Growing With Mr.Sparkle : 2021

New year new thread, you know the deal.

Grow setup :

3 Stealth Cabinets:
Lower pairs are 0.29sqm/3.1sqft a piece at 70cm/27.5" from floor to lights
Upper overflow cab is 0.119sqm/1.28sqft at 73cm/28.75" from floor to lights

Lights: Varies
Bridgelux eb2’s 3500k, or eb3 thrive’s 4000k in 280mm length
Lower cabinets currently run 12 strips a side at 100w Max to the strips by Meanwell XLG-100 drivers.
Upper overflow cab runs 4 strips at currently 42-45w at the strips by a Meanwell XLG-50 driver.

Lower cabs run off a AC Infinity T6 for exhaust which is major overkill pulling through a 6" carbon filter.
Upper cab runs a 120mm Noctua PC fan with a PWM controller to set fan speed pushing through a diy carbon filter.
All spaces have 92mm fans for circulation.

Light timers:
110v Sinotimers cheap, effective, and basic.

Watering timers and setup:

Pot sizes: Varies
Small squares 400ml
Bigger Squares 1250ml or so

Media: Varies
Coco or Promix

Plant type:
95+% Autos and typically fems of my own making


Added links:
Collidal Silver DIY
How to Flop
Cheap LED Strips : A Viable Alternative
Growing with Mr.Sparkle : Trials & Progression 2020


Hey mate, pulling up a chair and following along as usual.

Looking forward to see what you do this year.

Cheers Johnny


To start it off

Day 0

Left Cab Rrght hand side is a few days behind as all the older seeds i attempted to start failed to germinate, so started some more Darksparks 2 days ago to go along with the already sprouted ones.

Trying both Promix potting soil and Promix HP this go around instead of my regular Canna coco

Right side:

Day 46

This is the upper chamber hand watered plant which got moved down and flopped aggressively to fit in this chamber, reason is it was starting to smell and i don’t have any carbon for the upper chamber filter yet, plus it was growing into the light. It may or may not run to the end.

Bonus pics

Lower Cabs

Upper Cab


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Looks to be another good start to a new year ! I’ll be tagging along Happy New Year @Mr.Sparkle


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Starting off the New Year with a clean slate (almost)!

Always a pleasure to follow your work sir! :+1: :sunglasses:



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Gonna ride this horse until the end of the race. Please make sure I don’t fall asleep in the saddle. @Mr.Sparkle, it’s ALWAYS a pure pleasure to witness your efforts. I wish you EVERY success in the “total mundo”. A true Picasso at work…SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:


Sweet! I’m gonna ride along. Loved your other micro grow. Your setup is impeccable. Very impressive!


Pulling up a chair and along for the ride Mr sparkle


Welcome everyone and thanks for the comments :wink:

Was moving jars earlier so figured might as well do a weigh up on those last harvested plants “Poisoned Rose Cookie Devils” as they almost at cure stage ended up stinking up the house in the process though enough that the lady complained and i had to open some windows and turn a fan on.

Range of smells on them that i’ll maybe dive into later, anyways they are in jars now and have been for the last couple days though still have a little bit of moisture to shed which i dont expect to be much.

Saying that though may come out heavier than i originally guessed as here is the current weight, bit fluffy on some but the nature of those plants.

Pretty sure its gonna stay above the 215-220g mark and saying that it’s going to be a new record GPW metric for myself which i was not expecting as i honestly felt that more could of been achieved. So gonna have to weight again in the coming week to see where we finally land and just threw in some of my last 62% integra boost packs that i last bought to try out, ill be ordering some boveda’s again on my next amazon order as i like those better.


Congrats! As usual excellent work, happily following along again for 2021! Super curious how your new promix vs promix run goes, Happy New year.


Will be interesting for my small pots im kinda favoring the potting mix already as that perlite of the HP takes alot of space will have to see though i expect that ill be having to have different watering cycles for the two and once i figure out what i like ill probably just mix my two bags together anyways to keep everything the same till i need to get new bags.


Yeah the HP is high in perlite (High Purousity) and likely taking away valuable root space. I too would agree with different watering needs of each but likely not that far off from each other as perlite holds some water too.

The way your plants grow I don’t expect any room for anything in those pots of yours besides roots either way :wink:


Haven’t used the HP in probably a decade now just forgot how much perlite was in it and was looking at picking up a bag of it eventually to try again it was just that a bag showed up at my local cnd tire when i was in for other things store and they normally don’t carry it and especially at this time of the year.

So took it as a sign and grabbed it.


I use the 100 L bails of HP (mostly due to my watering method it wicks moisture into the soil instead of the intended draining effect of the perlite), add 3" of perlite to each pot, and mix in an additional 4-5% by volume of additional perlite in the final soil mix - love perlite…

For you on the other hand, like you said it might become a space issue.

You could always do some testing before setting up your water schedule. Take 2 solo cups, measure the same amount (by weight) of each soil in each and saturate each with the same volume of water weigh it and put it in a lit cabinet. Weigh them until they come back to the original weight and you have a rough idea of the difference if measureable.