts spirits better than free weed!


Thanks for the heads up on the Transkei. There was only one. He had a spicy carrot smell. There were two but the other had no nose to it whatsoever so that ended up being the only male that was culled. That being said, he did drop pollen for at least a week. It was later than the rest but there are likely some of his offspring in this bunch.


No worries at all. Doing me a favor:)


Ok will get on top of that.

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