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Hi, do we have growers in uk? Maybe, you can share your experence, about what soil you using? Where you buying everything and what products you are using?


Hi yes I am in UK first time grower just planted two skunk#1 auto’s yesterday are u an experienced grower? I am a newbie so any help would be great


Any UK growers on the forum who r newbies like me? Any tips would be great


Check out the f.a.q for lots of great info! Welcome


Im here guys, sorry been busy of late :wink:

UK, Herbie aka MadTruka



I am from California but i wish you a welcome anyway! :grin:


Sorry, this is my first time to


Hi and welcome guys from the UK :wink:


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Fire away any questions you have guys happy to help :wink: NW UK


Hi, Herbie

What kind of nutrition’s you use here? For rooting , in veg stage and flowering? And you buying them in hydroponic stores or somewhere else?


I use a variety, mainly Canna, but also some growth technology, B’cuzz, nutrients, for soils mostly bio bizz, plagron, or canna. I run both hydro (NFT Recirculating and soil)

I shop at Hollands hydroponics amongst others as they price match anything onthe internet or via proof over phone.


shops in the nborth of UK

And below shops in Birmingham and London areas, there are hydro shops all over the place now.


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Rooting clones - clonex gel, bcuzz root stim, growth technology formulex, growth technology nitrozyme.
Vegging - Canna terra or aqua vega (veg), bcuzz root stim 1st week, canna rhizotonic, canna cal mag, canazyme.
Flower - Canna terra or aqua flores (bloom), cal mag, rhizontonic, canazyme, canna boost, canna pk 13-14 at appropriate stage week 4-6 depending on strain.
Flush - canna flush 3 times then just water, some times a ripening prodcut like ripen again strain dependant.

I buy them in Hydro stores in person not on line for delivery although that is available :wink:

If you want the whole list I can type it up, but it varies depending on the strain too, slight adjustments here and there, I aslo use cannas mono nutrients for this.

Edit, I forgot to mention PH up and PH down adjusters/buffers.


Damn, Herbie you saving my life :smiley:


Ax example you mentioned 3 or more type of nutrients, so you put them together in water? Or using it in different weeks or how? Sorry for silly questions, I’m doing now my first grow, so its a little bit hard to understand everything about these nutritions


He is got a knack for doing that, this guy rocks!

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Ok yes I mix the nutrients in tap water that I have stored for 24 hours minimum in plastic reservoirs, they are oxygenated by air pumps with air stone difuusers in the bottom to airate and move the water around, I also use heaters and chillers depending on time of year.

To these reservoirs, plastic tanks,(for arguments sake lets say 100 litres to make the maths easy) I add the appropriate nutrients in order. Yes I mix different manufacturers at the same time, some times overlaping (not essential, bcuzz root stim and canna rhizotinic).

There are aslo different variations of some nutrients like in the vita link range and other products for hard and soft water.

Please may I ask;
Do you have a way of testing the EC electrical conductivity, TDS total dissolved solids/salts, PPM parts per million for the food, and a way of testing the PH of liquid an or soil ?

What method are you going to use, soil, coco, hydro etc

What medium the stuff they grow in Brand wise, soil, coco etc, then the nutes which brand etc?

Please fire wawy any and all questions you have, I will endeavour to answer them the best I can and others will chime in I am sure you will find the answers your looking for and all the help you need here on Overgrow

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I have these two meters,

For soil I have bought biobizz allmix .