Introduce yourself @OG

Hi @KevOG, very good to have your here! Warm welcome from the Overgrow.


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Welcome to OG @KevOG


Hello I’m an old og user I would like to say hello and thank you for the seeds


Hello @Brennen14, welcome back to the Overgrow!

Check out the thread at:


Hi! Im a legal Canadian grower based in Ontario. I lurked around the original Overgrow for a long time before ordering seeds from Europe. Top 44, Sweet tooth 3, white rhino were my 3 grows. I loved building and tweaking boxes.

Unfortunately I had to stop growing weed when my daughter was born. Shortly after I quite my day job to become self employed growing veggies, sprouts, edible flowers etc in a greenhouse as I loved growing too much.

I just started growin cannabis again 2 months ago. I have a 8’ x 12’ room using 600W and 1000W HIDs, growing organically in fabric pots. Big fan of no-till.

Im currently growing Subcool’s Deadlights and freebie Joker seeds. Also have Vortex seeds in the library.

Plus Lucky 13 seeds Master Medica, Lucky Lemon, Snow Angel and freebie Northern Lights 13. Also have Love Bud, Hawiian Punch and white wolf seeds in the library.

Happy growing


Hi @Budswell, glad that you made it here and a warm welcome from the Overgrow community.

Consider starting a thread, we’d love to see some pics of your grow room! Sounds fantastic!


Thanks @Northern_Loki! Im not the most technical guy but working on it. Ill be starting a grow log soon.


Welcome @Brennen14 and @Budswell


Hi All,

Excited to be here for sure. Was just a seedling when the original OG was up and running.

Our thing: We work to make Cannabis oriented blog posts / photograph & videos of our grows / DIYs and tutorials for canna activities.

Definitely need to see what this website requires in terms of posting the above. But that’s our thing. The whole cannaverse to us is a big adventure and we are learning and want to share that journey. Yeah pretty lame but that’s us.

Looking forward to contributing material to this forum and learning more from all of you.

(Northern Lights under 105watts uncapped LED bulbs)

Happy Growing!
~ Mass Medicinals


Hello @MassMedicinals, a warm welcome from the Overgrow!

Looking forward to hearing about what you’re up to.


Been awhile since I’v checked in on this thread ! Welcome to OG @Brennen14 @Budswell, and @MassMedicinals I know I’v probably missed a whole lot of others but welcome all!


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Can I take a moment to introduce @jake420king. Saw a slight mention somewhere he does a bit of micro growing. @Mr.Sparkle @MomOnTheRun drop him a few links to some stuff he can mull over whilst he gets used to the workings of OG can anyone else give him a massive welcome to the family


Welcome to OG :hand_splayed:

@jake420king and All new members!


thanks matey :green_heart:

hi im jake im a uk based grower smoker canna-enthusiast all round weed geek :sunglasses: dont claim to know it all by a long way and am always willing to listen to advice/criticism.

i smoke recreationally and make rso for a few friends whislt also distributing cbd products made by my self and my girlfriend.

nature is key embrace it :ok_hand: i grow all manor of herbs fruits veg but nothing without a medical or benificial crop at the end :v:


Hello @jake420king, a warm welcome to the Overgrow.

You are in good company here!


Welcome all new members!

@jake420king I look forward in getting to know you better…do you happen to have a journal up that I missed?


He’s fresh off the train. I just enticed him into our wonderful world. Yours and mr. Sparkles operations being the most relevant. Drop him a tag in your MOTR does micro. And Mr sparkles micro thread too. 2 awesome places to find his feet.