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right the t6, i wanted to use it in my flower tent as a separate fan, comes on either by temp or humidity.Was hoping to reduce electric costs by saving the de humid from running.


Hey hey, I am new here on this forum and a new grower aside from some Guerrilla growing I did back when I was a teenager and a little indoor I did in my 20’s. I am about ready to harvest my first indoor grow. I started this to just grow a couple of plants during quarantine and that quickly grew into a little more than that. I have both Autoflowers and Photos in my tents at the moment and am about to hack down my first Auto harvest. I am active on a couple of other forums and look forward to learning from and speaking to the members on this forum. I will be sure to post some Journals along the way. Cheers


Welcome. You will soon be coming here more than anywhere else. Lots of brain knowledge here from word papers as Ricky would say. I now realize that reference will likely be lost to a non-North American.


hello everyone, I am grateful to have found OG, I hope to learn and contribute in the best way to the community, I am Brazilian and I am seeking knowledge for my first cultivation, peace!


@sneakynorweegian and @3dudu welcome to OG!


Hello to all,

Just a few words to introduce myself. I’m a marijuana enthusiast living in Europe. I’ve had some of the best times of my life growing and harvesting guerilla outdoors using the swamp tube method. I’ve been on several mj forums before and have met great people, some who became friends, and got a lot of advice on how to grow in swamps.
However, 20 years have passed since my first outdoor grow, and I no longer am a young gung ho outdoor grower! Laws are repressive here, and I would like to switch -no pun intended- to indoors now. I have zero experience in indoors but I’ve already read very helpful advice on OG. I hope to learn a lot and also meet new people and thus make OG my new home.



Welcome @Kurtz you will love it here. Jump right in.

Important question though - What football club do you support?



Welcome to Over grow @Kurtz!!
Lots of folks here can advise you on indoor growing, be sure to have a look around and ask questions! Lots of great stuff happening. :+1: :sunglasses:



Welcome @Kurtz. Glad to have you here on OG. There are lots of great people here that are always willing to help and give advice. You can learn a lot here like most of us have


Welcome to OG! @Kurtz.


Hey all. I got Mrs Mambo @Queenmambo to finally join up and participate. I’m posting this because I know she won’t. Previously, she was more into smoking than growing but I’ve gotten her hooked on growing. She’s an Arizona cowgirl but I no longer hold that against her.

Please welcome her so she realizes how warm this community is. :v:t5:


Welcome @Queenmambo. Glad you have joined us. Sure you will enjoy it here.


Thank you.


Besides, it is nice to have someone keep the King in check… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


@Queenmambo welcome to OG!

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Cartman here… new to Overgrow, current member @ The CannaCabana , The Island Collective, Marijuana Passion Forums. Auto Flower Network.

I registered here as Carty, seems Cartman was already taken… doh.

I got into growing in 2005 after joining Planet Skunk just to look at photos and check out the hobby. Lady Zandra tutored me and really helped me understand the plant much better.

I grow organically and always have preferring flavor over yield … all I can say is local growers used to purchase my smoke for private stash while getting rid of their own… LOL.

About Me: I am from the swamp lands of southeastern U.S.A. Just under 60yrs old and disabled from advanced bone disease causing bones to crumble… so growing became a
hobby to supply the wife (Ladybug) and I with meds of our own vs the high expenses of street weed. which usually sucks by comparison too…

I finally got into tent growing, LED panel lights and things are going pretty good onto my 3rd grow in my new Gorilla Tent 2 x 2.5 x 7ft. holds 4 plants in 3gal pots… soil is now Strawberry Fields by Foxfarm. …

Been growing from seed for years, clones for 2yrs and now getting back to cloning as I’ve secured 10 good strains for me and a local grower who stocks all the Mom’s…

I’m a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker… don’t take me to seriously please, I tend to joke a lot.

Thanks for having me, I hope to contribute in a positive way…


@Carty hey welcome to og! lots of decent people here imo.



I’m a ‘very, very slightly’ experienced cannabis grower returning to growing after a multi-year hiatus in an illegal state. This seems like a really awesome community that I stumbled across by chance. I was shopping for seeds and came across the Kashmir Azad ‘preservation line’ on GLG. I pulled the trigger and am about a month into veg and while doing more research came across OG, which apparently served as the kind of nexus that ensured the survival of this line. Crazy. I am very happy with my seed selection, though I’d have more faith in the beans if they came from the project here; there seems to be a lot of love here. I am having a lot of fun with this grow. I’m going to do an open pollination and some basic crosses for personal consumption and fun!

My original background is in ‘other types’ of gardening. Poppies are what got me into gardening–they’re my first love. I also grow a lot of Trichocereus cacti and have a tremendous amount of experience in mycology. I used to breed Brugmansias for fun, too, but the climate I’m in now prohibits it. I’m active on sharetheseeds and various reddit subs. Unfortunately, I don’t bring as much to the table in terms of cannabis knowledge and experience, but I am eager to learn and be a positive part of this awesome community!


Welcome to Overgrow! It sounds like you have quite a bit of experience with gardening in general, and it will be interesting to see what you have to share here.


Welcome to Overgrow, @Carty and @Eudaemon!