HBWR the two types

If you have ever bought HBWR, you may have noticed two different types. The seed can either look like an apple seed (left) or like a more hard shell of a seed (right). The most common seemed to be the seed on the right and can always get them to germinate. The more rare, in my opinion, the seed on the left, is very difficult to germinated and when you cut them in half, it looks like the stars (or like the inside of dragon fruit) and the only HBWR type that has an effect other than a stomach ache for me.

This is the plant with more round leaves that the seed on the right produces. image
This is the apple seed like HBWR and it finally germinated out of at least a hundred seeds. You can tell it is different right away because of the seedling appearance being more round and this plant produces more heart shaped leaves I believe. I germinated it in a jiffy puck.

I take these apple seed ones after cutting out the inside seed part and take a few of them for a more visual mind the next day it lasts as well. I never really used them for hallucinogen purposes, yet. I would need like 8-10 seeds likely.


I have never noticed different types by seed. When I have grown them they look like the seed on the right with the lobed cotyleden leaves.

Convolvulaceous hallucinogens are one of my favorite plant-fungi stories. The alkaloids actually come from an epiphytic fungus in the genus Periglandula, which the plant relocates and concentrates in its seeds: 133.MykotaII.pdf (821.7 KB)


Gonna say lol I’ve never grown them but have eaten countless hundreds of them and tripped so hard I pissed myself a couple times lol

But very interesting looking plants so I’ll be following along


That is very interesting, I didnt realize it was a fungus that was responsible. Hopefully mine is inoculated naturally with enough to make some potent seeds. I will take a picture of the plant in the future to see the difference of the different type.


This is how different this plant looks from other HBWR! They have much pointer leaves. Looking forward to getting this thing grown massive.

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6months later and it looks like this. I am almost surprised it was called HBWR. It must be another species…

Someone who sold you the seeds scammed you because that plant you’re growing is portia tree

Yes, exactly what it looks like. The seeds look like that too. Thank you!

Apparently it contains LSA as well.