How do you manage your run off in automated RTW systems?

Hey guys,

Looking for ideas on how to handle run off in automated dtw systems.

Ultimately, I plan to shop vac it out of wherever it ends up, but I’m interested in seeing how you elevate your pots/blocks above the waste water, and your general setup!


I don’t do RTW anymore, but when I did I put the plants on a flood and drain table, which was above a reservoir, and I would leave the reservoir empty (obviously). The runoff would collect down there, and I would manually use a pump a couple of times per week to get that water out of there. Such a pump could even be automated by using a float valve or similar technology, but I never found the need to go that far.


Little giant condensate pump.
No more hauling buckets of runoff or vacimg it up.


Check the pics here for ideas.
My drain water ends up outside via gravity. I use it for the outside garden.


Love the idea, looks similar to what @hush is doing with a flood table.

The only issue is that I only have a 2x2 tent and it’s not easy to find a flood tray that will fit in there :confused:

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The taller the sidewalls the better.
Just one example…


Dude… Nice… I didn’t think of using one of those, it looks brilliant. I found one that is 22x22 outer dimensions even… thanks! :+1::+1:



Never used one myself…I’ve heard of growers using these.

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