Introduce yourself @OG


Somebody wants to say hello.



Welcome @Boosky71! I am another Bodhi fan, my outdoor Purple Wookie and Goji this year did great.

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Sent Swampthing a pm so hopefully that’s taken care of. Yes, I am a true Bodhi fan and have had great luck with his genetics. I highly recommend Goji, Space Monkey, Sunshine 4 and Magenta Hashplant for those of you that would like to try anything Bodhi. Actually anything I have grown from him has been fire and distinct. Have had several people tell me that they have never tasted anything like that- always a Bodhi genetic! Thanks again!


Hello @Robin & @shovelhead.

Come say hello.


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Hey 99
. thanks for saying Hi. .
I’m an old time member of OG… I hung up my hps about 15 yrs ago when my kid caught me tending my closet grow

I’ve just decided to get back in the game and have bought a full budbox and IWS Oxypot setup. I’ve got some NL feminised seeds and I’m just waiting for the same kid now 21 to go back to uni to set it all up
I did appx 6 grows in that setup ( homemade from scratch ) but I’d say still a novice. Best grow was 5.5 oz from one plant

Really pleased to see OG here alive and well. . Its where I learned everything
Pleased be back too


Good to have you back @Robin

See if any of your friends are here.

We look forward to your clandestine capers .


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Got the link wrong
This works

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A warm welcome back to OG!

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Welcome @Robin! Glad you decided to jump back in.

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Welcome @G-paS! It takes a minute to learn everything. Introduce yourself and browse around to get more posts and downloads also.

@ryasco should I do it here?

This is just for introducing yourself. A grow diary would be good for your grow if you choose. You will get ideas as you browse. We have smokers lounge for shooting the Sh!t about different things. Enjoy! :grin:

Hi all! I am actually a female caregiver to an 83 year old man His primary Doc said there was nothing left to do but pain management. They are willing to give him Norco 4-6 times a day but with the help of his Gerontologist we weaned him of and he adjusted his meds to use MM instead. Now even though we are in a MM state, our city just voted to not allow dispensaries in our city. So I am trying to grow it for him.


Whatup dood

Thanks @99PerCent


Hey everyone! Reading most of your replies, it looks like I’m a heck of a lot younger than most of y’all so I hope to learn from your experiences! I’ve been on rollitup, ICmag, and some other forums for a few years but from what I’ve heard none of those compare to the old Overgrow… so hoping some of that magic is reclaimed! I live on the east coast now, but have worked in Humboldt for a couple of summers. Also an addict for any history of genetics, landraces, breeding techniques, etc.


Welcome @errl! :grin:


Hey @errl, welcome to the right coast (not to be confused with correct). Hope you are in a warm climate this month.

Glad you have decided to hang in this environment too.

Keep seedin’



Aloha from FOE20 of AB Normal Med CoOp

I was never a member of OG cause back then it was just to chancy and didn’t feel secure online…However I was prob one of the most dedicated OG strain base lurkers out there…Had some of the best information for its time…
Been involved with cannabis since my teens in the early 80s…Started a Med CoOp in early 2000 and talking online by 2004 on other sites but soon after things would go south for OG HS and CW…So again not feeling secure stayed in the shadows for a while…After watching some dramatic changes in the scene it was starting to become more convoluted and this drove me to want to speak out on lines I knew well that seem to be getting lost in the momentum of the scene…
So after all this time Im still doing what I love which is providing quality Med/Rec varieties to folks that respect, enjoy and desired/needed for their own reasons …
Been learning from and combining certain varieties since early the 90s but didn’t release any work with our name on it till early 2000 and even then was mostly underground gifts or swaps…As things progressed we started to produce lines that we could least say had our “feel” to them…We feel that a variety can capture the energy and vibe of its caretaker and we worked to infuse these qualities within our work also pursuing other breeders work who we felt had the same ethic…
Over the years we’ve tested or worked with some very interesting folks in the scene including…
NDNguy, Gruru KOC, Rushman, Motarebel, Tony of Sagarmatha to name a few…
My partner TKO(theKindOne) specializes in organics and the image MNS uses for their G13 is TKO’s grow of their g13/WW work…
We’ve been published in ICmag and Skunk Mag and have Help Desks on a couple sites to support our work…
We look forward to meeting more great folks this year and wish everyone a fantastic 2018 season …
Hope to be helpful …


Great to have another established resource here on OG.

Welcome @FOE20


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@FOE20 a mighty felicitous and warm welcome to Overgrow 2.0.
I hope you are easily able to overcome your “discomfort” with using Cannabis oriented websites from earlier times!
Circumstances have changed for the better!
I hope you feel comfortable and at ease here at the reinvigorated OG!