Introduce yourself @OG

Hello guys, @Yarddog and @MerlinsBeard, thanks for joining us!


Thanks very much @LemonadeJoe

and welcome to @Yarddog also, are you 7 weeks into flower? or veg?

Smoking roaches :sweat_smile: can’t say I’ve been at that stage for a long time, my commiserations!

Fortunately I no longer go through dry periods but when I used to it was a real nightmare, over this side of the water we have a nasty habit of mixing bud with tobacco. I gave that up a few years back, smoked pure and now for the last 2 years we have been able to get hold of the vapexhale cloud evo which is a cracker of a vape! I have tried a few over the years but none really satisfied and suckin on them big ass volcano bags is a joke!

Can’t beat a great big doobie though at the end of the day and laugh myself to sleep watching [adult swim] shows!


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A lot of great riu knowledge migrating over.
Overgrows got a chill vibe. Nice to be part of a new beginning.


I have the same feeling, some people are fleeing a website and coming to overgrow… Let them come by the hundreds! You are all welcome!

I was banned from RIU for telling the truth, that will never happen here at OG!

EDIT, some months ago there were a handful of us logged in everyday,
now there’s like 30 people all the time… WOOHOO!


Another thing. I encourage all new and old members to support Overgrow, may our home be always blessed.

A dollar a month will not hurt you my people and will go great lengths into helping overgrow the world!

A dollar for overgrow…


Too much ego over there man.
great knowledge, but very hostile. This is a hobby or a passion, no room for negativity. Save that for sports or whatever lol.
Can’t disagree on equipment or method because it all works!


Not only that a lot of d*ck measuring over there… In this life we have to be humble, or else misery will remind us to be.


A supporting membership profile status would be boss.

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There is man! You get a badge saying you support our home, i don’t use it but i proudly say i support our home monthly, i just happen to be crazy about the works in the lab… Laboratory Workaholic!!!

We should all support our home.


Ha! I’m a bit slow at times. Patreon it is then!

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Well i’ll Introduce myself im Mr.Sparkle, i was sent over here by another member “jellypowered” on another forum i frequent, i’ve been growing off and on now around 8-9 years, i was a couple years too late for the original Overgrow but i read pretty much every thread that luckily got saved and re-posted to others sites “icmag” after the original OG got shut down.

As for what i grow or how, Im a Micro Grower so PC cases, 5gal Buckets, small personal built cabinets, and or other random space and only grow for my own personal consumption and any breeding of genetics that work well for me.

Currently and for the last year or so i’ve been mainly as an Auto only grower strictly because the turn over rate at which i get to try and run new seeds and crosses is a lot greater than with photoperiods that and yield and quality for me are no different in what i have seen.

Anyways here are a couple old shots of some of my Micro plants just to share, as i currently have Zero plants on the go as im doing a couple upgrades or remakes of my “spaces” but have a couple seeds soaking to start a seed run with of some genetics i want to keep.

Edit: Guess i can only post one picture currently being a new user so here are some Dark Devils that were grown in a PC case


@Mr.Sparkle glad you made it over here sir! Glad to have you here! The one pic per post will quickly be lifted it doesn’t take much to make it to basic member :slight_smile:


Yeah figured as much standard of pretty much any forum, im looking forward to starting my next round :wink:

And thanks for sending me over here.


We don’t have a dedicated micro category yet, but after the others see what us little guys can do I think we can get our own category pretty easily :slight_smile:


yeah i noticed that looking at the forum yesterday when i signed up, also looks like i can post more pics now too lol, I’ll post up my last run with my bucket just for people to see whats possible if they didn’t know already.

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Those will be a good pairing with that rum! Mmmmm rummmm!
Welcome and good hunting.

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Welcome @Yarddog! Sorry to hear about the roach predicament.

Welcome @Mr.Sparkle! i love the hues of purple on those cola’s!

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True. Can’t help but notice the outrageous colors.