HappyGoLuckys Happy Box of Chocolates and other Goodies

HGL here for some fun :smile:

This run will consist of:
Lemon Skunk gifited by my brother @Eagles009
Box of Chocolates from @Worcestershire_Farms
HeadBand crossed with something from a friend

Soaked them seeds for 24 hrs and into paper towls this evening. I will be turning a walk in closet into a grow spot in the next couple of days. (Most likely all tomorrow) :slight_smile: Working with a 6-1/2’ X 6’ walk in closet with a 7’ ceiling i think.

  • Method: Soil - Mother Earth GroundSwell
  • Vessels: Want to try the tall 3 Gal pots @Eagles009 using currently i think
  • Light system 600 R Spec and a 100W cheapie light
  • Ventilation system; Yes 6" Exhaust Fan
    Co2; No

*Food Half Jacks half Flora Nova Grow and Bloom
Sulfur Free blackstrap molasses

Im sure i have missed some things.
Please feel free to help me in any way , i love learning.


Good luck brother! I’ll be watching.


This is the part I love watching.

:green_heart: :seedling:


In early! If you don’t mind.


Good luck on your grow, many positive vibes!


sounds like some interesting cross the headband, can you find out what it was crossed with, all the best with your grow


Phase one done, ran out of plastic with less then 5’ to go. :frowning:

Next up carpet shield along with a heavy duty tarp for the ground. Then on the hunt for some reflective material!

@Eagles009 Those biodegradable bags came today :grinning:

@GoGoKid i will find that out.


Keep a close eye on your humidity when you’ve fitted plastic to the walls. You’ll notice the water droplets on the plastic from the plants transpiring. It’s not so much of a problem in veg but come the time you flip to flower you want the humidity as low as you can get it to avoid bud rot. Pulling air from outdoors and extracting outdoors somehow is what I’d be looking to do with your space :+1:


Thank you! I will be cutting two holes in my closet door. One uptop for the 6" Exhaust fan. I currently have cheap one i might be looking at a T or some other ones.

The bottom hole will be for my portable AC unit. Hoping all goes well as my 4x4 tent did great in the same closet.


Grow tents are breathable and plastic is not :+1:
Nothing worse than getting most the way through bloom and noticing the grey dust in your buds.
OG is the best place for advice with grow setups so don’t be affraid to shout out and ask for help if you run into any issues.
Good luck bro :+1:


Anyone ever use Permaflect Reflective Fabric?
Also was wondering if that would need to go all the way up to the ceiling. I don’t plan on growing trees this round.

Thanks much!

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I love this place, so many great knowledge members. Many are always willing to give a helping hand :heart:


I took a peak on my break and let’s see what we have.
The BC little booger took off into the paper towel, shell popped off. Looks like I got fun work to do after work :upside_down_face:


I don’t think you’d get much added benefit going above around where the light will be hanging.

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Well its not going as planned with the closet. After taking out my ceiling light ,I’m unable to see anything due to the can blocking rafter view.

Back to the drawing board so I don’t have to fix to many holes :grinning:

This was quick thinking that I hope works.


Your off to a great start I’ll tag along

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Thank you and thanks for tagging along.

My next step is to build a cheap frame for my 600R light.
I feel less holes in trying to find a rafter in the ceiling the better.

Figured some 2x4s nails and some holes ill have a frame to support the light with pullies.

Hope its as easy as I’m thinking lol .


Looks like Box of Chocolates is the first to pop up.


Long time coming, congrats brother! I’m rather useless as a handyman but I do know you can get a stud finder pretty cheap.


Headband being slowband :yum::rofl: