Ghost Town- Greenpoint seeds

Alright 1st journal for me here on og hope its not too bad
Setup: veg room 2x4 ft tent, t5 fluorescent light, dwc cutting and seed starter x9 slots( sometimes i switch w/4 slot dwc bucket depending on room

Seedlings above are the ghost town (ghost og x stardawg)
The lil teens below are various mothers: top left is Dreamcatcher by greenpoint, top right is a cherry pie,
Bottom left is purple muffin (purple sunset x blueberry muffin), bottom right is orange muffin ( tangie x blueberry muffin) in solo cups sitting on top of the soil for both muffin crosses is 2 phenos for city slicker( waiting for flower to choose which pheno to keep

Im thinking its getting a lil crowded


Flower rooms setup: 5x5 ft tent 650-1000w hps multiple fans 6" air output fan, 4x4 ft tent mars hydro ts3000 led 6" air output and tall oscillating circulation fan.
gh flora series + ff dry soluble trio (open ses. beastie bloomz & cha ching) hydroguard root protection for dwc. Fox farm trio+ soluble trio, fish shit, and blackstrap molasses for soil.
Soil= d.catcher, p.muffin, o.muffin, city slicker 1
Dwc= cherry pie, city slicker 4
Dreamcatcher wk 6

Behind my hand is the purple muffin(super dense golf ball nugs so frosty i thought i had pm taking over lol below is orange muffin 5 wk

Cherry pie 5 wk ( put into flower immediatly after clone rooted w/o any veg time)

Greenpoints city slicker 5 wk (soil)

I have a city slicker in dwc also that i will post a pic of when lights come on tonight
Also i have a “blue cheese” that has turned out to be lemon haze i wont post pics of( was following the bc flowering timeline, it turns out that haze doesnt like lots of phosphorus between weeks 4-6 like the cheese does so its looking kinda rough)


All right first real update… I forgot to specify but the seeds were germinated on 12/02 and popped about 2 to 5 days later so they are about 2.5 wks old now

Ive decided to do a seed run with this and try and backcross a fairly close ghost og pheno into seed form wish me luck


Nice veg system. What do you use in flower? I’m on my 2nd grow with ebb and flow buckets, coming from coco. I like it quite a bit so far.


It depends on the strain usually ill grow soil and dwc to experiment and find what works best for each. That 9 hole bucket i usually use just for seedlings or clones my dwc is just 5 gal buckets with airstones i dont do rdwc cause i like a lil variety in my life so im usually doing multiple strains at a time. Im actually trying to figure out how to make a all organic dwc setup

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Heres a pic of that city slicker with about 2 wks left


Alright about 3.5 weeks now they had some stretch but thats been taken care of. Had a mite prob hit so when the lights went off this morning i sprayed them down with some aza since they are still early in age in a week i will be harvesting my last flower tent and will be doi g a full sterilization on my tents… I hate mites

Ones a lil runty and that is the one i found the bugs on but im gonna see how it grows all the same lol

Heres a lil baby root porn the brown is just from the floramicro they are healthy no mucus

Soon in about 2 wks they will be moved under the mars hydro as they’re new home through flower hopefully i have a better fem rate with this pack then i did with the last 2 from gp


very nice :slight_smile: I will be following along also

all the best in your grow and be safe



Week 4
Alright So these girls just got put into my 4x4 flower tent last night now that its cleared and cleaned and these girls looked so stressed this morning

All super droopy and shit… Bah…
Also they look a lil water logged

So i added 2 more airstones and checked the ph(lil high) and ppm 523 so i dropped the ph from 6.4-5.8 now i just gotta let em breath and see :rofl:
Some roots starting to mingle

This had me checking this brown spot out just a lil micro dye roots look good so far


Ooooh excited to see the progress!! Looking great :v::peace_symbol::call_me_hand:

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@nefrella they looked better yesterday :rofl::crossed_fingers:

You should definitely collect a bunch of pollen if you get a male on that ghost town …

Yeah thats definitely the plan for now. Have been toying with the idea of making f2s

Well i really wish i had taken a pic of the seeds to show you… Just really small and pale, to the point the sent me a pack of their western grail free so i gotta start taking that into account with this and not let it mar me against the ghost town cultivar… Yet :rofl:
Anyway i turned my fan off yesterday looked like it may have been too much at the time. I also fimmed to she how she would take it and new growth is looking better once ph dropped

Also i went ahead and have a couple cherry pie cuttings rooting to grow along side these girls on this run since i dont plan on vegging for 1.5-2 months manifolding… I dont think they could handle it atm anyway
Ps i know she looks hungry for some calcium… She just got some :joy: and her ppm was raised from 500-600


I’ve run the city slicker before and it was LOUD!!!

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Just harvested the 2 phenos i got 1 looks straight up gelato but both are blanketed in trichs… Heres a pic of the dreamcatcher i just trimmed

Its hard to tell but she is just shy of 2 inchs wide and loud as hell


Well 37 days since germination. Some seem to be having some issues. Ph is 5.8 ppm is dropping at a steady rate but they look a lil off. They have good growth going some great side growth with some. I had to defoliate some of the bigger lower leaves to open her up she was looking dense

Im hoping for great things from this lil guy… I got faith in you buddy

And some root porn :joy: looking nice and healthy


Mmmm city slicker she feels and smells soooo greazy…
Pheno 1

Phone through loup trying anyway :joy:

Pheno 4 the purple girl

Close up


That looks yummmmmmmmmmmy good job!!! :yum:


Thank you… First real grow in 9 years… Had some issues but it came out nice sticky… I cant wait to do a few of her clones outside this summer