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Hi guys! My name is Chris but everyone calls me pokey. Call me whatever you want, but I’m a newbie on these. I’ve been a medical cannabis patient in Illinois for the past 4 years, and this year I finally get to try my “green thumb” out! (Legally)
I started with a no till live soil grow. I’m allowed 5 plants, so I started with 2 forum cookies, I found a seed in the mag landrace 1/8 i bought on Christmas eve (sent to me from God himself!) And its growing now🤟, then I have a pineapple express autoflower and a GSC autoflower going on my first trial run. I’ve been having my brother help guide me through this start. He’s been a HUGE help, but I appreciate any advise!


Welcome to OG. Much knowledge may be gleaned from these pages of cannabis wisdom.


Brother, we have a lot in common when it’s comes to sharing cannabis knowledge with those in need… I appreciate you and all you do for others!


Welcome to OverGrow everybody. It seems people are joining by the dozens lately! This is a great site with great people. No BS here. We have all you need to up your growing game! peace


Just joined as a search for an old strain no longer available on the commercial market led me here. My first grow was an indoor I built and ran with my dad in Southern Oregon for a year in 96/97. Since then I’ve built up a decent resume of running indoor, outdoor, greenhouse and light dep in the Oregon medical scene. I’m a member on other forums but didn’t know that overgrow started a 2.0. Still working on building out my next grow space from the literal ground up. Good things to come. Looking forward to sharing with everyone. Here’s a random pic from an old grow.



Welcome to OG, @SchmoeJoeRising! Nice greenhouse!


Welcome SJR. Good to see another Oregonian!


Hey y’all ! Been nothin but smiles and good vibes here. I’m a career musician , I’ve been fortunate enough to have played with Jimmy Cliff , The Wailers, John Popper And a few others . I produced music festivals for the past 20 years until a new zoning guy shut me down In my twp.

I’m mainly into old school strains and preservation, it gets me warm soft and fuzzy when I see passionate people putting the work in to keep these old gems around .I’m all about sharing . Since joining here and gifting those Sherban beans , My mailbox has been full of gifted beans from all over lol … I’m sincerely grateful, it’s kind of restored my faith in humanity . Thx for the :heart: Overgrow .


Welcome @SchmoeJoeRising and @Marcus420! You’ll both fit right in around here. I’m looking forward to seeing your work! peace


Welcome and good vibes. With the musical past like that are you from Jamaica? Had good times there in the past and my brother and his wife are heading down there this week to spend valentines chillin on the beach.


Hah I love reggae but we’re more a jam band . Like the Dead , The Allman Brothers etc . It was humbling playing with artists I look up to … I’ve been lucky . I count my blessing daily my friend …


Welcome to all the new people, looking forward to seeing what you are growing and doing :+1:


Welcome @SchmoeJoeRising! Echoing @almostdone, glad to see more Oregon representation. Look forward to seeing your work.

What’s that old strain you are looking for?


For me it’s been African Black, aka African Black Magic, a rare sativa landrace from the Ituri Forest in the Congo.
I’ve been searching for decades to find this elusive strain… and to no avail. It may be the most potent weed that I’ve ever smoked… and is definitely one of the strongest strains I’ve ever encountered in my life!
Anyone remember this strain from the 80’s


@pookie123 - know anything about these?

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Hawaiian Sativa from Federation Seeds. Ironically enough I found someone right here in Eugene that has it. I’m just waiting to see if it’s something they’re sharing with the open market.


Hi I’m Blaze born and raised in New York I’ve lived all over Long Island as well as NYC, currently in Virginia. I love nature and I love cannabis and one day want to grow hopefully Va gets their shit together. I ran the streets for a long period of time finding my way through this wicked world. I’m a cannabis connoisseur I love great weed that is properly grown, flushed and cured, hoping to link with like minded individuals and just gain knowledge from some of the OG’s here. As of right now my favorite strain is anything that smokes clean with a strong coach lock pretty much Indicas.


Welcome to our little corner of the world @WhoGotTheGas. Settle in and make a thread when your ready. We have great people here from all over the world and we all share the same love. It’s a beautiful thing! We have a big time around here and you will too. It might take a little while to get settled in with all that’s going on but just enjoy it and get involved in lots of threads. That’s how you up your member level which adds perks.

Virginia is a great place. I’ve lived in Va. Beach once. I have friends over in the mountains, too. Weed sure grows good outside.

If you’re ever curious about anything, just ask. Most all of us think we’re smart. :smile_cat: peace


Hi guys !

New here (really?), for years i have interest in growing but never did it. This is the moment now !


Welcome to OG Durden, you have chosen a great place to start to learn, what is your set up going to be inside, outside, soil, coco, hydro, all the answers are here on this site with amazing people willing to help.