Introduce yourself @OG

Welcome (back?) @Hatemail1! We’re just farting around and growing and smoking pot! come on in… we have a good time! peace


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Hi everyone, I’m Solaris, from New Zealand. I am primarily interested in Trichocereus and different succulents so if anyone would like any seeds let me know :slight_smile: . Really enjoying the community here so far. Lots of good info and some very knowledgeable members. I also have a grow journal going at the moment so any criticism or compliments are appreciated :slight_smile:

Hope you are all doing well :slight_smile:


Hi Solaris , how goes it , I’m new here too : )


Welcome Ifish and Solaris! Cool place here.

@iFish, I’m MrGoodfellow on opengrow. Good to see you here.

@Solaris, I may take you up and some seeds some day. I love all types of gardening. peace


Hi GMan , nice to see you : )


Hi Solaris I hope your summer is going well, which island are you on?


Yeah mate home to that and fuck all else :joy:

Awesome is she up in Whangaparaoa? I live pretty close to there. Really beautiful place. Hoping to get out of Auckland pretty soon as living costs are absolutely ridiculous.


Hi @ifish and @Solaris and @sparks welcome I’m uk based


Hi funkjunky , thanks for saying hello : )

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North or South Island @Solaris?

oi, about newberry … i got some f2’s and can make f3’s if needed :slight_smile:
also recieved two of the f1-clones that were used to make these f2,
so an IX would be in it too.

i am very curious about NB, so it might indeed become a reality after the winter :wink:

thanks for the flowers, brother.
i just repeat what i read or was told, tho.
some of the stuff i have to look up somtimes in my notes, lol.
my head is a sieve lately, haha.

hope u’r well, mate.
sending u best vibes.


good luck I hope there is enough space if you do have to grow them out long.

I have never bought seedsman but their rep has always been good better than kc brains and some of the other I guess bargain level price seeds.

I used to grow plants that were from a cross of original old school thai haze crosssed with Skunk idk which skunk but you know dutch skunk, skunk #1 I guess in characteristics.

And wonderful IF you can grow outside and smell is no issue. Inside with my space could lot be done. Even outside the plant yielded a small amount of nugs compared to the time it took to grow (lol @ 11 weeks try 14) and the nugs it did make were whispy. The plants themselves looked like super thin palm trees.

That being said might have been the most potent weed I have ever grown myself haha only reason I attempted it after the first grow, but it was hard. Even inside they went over three feet tall and I did not FIM or top or prune many under leaves and tied them after first week above ground, still they stretched like towers after 12/12.

Be prepared I mean landrace genetics some of these tropical places they have to compete with tall plants and have been growing stalks (trunks?) like this for who knows how long.

I would only attempt if you can fit three feet of stretch and container and light and space for air etc. The plant I had was wonderful other than yield, if I had a less bobo grow I could have done more with her I guess.


Good Day All wanted to say hello and thanks for having me at your place

some people will know me some will not I have been on the forums for awhile

I have been growing since the 1970’s moved inside January of 2001 then joined Cannabis Culture

and a very nice member sent me to OverGrow saying that would be better for me

and it was :slight_smile:

tried Gypsy’s place for awhile but not for me so I ended up at PlanetGanja

which liked a lot been other place also

had to stop grow for a couple years because a neighbor from Hell moved in

and wanted be a cop caller

waited a bit and built a real grow room to kill time

I have been back to growing for 3 or 4 years now

I flower in a 4 by 8 foot space and veg/clone in a 8 by 12 foot space

I turn my flower room over every 9 weeks and grow for my head, me and my wife smoke lots and lots of weed

my wife is medical I am just an abuser

I flower under 800 watts of HPS/CMH double ended light that can be run at up to 1600 watts

I veg under 1200 watts of CMH double ended light

I will take so photos and put up a grow thread to talk about our work and what and why we do it

I look forward to my time with you all

Peace and be safe



Welcome :blush:


Hey mate, I’m on the North Island :slight_smile:

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note to neighbors who want to be cop callers: STOP IT! (grabs rolled up newspaper) NO!!!


My mum went to New Zealand a few years back on air miles.
She used travel loads with her job and clocked up the miles over the years

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Hey buddy. You know I wouldn’t miss that post. I’m in the midst of making some BB. 2 packs in the pot. I’m just going to pull the best out. Mr. Reynard threw a pack my way to help me out probably f4’s :sunglasses::fire:.

But dude if you would make some Newberry please keep me in mind. Looking out for that velvet Crush too. Like I tell everybody if I have packs of blueberry after my run which I should I’ll make sure you get some I’m going to help out as many people here as I can with a pack. But I did this mainly for me and him to have seed stock and pollen for breeding. But I’m also using some to give back to the good dudes here. Glad we got some good knowledgeable people here now please don’t leave LOL. I’m Josh. If you ever need me holler. Later.


@Dale note to cop calling neighborhors call the fire department too it seems your house just caught fire