Germ Slabs Boys/Girls ?

Alrighty. Another question needing assistance.

Germination Slabs

I have heard a couple brands and some sizes yadda yadda. But what has the community and others had a prefrence to use for this stage? I have seen Rapid Root, Rockwool Cubes, then just my local version with sizes. Any pro’s and cons with the first 2 and even then what do you guys do for this stage. I am moving to grow some Alien Gorilla Glue so 70% I and 30% S. Love to hear from all hope everyone is having a good one too. Later peeps.


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I think rapid root is just peat moss. I use promix which is mostly peat moss. I do individual 4” pots. I find it more convenient to do seeds one by one.

As long as you keep them damp you should do ok. But not too damp :wink:



Thank you man! This is what I need. Some say to do the germ slabs then I’d convert to the main pot. But hearing this makes it seems so much easier but me making sure it’s got good moisture not enough to ruin my child. 4" Pots may I ask ceramic/rubber? I heard rubber due to durability. But ceramic gives that old fashion feel. No flexing with auto pot systems.

Just starting here, but I try to leave my plants alone as much as possible. I have had 100% germination with soaking the seeds until they sink (really viable seeds seem to only take a few hours, older ones take a bit more time, maybe over night) and putting them in 2-1/2 inch pots. Then they’re fine for a few weeks, until they need more soil. Bottle domes help keep it humid.

I did have one downside though to the domes- one plant got too close to the edge and got waterlogged, and spent weeks slumped over. Go big diameter, I used water bottles. Too small!

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Ohhh. I’ve seen a vid of someone doing that process with the water then shake it see them sink then move to a paper towel both sides. Then cover and hide from light for a while. Thennn move to a paper cup. Is it sort of that same idea? He used paper cups and said easy to label and perfect to store. So is that sort of a DIY slab in a sense? I feel those pot sizes make it seem nicer to have and just won’t look as spiffy but still anything that works is great.

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It is a bit like a slab, but I wouldn’t use those pots again. I would go bigger, I just am not sure what pot size to use, so I’ve been going through several sizes- next grow will be directly into the final pot or paper cups.

Transplanting was awful, they shot tap roots through the drainage holes on several, and very little horizontal rooting. I’d have been happier starting them in the 1 gal fabric pots they are in now, lol.

I just re use the 4” pots I get for free when I buy seedlings. But anything would be fine.

I just find it easier to just do it all in one step. I don’t use the paper towel method for the same reason. I try to keep it simple.

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Ohh so you let them start getting tails after sinking then just make it easier by letting it grow naturally in the plant by itself to get it’s extra stem and leaves started with the pot?

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Correct. I bury them 1cm deep and keep them moist with a spray bottle.

Mostly I leave them alone.

Ohhh I like I like… Thank you great foreigner. I don’t want to just stick to all these guides that seem to repeat themselves. I see. So almost replicate the paper towel just you’re the paper towel but don’t over do the water and drown it. How often you keep spraying?

Nothing wrong with paper towels. Lots use them. They are more hands on than me I suppose?

My trick is to saturate the medium with water and then squeeze it with your fists until all the water comes out. This is as wet as I like it. I use this consistency for my seedlings.

Sometimes I don’t even spray at all they break soil so fast.

All the best

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Cheers indeed. I will he trying that got some extra seeds wanna test what fits best for me. And I see you just want that soul to be damp and not having extra water. I can take tips from both and mix it into one. And thank you peeps for pot sizes. I am almost at payday to get started on my grow room. You all the best of luck.

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