How are the Cannabis Shops in your area?

Hey guys I’m up in Ontario, Canada. We recently have a few weed shops open up selling dried herbs. I’m gonna give a review on the 3 main shops up here in North Bay, Ontario. The shops are (Tokyo Smoke, Cheerful Charlie’s & Kanaleaf) I’ve grabbed 2, 3.5g pks. I’ll post after.


Non-existent :rofl: Texas baby


Medical only, and pretty crappy when they do have stock. Better than the commercial going around here though


Just medical in Ohio. Its gotten slightly better, but crazy overpriced and theres a bunch of shitty cultivars thrown in with a select few good ones.


I feel like things have declined in Colorado over the last 10 years. Or maybe my expectations have increased. Never cared much for the dispensaries compared to home grow though.


Lol. Close to sudbury here… I dont mess with the legal stores. Way over priced and not great quality IMO. I stick to mail orders


Yeah I feel you, Indiana will never have any kind of legalization until the feds legalize it.

I could always run to Michigan but the only one within a reasonable drive is WAY over priced. Talking 70-80 an 1/8th out the door. Could always try Illinois but the drive from where at is 2 hrs just to the state line. So for me it’s not worth it to go to the legal shops as it would still be illegal to bring it back and the prices are stupid high.


Yeah ive made the trip to Colorado a few times but only if ik really spending. Im not taki g the risk for a zip or two


Resebal but very expensive​:grin::grin:
Iam from holland btw😁


Cheers @Rriichh were close to eachother. North Bay here. Anyways about the reviews. Ive tried “Tokyo smoke & Cheerful Charlie’s” 1 I’ll start with TOKYO SMOKE- I really like the set-up and functionality of the shop. When you first go in; theres a huge selection and everything is made simple. Such as “GO, Pause, Calm etc…” And than you place ur order with a floor attendant. He places the order through an iPad. You wait by the counter for ur name to be called. Than Voila, you’ve got your order. The weed is alil pricey and any accessories are even that much more costly! But they do have good herb and damn good selection. Now on to “CHEERFUL CHARLIES” Ok, so this shop is alil out of North Bay area. (And North bay isn’t BIG) When you 1st get there “Gotta clean ur hands” which is fair given the current CORONA situation" . They had a really simple but functional set-up. There was samples in jars with magnifier lens. So you can see the herb close up. Here they used iPads as well to place orders to the back room. Also, they had a specials board and a great selection. Everything was rather simple and elegantly enjoyable. The staff were definitely helpful. They were definitely there to help the customers. Plus with a name like “Cheerful Charlie’s” I guess you gotta stay happy and cheerful right? I still have “Kanaleaf” to write about which I’ll do later today/tomorrow. Much love and respect from Canada.


The stores youre talking about are selling LP products? Back when you needed a card to legally smoke, my LP was broken coast. The rare times I go to a legal pot store, I try to buy their products. Broken coast herb is actually really amazing, although still way over priced…

I think they charge like 50 an 8th?


Ya, up here we can literally go in and buy… Just like a liquor store. It’s dope. Literally. Lmao

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Just medical where I’m at right now. The herb is usually pretty good, but super over priced. I’ve seen shit for $75 an 8th, but most dispensaries give a discount for people on SSI, disability, Medicare, and things like that.

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Just legalized here but we won’t see rec sales for awhile. Being on the medical program for the last few years though I’ve been to half the shops in the state. That would sound impressive anywhere else but we have like 12 in the entire state.

All of them are way overpriced but 2 of the places have really good products, one of them when they actually have stuff from their own grows anyway. Otherwise we have out of state companies taking over or opening shop as medical so they’re ready to pounce on the recreational market.

Thankfully my two favorite dispos, which are both ~50 minutes away, are opening new locations within 15-20 minutes of me. Avg cost of an eight in state is $55, no price break for buying a quarter and those are the only weights you can buy (you can buy multiple if your allotment allows). Half gram carts only count as an eighth and range from $50 - $73. No concentrates whatsoever yet and the only edibles so far are xylitol lozenges and infused mct oil.

Our last governor was a real prick who deliberately held back the medical program as much as he could.