Ginger Rick's Unidentified Flowering Object

Thanks for that last tour Rick.
I’d say you got the light intensity/plant spacing question nailed.
Minimal damage pressed up to the plexi. Solid Brother. :+1: :sunglasses:



Actually, arguably even worse, those gloves are designed for rectal palpation. I won’t go into detail on how it’s done. :laughing:

Growing nicely in there.


Damn dude I’m pulling up a lazy-boy for this grow show extraordinaire …you have allready given me answers on basic parts of my build that will save me a ton of testing , thanks sir and I love your STYLE…jump in and do it, knowing that every little failure is a win in the cranial data base…,laying out the dab rig, this is gonna be a binge read this weekend​:metal::face_with_monocle::beer::seedling:


Pretty damn amazing. You are truly an evil genious…lol


Very Cool stuff here ginger rick


From my perspective only humidity/temp need to trigger changes …likely +/- for a fan Most of this stuff is steady state. With that much data all formatted and should be easy to dial in eh?

Somehow I feel it only appropriate you should be growing one of the Apollo’s


A buddy I know, when his son was going onto college a few years back got into biology, figured he’d work in “biotech”.

Got himself a nice little internship at a biotech company that moved some seriously high end product.

High end bull spooge that is. Y’know, genetics work.
His job as unpaid intern was of course manning “The Catcher”

He had to bring it by the workshop one afternoon to grind the burrs off the edge on the bench grinder, keep it comfy for the studs. His dad was so proud to see his boy growing up! :rofl:


I have friends that are into quarter horses. They have said champion quarter horse spooge is some serious coin!!


I don’t mean to be too forward, I know we just met but,
do my balls look ripe to you?

Now Ginger Rick is a mature man of the multiverse, and of course he know how mak babby. His big jug of home brewed CS is working a treat apparently. But truth be told?

I’ve never met a male I haven’t murdered.

@Mr.Sparkle, @ReikoX? You’ve both been down the reversal road before, right? Accomplished pollen wranglers, yeah? I just have no idea when these things are gonna go off, and I’m curious if I’m getting close. They look swollen…

This is my first reversal, it seems to be going well, but it’s also the first time I have actually held a developed male flower in my hands. It feels like a bomb that’s about to go off in my face and I dont totally understand it’s intentions and if I’m not careful it has the power to ruin my whole life. And yet somehow, I’m drawn to it.

Wow, writing that out, it occurs to me how often as a young male ape I must have caused the ladies to feel this way without ever realizing it. In the most mundane of situations sometimes, and I was totally oblivious to it. I’m just feeling it on behalf of my ladies, who I want so much to keep safe from this young rogues careless spray.

It’s a wonder the girls would come anywhere near us in high school… terrifying. :flushed:


@Ginger_Rick thanks for sharing all of your amazing knowledge in this grow diary. I admire your ability to harness nature with electronics and sensors, etc. I am a self-taught geek and your project intrigues me and inspires me to try to incorporate some of what you have developed in to my grows also. I will be following this closely, thanks again for sharing.


they will start to yellow then split open, if they are green looking they still arent ready yet.


Man, if you are already running with a raspberry pi you should just grab an extra sd card, drop the latest raspbian on there and give mycodo a try. Installation is simple, and it supports all that beautiful Atlas Scientific stuff right out the gate. He’s even built in a calibration function for the probes already. As long as you know what GPIO pins you’ve connected to setup is super simple. If you’ve already got things wired to the pi you’ll be switched over in no time!


That looks like it would be a lovely thing to run in there. Oh man, these bean threads… can’t wait till I can get myself into all of that a bit more. Coming up on my first chuck, any day now!


Well it’s been a few days, time for an update!

Inside the UFO, day 32…

Yup, it’s getting all jungly in there. Would you believe I did a hard defo only… wait… oh. A week and a half ago??? Ooops… no wonder.

Left side, a Strawberry Cough in front, with an unruly Diamond Kush in back. Diamond is smacking her head on the ceiling, as usual.

I’m really liking the stature of this Strawberry Cough. It’s her first ride in here and she’s handling everything beautifully, looking really promising. I’m looking forward to watching this row of colas fill in, really feeling good about the spacing here.

Some close ups of the strawbs…

Over on the right side two more Diamonds, rowdy rowdy Diamonds.

Yep, they’re nuts!

And somewhere, far away, tucked in a none too luxurious hole, some very swollen balls are just starting to crack open.

I really hope they hurry up and get on with the drop, I hadn’t originally planned to self it back onto the Diamonds in the cab this run, but I hadn’t originally been certain if my CS reversal was going to go off. If it pops in the next few days though I should have time. I’m planning to run the UFO to 9 weeks, and from what I’ve read I should be fine to get ripe seed as long as I’ve got a solid 4 weeks before chop. If any of you fine folks more experienced in the ways of herbal mating have thoughts or opinions I’d love to hear them!

I’m working on a couple bigger posts as well. Trying to pull together a little more in depth Mycodo build tour, and a ludicrous and educational tale of hubris, madness, and, maaaaaayyyyyybe redemption. We’ll see, that seething pile of chaos has a week till chop so I might ride it out till I can put an ending to the story.

Thanks for dropping by! :wink:


Hey I’m back with more pics!

But, what with the cellphones and the social media and all, what can I say, apparently it’s a thing to send dick pics unannounced? Seems unsavory to me, and yet that’s what’s happening again here… stamen close ups. Sorry, buds tommorow, I promise.

So to the breeders and chuckers in the room I ask, are these at the point where I can pluck flowers off and get the pollen out myself? Is it only after they crack, or can you do it with big swollen unopened ones as well?

Timing is starting to get tight if I want to dust a branch this round in the UFO. If I can do it in the next few days I should be good to go, hence my desire to tear the pollen right outta those sacs.

Plus, this just doesn’t seem like a respectable life for anyone, stuffed under the sink in a bathroom all alone.

Any input greatly appreciated, thanks all!


a dark screen dominates my minds eye the screen comes to life flashes to life and the title scrolls…

A Bridge Too Far

I don’ think so…if they were ripe they would be out working. Just a guess but gonna doubt ye 'ave much luck hurrying nature in this manner


I was going to say you can cut the branch off and put it in water somewhere safe away from the girlies, but as your doing an under the sink grow, it won’t be necessary :roll_eyes::rofl: I use the cupboard under the stairs a little more room :wink:

Like Olbrannon says better to wait until they start to open, but you will probably not collect much on that foil plate, being that distance from the flowers, if you can bend or crack the branch or stem to get it a couple of inches from what your trying to collect it on, you will get a lot more, parchment paper might be better to cover a larger area of the cupboard floor, and not have to pull the flowers off.


Yep, patience is key. In a weeks time you will have more pollen than you need for a single seed run. I swear you and I share a kismat, I also flower males under the bathroom sink! You may convince me to get a raspberry pi yet… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I keep em in the bathroom cuz I have no idea when I’m going to go in there, peek under the sink, and find myself suddenly contaminated by unexpected pollen. I figure I’ll just collect it up and jump straight in the shower before I spread it all over the house, right?

But of course at this point, having never actually flowered a male, everytime I go in the bathroom to look I’m asking the wife if she’s going to need in the bathroom in the next hour. Just in case I find myself trapped by circumstances. Needless to say she’s been making fun of me :joy:


I was curious because I’ve read about cases where people did a reversal with CS but found the flowers were very slow or in some cases unable to open. Those people picked off the unopened flowers, dried em and crushed em open to get pollen. In most cases it seemed to be viable still, but I’d rather let them ripen up proper as well. Just curious, it’s my first time down this road.